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Alphabetic Spice Index

Important notes
If loading of this index (15000 lines) is too slow for you or if your browser cannot handle this document (814 kbyte), then it’s probably better to try the much smaller English index.

This index converts all spice names into the Latin alphabet (Romanization). If you can deal with Cyrillic, Indic, Arabic, Hebrew or Chinese script, then you may find it more convenient to use the native script indices.

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This index comprises about 10500 names for far more than 100 spices and herbs. There is pretty full support for most European languages, although the Celtic languages (Irish, Welsh) are unsatisfyingly covered. A similar degree of completeness was aimed at with some national tongues of Asia (Turkish, Arabic, Persian, many Indic tongues, Chinese [Mandarin and some Cantonese], Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese and Korean), yet support is still incomplete with some others (Burmese, Khmer, Lao), where only the core vocabulary of those plants used locally is included. African and even more American languages are very badly represented in this index.

This index is available for download as a PDF (69 pages, Times Roman fonts, 573 kbyte). The corresponding LaTeX source (LaTeX2e plus some standard packages, 712 kbytes) is also available. It allows you to change the layout up to your taste, and is has a rudimentary language selection feature (read the source near the top). The LaTeX sources are generated by a small Fortran 90 program from a simple plain text file.

If some reader of this index would like to contribute more synonyms, I should be glad to get mail from her or him. Whatever the language is, be sure I won’t reject it!

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(Aafrika pipar) Estonian

Aam Hindi

Aamb Dogri

Aamp Nepali

A-amra Tibetan

A ’amras Tibetan

Aaprotti Finnish

Aaprottimaruna Finnish

Aba Sinhala

Ababa Spanish

Abaka Tigrinya

Abara Aramaic

Abathai Rongmei

ABC kruid Dutch

Abécefű Hungarian

Abesón Spanish

Abhini Telugu

(Abhuyicampa) Hindi

Abish Amharic

Abóbora Portuguese

Abonua Ga-Dangme

Aborotoni Albanian

Abraham’s balm English

Abrahamsstrauch German

Abrašica Slovenian

Abrod Danish

Åbrodd Swedish

Abrodd Norwegian

Abròtan Catalan

Abròtan mascle Catalan

Abrótano Portuguese, Spanish

Abrotano Esperanto

Abrótano macho Spanish

Abrotanon Aramaic

Abrotanum Latin

Abrunheiro-bravo Portuguese

(Absint) Hebrew

(Absintalsem) Dutch

(Absinthe) French

(Absinto) Esperanto

Abson Coptic

Abu an-Num Arabic

Abu khanjar Arabic

Abzinda Georgian

Açaflor Portuguese

Açafrão Portuguese

Açafrão-bastardo Portuguese

Açafrão da Índia Portuguese

Açafrão da terra Portuguese

Açafroa Portuguese

Açafroa-do-Brasil Portuguese

Acchellu Kannada

Accia Latin

Aceituna Spanish

Acem kimyonu Turkish

Acemotu Turkish

Ach Breton

Achansa Rengma

Ache de montagne French

Achiote Bulgarian, Dutch, English, French, Korean, Spanish

Achote Spanish

Achuete Tagalog

Achul Korean

Achwete Tagalog

(Acı badem) Turkish

Acı kırmızı biber Turkish

(Acı pelin) Turkish

Acmidula Latin

Acuyo Spanish

Ada Assamese, Bengali, Chakma, Oriya, Santali

Adaçayı Azeri, Turkish

Adan Japanese, Korean

Adas Indonesian, Malay

Adas china Malay

Adas china Malay

Adas cina Indonesian

Adas cina Indonesian

Adas manis Indonesian

Adas pedas Malay

Adas pudus Malay

Adas sowa Indonesian

Addus Amharic

Adelu Telugu

Adelu kura Telugu

Adhe Santali

Adhu Gujarati

Adi Hindi, Maithili, Urdu

Adi cirə Azeri

Adiowan German

Adi pelin Turkish

Adi xardal Azeri

Adiyalu Telugu

Adkham Arabic

Adormideira Galician

Adormidera Spanish

Adormidera soporifera Spanish

Adrak Dogri, Hindi, Kashmiri, Punjabi, Urdu

Adraka Sanskrit

Aduwa Nepali

Adžvaje Czech

Adżwan Polish

Aed-harakputk Estonian

Aedkoriander Estonian

Aed-liivatee Estonian

Aed-mädarõigas Estonian

Aedmajoraan Estonian

(Aedmonarda) Estonian

Aed-mustköömen Estonian

Aedpetersell Estonian

Aed-piparrohi Estonian

Aedruud Estonian

Aedsalvei Estonian

Aedseller Estonian

Aedtill Estonian

Aelakka Malayalam

Aelakkayu Malayalam

Aelam Malayalam

Aelmon Thai

Aema Dzongkha

Afihun Dhivehi

Afion Macedonian

Afioni Greek

Aflesin Tajik

Aframomum melegueta bot.

