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Alternate StyleSheets for the Spice Pages

As an highly experimental feature, I offer my Spice Pages in different layouts. While the default layout is designed to maximise readability and accessability, some readers might prefer the alternate layouts due to rare personal border conditions.
  1. Default

    This has position fixed navigation panels to make browsing particularly easy. It is also the best tested and most browser compatible version.

  2. Plain

    This is basically the same as the previous, but it omits the background images which, while aesthetically less pleasing, might offfer advantages on some display devices.

  3. Flow

    This has no fixed navigation panels and thus peruses the available space more efficiently. Unfortunately, this is quite a brittle option that might misbehave with unusual font sizes. Also, there are browser compatibility issues (best rendering is with Gecko and KHTML).

  4. Mini

    This has no navigation panels at all, except a link to the main page (whence everything else is linked from). It makes best use of space, but gives least comfortable bowsing and is also widely untested and most experimental.

Note that swapping styles needs JavaScript. If your browser does not execute JavaScripts, then you are stuck with a version of the default view. Cookies, on the other side, are not required. Links pick up the alternate style, so you can adjust a bookmark to your liking.

Alternate styles become unbearably slow with long files that contain many links. You’ll need a lot of patience or a performant CPU to view the alphabetical index with an alternate style. Moreover, browsing history and the site search will not always work as expected (I might be able to fix that, though).

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