Aframon Rajské zrno Slovak

Aframon rajské zrno Slovak

African grains of Selim English

African pepper-tree English

Afrikaniko piperi Greek

Afrikanischer Pfefferbaum German

Afrikan koriandar Malayalam

Afrikan malli Malayalam

(Afsentin) Farsi, Urdu

Afu Hausa

(Ağaç kavunu) Turkish

(Ağad, badem) Turkish

Agan ghas Urdu

Agi Japanese

Aglio Italian

Aglio orsino Italian

Aglio ungherese Italian

Aglis Old Greek

Agni-casti fructus pharm.

Agnishikhe Kannada

Agnisikha Telugu

Agnocast Catalan

Agnocasto Italian

Agno casto Portuguese

Agnus castus Dutch, English

Agretto Italian

Agrião Portuguese

Agrião do Brasil Portuguese

Agrião do Pará Portuguese

Agriokerasia Greek

Agrión Galician

Agrio skordo Greek

(Agumbai) Tamil

Agumetakui Ewe

Aguona, daržinė Lithuanian

Aguonos Lithuanian

Agurečnik Belarusian

Agurklė Lithuanian

Aguročnik Belarusian

Aguru bacha Oriya

Ahiphena Sanskrit

Ai Romanian

Ai cao Mandarin

Ai-eng Mizo

Aieng Hmar

Aiet Provencal

Ai hao Mandarin

Aijvain Punjabi

Ail French

Ail des ours French

Ail sauvage French

Ailtinn Gaelic

Aindri Sanskrit

Ainis Gaelic

Ainíse Irish

Aïo Provencal

Aipo Portuguese

Aiteil Gaelic

Ai thang Hmar

Aithing Hmar

Aitiol Gaelic

Ai tufos Romanian

Aitz belarr Basque

Ajagandha Bengali

Ajamo Gujarati

Ajamoda Nepali

Ajamoda Kannada

Ajamu Newari

Ajedrea Spanish

(Ajenjo) Spanish

Ajgon Kazakh

Ají Spanish

(Ajito-gbowie) Ga-Dangme, Twi

Ajlo Esperanto

Ajlo, sovaĝa Esperanto

Ajmoda Marathi, Sanskrit

Ajmodika Sanskrit

Ajmud Hindi, Urdu

Ajo Spanish

Ajo de oso Spanish

Ajonjolí Spanish

Ajo silvestre Spanish

Ajova Russian

Ajovan Hungarian

Ajowan Breton, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish

Ajowani fructus pharm.

Ajuin Dutch

Ajvain Dogri, Hindi, Urdu

Ajvayan Manipuri

Ajwain English

Ajwan Arabic

(Akabare Khorsani) Nepali

Aka-jiso Japanese

Akakadur Fante

Akakaduru Twi

Akantatar Finnish

Aka-shiso Japanese

Akenkaa Twi

Ak gorçitsa Turkmen

Akhago Rengma

Akusa Sumi

Akvokreso Esperanto

Alabega Spanish

Alachi Angami

Alaichi Nepali

Alamandez Breton

(Alamandez c’hwerv) Breton

(Alamandez dous) Breton

Alanchi Dzongkha

Alaychi Kashmiri

Alazor Spanish

Albacar Spanish

Albahaca Galician, Spanish

Albaka Basque

Albaraka Basque

Albasa Hausa

Albertlevél Hungarian

Alcaçuz Portuguese

Alcaparra Basque, Spanish

Alcaparras Portuguese

Alcaparrón Spanish

Alcapate Spanish

Alcaravea Galician, Spanish

Alcaravia Portuguese

Alcaravía Galician

Alchi, lila Gujarati

Ale Marathi

Alecrim Portuguese

Alecrim-do-norte Portuguese

Aleh Kashmiri

Aleh, bari Kashmiri

Aleh, choti Kashmiri

Aleich Oriya

Aley dafna Hebrew

Aley kafir laim Hebrew

Aley kari Hebrew

Alfábega Spanish

Alfàbrega Catalan

Alfarva Portuguese

Alfavaca Portuguese

Alfazema Portuguese

Alforba Portuguese

Alforfa Galician

Alhiv Marathi

Alho Portuguese

Alho-de-urso Portuguese

Alholva Spanish

Alho-porró Portuguese

Ali Tamil

Ali Coptic

Aliah Indonesian

Alimolitong Ao

Alís Catalan

Alisarchuli Georgian

Alisfakia Greek

Alithriten Coptic

Alium Latin

Aliv Marathi

Aliv Kannada

Aliva Belarusian

All Catalan

Alla Kannada

Allam Telugu

Allamu Telugu

Allamu chettu Telugu

Allehånde Danish, Norwegian

Allgewürz German

Alliaria wasabi bot.

Allibija Kannada

Allibre Basque

Alligator pepper English

Allium Latin

(Allium ascalonicum) bot.

Allium cepa bot.

Allium sativum bot.

Allium schoenoprasum bot.

Allium ursinum bot.

All junciforme Catalan

Allo Galician

Allo de urso Galician

Allorbe Basque

Alloro Italian

Allrahanda Icelandic

Allspice English

Almáraco Spanish

Almendra Basque, Spanish

Almendra amara Spanish

Almendra dulce Spanish

Almóinn Irish

Almon Gaelic, Thai, Welsh

Almond Amharic, English

(Almond, sek’it) Amharic

Aloc Catalan

Alojzia citrónová Slovak

Aloysia citriodora bot.

Aloysia triphylla bot.

Aloyzija, citrininė Lithuanian

Alpanon Coptic

Alpinia galanga bot.

Alpínia galangová Slovak

Alpínia liečivá Slovak

Alpinija Lithuanian

(Aluine) French

Alyvmedis, europinis Lithuanian

Alyvos Lithuanian

Am Assamese, Bengali, Chakhesang-Chokri, Chakma, Maithili, Newari, Tibetan, Urdu

Amaáraco Spanish

Amachur Kannada

(Amaliko) Nzema

(Amaloko) Nzema

Amanda Basque

Amande amère French

Amande douce French

Amandel Afrikaans, Dutch

Amapola Spanish

Amapola real Spanish

Amaraka Aramaic

Amarakon Old Greek

(Amara migdalo) Esperanto

Amarella Italian

Amarilinis pandanas Lithuanian

Amb Kashmiri, Punjabi

Amba Oriya, Sinhala, Urdu

Ambagasa Sinhala

Ambemohor pat Marathi

Amb halad Hindi

Ambiram Tamil

Ambra Danish

Ambrah Sanskrit

Ambrosia Italian

Ambuliya aromatnaya Russian

Amchoor Hindi

Amchukuli Dzongkha

Amchur Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu

Amchura Oriya

Amčur Czech

(Ameloko) Nzema

Amêndoa Portuguese

Amêndoa amarga Portuguese

Amêndoa doce Portuguese

Američki papar Croatian

Americký zeler Slovak

Amerikaans wormzaad Dutch

Amerikansko lavrovo durvo Bulgarian

Amerika-ritaso Japanese

Ameriški poper Slovenian

(Amethi) Rengma

Ametler Catalan

(Amezhu) Rengma

Amghobo Sumi

Amigdalia Greek

Amilo Nepali

Amindalum Latin

Amisi Coptic

Amizon Coptic

Amla Kannada

Amli Gujarati, Urdu

Ammi English

Ammi copticum bot.

Amóm Slovak

Amomon Old Greek

Amomum cardamomum bot.

Amomum grana paradisi bot.

Amomummag Hungarian

Amomum melegueta bot.

Amomum subulatum bot.

Amond Japanese

Amondu Korean

Ampil khui Khmer

Ampil tum Khmer

Amra Kannada, Tibetan

Amram Malayalam

Amramu Telugu

Amro Assamese, Mongolian

Amtat gon’d Mongolian

Amygdale Old Greek

Amygdalia Greek

Amygdalos Old Greek

Amygdalum Latin

Anaar Pahlavi

Anaargeel Pahlavi

Anairo wie Ga-Dangme

Anai wie Ga-Dangme

Ananookh Armenian

Ananux Armenian

Anar Bengali, Chakma, Farsi, Kazakh, Maithili, Mongolian, Nepali, Punjabi, Santali

Anar ağaşı Kazakh

Anardana Hindi, Marathi, Urdu

Anasapuvva Telugu

Anason Albanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Romanian, Turkish

Anason, mısır Turkish

Anason dulce Romanian

Anason stelat Romanian

Anasonu, çin Turkish

Anasonu, yıldız Turkish

Anason zvezdoviden Bulgarian

Anasphal Hindi

Anasphul Oriya

Anato Korean, Portuguese

Anatto Dutch, Malayalam, Slovak

Anbeh Farsi

Anbu Dhivehi

Ancha Japanese

Andaliman Indonesian

Andropogonis herba pharm.

Aneldo Spanish

Aneson Old Greek

Anesum Latin

Anet Catalan

Aneta Basque

Aneth doux French

Aneth odorant French

Anethum Latin

Anethum graveolens bot.

Aneto Esperanto, Italian, Portuguese

Aneton Old Greek

Aneton Old Greek

Anetum Latin

Aneumur Coptic

A ngaih Cantonese

Angelskaje zellje Belarusian

Anghuzeh Farsi

Angol mustár Hungarian

(Angothi) Sumi

A ngui Vietnamese

Anice Italian

Anice stellato Italian

Anice verde Italian

Aniis, harilik Estonian

Anijs Dutch

Anis Tagalog

Anis Basque, Belarusian, Croatian, Danish, Finnish, German, Hebrew, Norwegian, Portuguese, Provencal, Russian, Serbian, Swedish, Tagalog, Ukrainian

Anís Catalan, Galician, Icelandic, Spanish

Aniš Serbian

Anis, grøn Danish

Anis, zvezdasti Serbian

Anis, zvezdchatyj Russian

Anis, zvjezdasti Croatian

Anis de la Chine French

Anise English

Anise, Chinese English

Anise, Indian English

Anise, star English

Anise chervil English

Anise cicely English

Aniseed English

Anise pepper English

Anis estrelado Portuguese

Anis Estrelado Galician

Anís estrella Spanish

Anís estrellat Catalan

Anis étoilé French

Anisi fructus pharm.

Anisillo Spanish

Anisi stellati fructus pharm.

Aniskål Swedish

Anison Armenian, Greek

Anison asteroeides Greek

Anispfeffer German

Anispippuri Finnish

Anisruoho Finnish

Anīss Latvian

Anis star Hebrew

Anisu Japanese, Korean, Tamil

Anisun Arabic, Farsi, Urdu

Anisu-suta Korean

Anis verde Portuguese

Anis vert French

Anithi Hindi

Anithos Greek

Aníz Slovak

Aniz Breton

Aníz, hviezdicový Slovak

(Aniza) Sumi

Anizo Esperanto

Anízovec pravý Slovak

Ánizs Hungarian

Ánizs, kínai Hungarian

Ánizsbors Hungarian

Aniz steredenne Breton

Anjadana Urdu

Anjodan romi Farsi

Ankaatwaree Twi

Ankama Fante

Ankasa Mizo

Annaaru Dhivehi

Annata Czech

Annato Russian, Spanish

Annatopõõsa Estonian

Annatto English, Finnish, German, Italian

Annattopuu Finnish

Anneson Old Greek

Annnasi pu Tamil

Annotto Dutch

Anoater dua Fante

Anoatre dua Twi

Anor Tajik, Uzbek

Anotto Italian

Anrar Arabic

An shi liu Mandarin

Anthrammu Hmar

Anthriscus cerefolium bot.

Anthriskion Old Greek

Anthriskon Old Greek

Anthriskos Greek

Antipka Russian

Antram Mizo

Antypka Polish

Anyafű Hungarian

Anyaméhfű Hungarian

Anyinle Nzema

Anys Frisian

Anyż Polish

Anýz Czech

Anyž Slovak

Anyż gwiazdkowaty Polish

Anyžinė ožiažolė Lithuanian

Anyžius Lithuanian

Anyžius, Kinijos Lithuanian

Anyžių sėklos Lithuanian

Anýz vonný Czech

Ao chun jiang Mandarin

Ao-jiso Japanese

Ao le gang Mandarin

Ao le gang cao Mandarin

Ao-shiso Japanese

Apelsin Swedish, Uzbek

Apel’sin Russian

Apelsinai Lithuanian

Apelsininis citrinmedis Lithuanian

Apelsinipuu Estonian

Apelsīns Latvian

Apelsiyn Kazakh

Apel’syn Ukrainian

Apfelsine German

Aphim Khasi, Nepali

Aphima Oriya

Aphimu Kannada

Aphu guti Assamese

Api Basque, Catalan, Provencal

Apiganos Greek

Aping Bipang Garo

Apio Spanish

Apio de montaña Spanish

Apium Latin

Apium carvi bot.

Apium graveolens bot.

Apium petroselinum bot.

Apo perexil Basque

Appelsien Dutch

Appelsiini Finnish

Appelsin Danish, Norwegian

Appelsína Icelandic

Apró Hungarian

(Apsenti) Greek

(Apsinthia) Greek

(Apsinthion) Old Greek

(Apsinthos) Old Greek

(Apsintinon) Aramaic

Aptechnyj ukrop Russian

Apteegitill, harilik Estonian

Apteegitilliseemned Estonian

Apyeon Korean

Apyon Korean

Aqjelek Kazakh

Aq jelkek Kazakh

Aqjelkek Kazakh

Aqjelken Kazakh

Arabbors Hungarian

Aranchu Tamil

Arancia Italian

Arancia dulce Italian

(Arancio amaro) Italian

(Arancio forte) Italian

Aranybors Hungarian

Arapsaçı Turkish

Arar Arabic, Hebrew

Ar’ar Hebrew

Aratha Sinhala

Ar-atsil Hebrew

Aratta Malayalam

Arattai Tamil

Arbore das pelucas Portuguese

Arbre au poivre French

Arbre de Sant Josep Catalan

Archa Uzbek

Ardei Romanian

Ardei dulce Romanian

Ardei gras Romanian

Ardei iute Romanian

Ardıc Azeri

Ardıç yemişi Turkish

Ardoog Armenian

Arel Welsh

Aresfilon Coptic

(Arhrikreh) Mizo

Arigan Romanian

Arillus Myristicae pharm.

Arishina Kannada

Arisina Kannada

Arkeuthos Old Greek

Arkevthos Greek

Arkol Punjabi

Armoise French

(Armoise amère) French

Armoracia rusticana bot.

Armorakia Greek

Arnatto Turkish

Arnota Polish

Aroda Malay

Arogula Hebrew

Aroma cinamomo Esperanto

Aromatna limnofila Bulgarian

Aromatopeperi Greek

Arpabodiyon Tajik, Uzbek

Arpagic Romanian

Arrayán Spanish

Arrifouar Provencal

Arrosa Basque

Arrowroot, Indian English

Arruda Portuguese

Arrúgula Spanish

Arşa Kazakh

Ārstniecības gurķenes Latvian

Ārstniecības ingvers Latvian

Ārstniecības izops Latvian

Ārstniecības melisa Latvian

Ārstniecības salvijas Latvian

Artemisa Spanish

Artemisa vulgar Catalan

Artemísia Portuguese

Artemisia Greek

Artemisia abrotanum bot.

(Artemisia absinthium) bot.

Artemisia dracunculus bot.

Artemisia vulgaris bot.

Artemizio Esperanto

Artimisia Hebrew

Arts Mongolian

Artuch Armenian

Aruda Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu

Arugula Danish, English, Romanian

Arutha Malayalam

Aruvada Tamil

Arveira Spanish

Árvore da castidade Portuguese

As Arabic, Aramaic

Asabu-tade Japanese

Asa-fétida French

Asafetida Bulgarian, Croatian, English, Russian, Serbian

Asafétida Spanish

Asafetyda Polish

Asa-fœtida French

Asafoetida Dutch, English, Icelandic

Asafoetida nartex bot.

Asaföötida Estonian

Asaheteida Japanese

Asalhiyaa Dhivehi

Asaliya Gujarati

Asam Jawa Indonesian, Malay

Asam kuning Indonesian

Asamodagam Sinhala, Tamil

Asant German

Asapoetida Korean

Asare Nepali

Asa smrdutá Czech

Asatuki Japanese

(Ascalonia) Latin, Spanish

(Aschantipfeffer) German

(Aschlauch) German

Asea aranion Quenya

Ase fètide French

Aselio Hindi

(Asentsio) Basque

Aseymirus Dhivehi

Asfour Arabic

Asfur Arabic, Turkish

Ashadital Marathi

Ashali Malayalam

(Ashanti bors) Hungarian

(Ashanti pepper) English

Ashinsthoi Coptic

Asinstoi Coptic

(Askalonio) Greek

(Askalono) Esperanto

Askök Kazakh

Asmăţui Romanian

Aspir çiçeği Turkish

Aspur Turkish

Asruna Tangkhul

Assafétida Italian, Portuguese

Assem Dutch

(Assenzio) Italian

Assenzio selvatico Italian

(Assenzio vero) Italian

Atakui Ewe

Athair liath Gaelic

Atimadhura Kannada

Atimadhuramane Telugu

Atimadhuramu Telugu

Atimaduram Sinhala, Tamil

Atipalam Tamil

Ätirgül Kazakh

Atirgul Uzbek

(Atroj) Arabic

(Atruj) Arabic

Atshyut Arabic

Atsuete Tagalog

Atuja Malay

Augue tree English

Aulie Tigrinya

(Aurantii pericarpium) pharm.

Aurone French

Aurone mâle French

Australischer Pfeffer German

Ausur Kashmiri

Ausytasis pipiras Lithuanian

Avalu Telugu

Avaran Aramaic

Avendl Yiddish

Averoom Dutch

Avishan Farsi

Avishan kuhi Farsi

Avotu krese Latvian

Awa fadigom Manipuri

A wei Mandarin

Awi Korean

Awisa Ewe

(Awishan shirazi) Farsi

Awusa Ewe

(Axedrea) Galician

(Axenxo) Galician

(Axinse) Basque

Aya Ga-Dangme

Ayak Urdu

Ayamodagam Malayalam

(Ayembu) Sumi

Ayenle Nzema

Ayı sarımsağı Turkish

Ayıt Turkish

Ayo Ga-Dangme

Ayowam Spanish

Ayowan Korean

Ayun Papiamento, Sranan

Ayvadana Turkish

Aza Greek

Azadkegh Armenian

Azafetida Lithuanian

Azafraia Basque

Azafrán Czech, Galician, Slovak, Spanish

Azafrán arabe Spanish

Azaparán Basque

Azatkegh Armenian

Azebu-tade Japanese

Azeitona Portuguese

Azemorina Amharic

Azhgon Bulgarian, Russian, Tajik

Azitrail Basque

Azmatsug baldaranolisten Bulgarian

Azmatsuk obiknoven Bulgarian

Azmud, netch Amharic

Azmud, t’ikur Amharic

Azü Ao

Azüponhsmydü Ao


Baahk dau kau Cantonese

Baahk gaai choi Cantonese

Baahk gaai ji Cantonese

Baahk wuh jiu Cantonese

Baak leih heung Cantonese

Baam Lao

Baan laahn Cantonese

Baat gok Cantonese

Babér Hungarian

Babér, indonéz Hungarian

Babérlevél Hungarian

Babina duša Serbian

Babina dušica Macedonian

Baca lauri Latin

Baca myrtæ Latin

Baca rutæ Latin

Baccae Juniperi pharm.

Baccusia Italian

Bac ha Vietnamese

Bach dau khau Vietnamese

Bach gioi tu Vietnamese

Backhousia citriodora bot.

(Backtimjan) Swedish

Badam Aramaic, Assamese, Azeri, Bengali, Dogri, Farsi, Gujarati, Hindi, Kazakh, Manipuri, Marathi, Punjabi, Tulu, Urdu

Badama Oriya, Sanskrit

Badam ağacı Azeri

Badamgül Kazakh

Badami Kannada

Badam kayu Malayalam

Badam pol Garo

(Badam shirin) Farsi

Badamshirin Urdu

(Badam talakh) Farsi

Badamu Kannada, Telugu

Badamupappu Telugu

Badasso Provencal

(Badassoun) Provencal

Badayan Dogri, Hindi

Badejan Belarusian

Badekraut German

Badem Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Turkish

(Badem, acı) Turkish

(Badem, gorki) Croatian, Serbian

(Badem, slatki) Croatian, Serbian

(Badem, tatlı) Turkish

(Badem ağad) Turkish

Bäden Kazakh

Badesopu Kannada

Badiajonas Lithuanian

Badian Kashmiri

Badian German, Polish, Romanian

Badián Slovak, Spanish

Badiana Spanish

Badian anise English

Badiane French

Badiani Georgian

Badian romi Farsi

Badijan Macedonian

Badishep Marathi

Badishep Marathi

Badjans Latvian

Badmynta Swedish

Badranjbuye Farsi

Bad’yan Russian

Badyán Czech, Slovak

Badyan Azeri, Yiddish

Badyani Urdu

Badyáník Czech

Baeggyeoja Korean

(Baekdugu) Korean

Baeltaerna Ossetian

Baerkarse Danish

(Bagha) Korean

Bagia Greek

Bagichi Urdu

Bagor Chakma

Bägül Turkmen

Bahar Turkish

Bahar Arabic

Bahar halu Arabic

Bahari Greek

Bahari Georgian

Bahçe adaçayı Turkish

Bahçe kekiği Turkish

Bahçe rezenesi Turkish

Bahenní rokyt Czech

Bahkhawr Mizo

Bai beyet Thai

Baidoukou Mandarin

Baies roses French

Bai Hom Lap Lao

Bai hu jiao Mandarin

Bai jie cai Mandarin

Bai jie zi Mandarin

Bai kankam Lao

Bai karee Thai

Bai kihut Lao

Bai krawan Thai

Bai li xiang Mandarin

Bai mak kham Lao

Bai mak nao Khmer

Bai makrut Thai

Bainila Basque

Bai saranai Thai

Bai taehoekoen Lao

Bai teuy Lao

Bai Toey Thai

Bai wei hu jiao Mandarin

Bajame Albanian

Bajamja Albanian

Ba jiao Mandarin

Bajie Nuosu

Bajiru Japanese

(Bakek) Malay

Bakhar Bulgarian

Bala Burmese

Balanda, vaistinė Lithuanian

Balanoi Tagalog

Baldina English

Baldırkök Kazakh

(Bali bors) Hungarian

Balicot Provencal

(Balinese pepper) English

(Balinesischer Pfeffer) German

(Bali szigeti bors) Hungarian

Bal kabağı Turkish

Balkšvasis sasafras Lithuanian

Balm English

Bal maydanozu Turkish

Balm gentle English

Balm-mint English

Balsame delle Missioni Italian

Balsamita maior Spanish

Balsamo Italian

Balsipi Kazakh

Baltā sinepe Latvian

Baltieji pipirai Lithuanian

Baltie pipari Latvian

Baltoji garstyčia Lithuanian

Balzsamfű Hungarian

Ban dhaniya Bengali

Bandhaniya Hindi

Banila Basque

Banira Japanese

Bankoka Japanese

Ban lan Mandarin

Bansho Japanese

Ban tulsi Bengali

Ban-ukon Japanese

Baqdounis Arabic

Baqdunis Arabic

Barahatz Basque

Barangasp Aramaic

Bara nimbu Sanskrit

Barátcserje Hungarian

Baratxuri Basque

Baratzuri Basque

Barba d’ermità Catalan

Barbaforte Italian

Barbar Hindi

Barbeen Arabic

Bar blete Albanian

Bar gantha Aramaic

Bar gantha Aramaic

Barg-e-bu Farsi

Bariajmud Hindi

Bari aleh Kashmiri

Baricot Provencal

Bari elaichi Urdu

Bari i bletës Albanian

Bari ilaichi Dogri, Hindi, Maithili

Bariktil Marathi

Barkono Hausa

Bärlauch German

Barlen-sitroñs Breton

(Barna mustármag) Hungarian

Barush Aramaic

Barvilni rumenik Slovenian

Barvilni žafran Slovenian

Ba sai wuh jiu muhk Cantonese

Basal Arabic, Maltese, Turkish

Basali Provencal

Basar Dogri

Basbas Urdu

Basbasa Arabic

Baseli Provencal

Basgaerdaeg Ossetian

Basibasi Swahili

Basièli Provencal

Basiilik, vürts- Estonian

Basil English

Basil, Chinese English

(Basil, sacred) English

Basilic French

Basilic commun French

Basilico Italian

Basilicum Dutch, Latin

Basilienkraut German

Basilik Yiddish

Basilika Finnish, Slovak, Swedish

Basilíka Icelandic

Basilikum Afrikaans, Danish, German, Norwegian

Basilkaört Swedish

Basshash Aramaic

Baş soğan Azeri

Bastaardkaneel Dutch

Bastard cinnamon English

Bastard saffron English

Bastutis, juodasis Lithuanian

(Bastutis, sereptinis) Lithuanian

Bat but Cantonese

Bat giac huong Vietnamese

Bath Asa Aramaic

Batrash Mongolian

Batsal Hebrew

Baume French

Baumier French

Baunilha Portuguese

Bavari phul Nepali

Bawang Tagalog

Bawang daun Indonesian, Malay

Bawang merah Indonesian, Malay

Bawang putih Indonesian, Malay

Ba xi hu jiao mu Mandarin

Ba xi li Mandarin

Bayas de enebro Spanish

Bayır turpu Turkish

Bay leaf English

Bay leaf, Indian English

Bay leaf, Indonesian English

Bay leaf, West-Indian English

Bazabazu Dhivehi

Bazalienka Slovak

Bazalka Czech, Slovak

Bazalka pravá Slovak

Baziel Dutch

Bazielkruid Dutch

Bazilik Belarusian, Breton, Mongolian, Russian

Bazilika Slovenian

Bazilikas Lithuanian

Bazilikas, kvapusis Lithuanian

(Bazilikas, siauralapis) Lithuanian

Baziliks Latvian

Bazilikum Hebrew

Bazilio Esperanto

Bazsalikom Hungarian

Bazsalikom, kínai Hungarian

Bazylia wonna Polish

Bazylik Ukrainian

Be Sinhala

Bear’s garlic English

Beatze krechua Basque

Beatze krexu Basque

Bebun Twi

(Bebusui) Ewe

Bécsi Hungarian

Bécsi rozmaring Hungarian

Bedana Bengali

Bederník anyžový Slovak

Bedrovník anízový Slovak

Bedrovník anízový Slovak

Bedurncë Albanian

(Bee balm) English

Beebread English

Beefsteak plant English

Beeren, Rosa German

Beerlook Dutch

Begar Breton

Behar Assamese

Beh limou Farsi

Beidiog Lwyd Welsh

Beifuß German

Beiskjuappelsína Icelandic

Beißbeere German

Bela gorčica Slovenian

Belaja harčyca Belarusian

Bela slačica Serbian

(Belatxeta) Basque

Beléndfű Hungarian

Beler-dour Breton

Belicot Provencal

Beli luk Serbian

Beli poper Slovenian

Bell pepper English

Bellulli Kannada, Tulu

Bel piper Macedonian

Bel sinap Macedonian

Belyj perets Russian

Bely perac Belarusian

Bengáli bors Hungarian

Bengalischer Pfeffer German

Bengal pepper English

Ben hardal Hebrew

Benibana Japanese

Beninoki Japanese

Benitade Japanese

Benny, black English

Bent Breton

Bent-liorzh Breton

(Beogamos) Korean

Bequera Catalan

Berakatz Basque

Berbera Tigrinya

Berbere Amharic

Berbere, k’undo Amharic

Berbere tselim Tigrinya

Berelook Dutch

Berendjasef Farsi

Bereshe Coptic

Beresheu Coptic

(Bergaminis citrinmedis) Lithuanian

(Bergamot) Dutch, Russian

(Bergamot) Slovenian, Turkish

(Bergamot) English

(Bergamota) Spanish

(Bergamote) French

(Bergamotipuu) Estonian

(Bergamot-Marants) Yiddish

(Bergamoto) Esperanto

(Bergamot orange) English

(Bergamot sinaasappel) Dutch

Bergamott Hungarian

(Bergamotta) Italian

(Bergamottae pericarpium) pharm.

(Bergamotte) German

(Bergamotteplant) Dutch

(Bergamotti) Finnish

(Bergamottier) French

(Bergamottnarancs) Hungarian

(Bergamotto) Italian

(Bergamut) Hebrew

Bergminta Icelandic

Bergmynte Norwegian

Bergpeper Dutch

Bergpfeffer German

Bergpfeffer German

Bergstockrose German

Bergstokroos Dutch

Bernagie Dutch

Bernikarion Coptic

Berro Basque

Berro di agua Spanish

Berroya Basque

Bert Coptic

Bertkuan Tigrinya

Bertram German

Bertukan Amharic

(Berugamotto) Japanese

Berwr Welsh

(Berwr y Dûr) Welsh

Besar Bodo

Besar Nepali

Besbase Turkish

Besel Aramaic

Besenbergija Lithuanian

Besil Hindi

Besobila Amharic

Besual Garo

Bet Dzongkha

Beta Tibetan

Betai dog Dzongkha

(Betendra) Nepali

Bevusoppu Tulu

Beyaz biber Turkish

Beyaz hardal tohum Turkish

Bezil Tigrinya

Bghbegh Armenian

Bghbegh, Garmir Armenian

Bhainzi Burmese

Bhakmilo Nepali

Bhanjira Hindi

Bhar bari azraq Arabic

Bharbhari Santali

Bhar hub wa na’im Arabic

Bhede Khursani Nepali

Bhenila Bengali, Maithili, Newari

Bhojolok Assamese

Bhojonthela Assamese

(Bhucampaka) Sanskrit

Bhui tulsi Bengali

Biały pieprz Polish

Bian tao Mandarin

Biber Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Turkish

Bibər Azeri

Biber, acı kırmızı Turkish

Biber, beyaz Turkish

Biber, japanski Serbian

Biber, kara Turkish

Biber, kebabiye Turkish

Biber, kırmızı Turkish

Biber, kuyruklu Turkish

Biber, pul Turkish

Biber, sečuan Serbian

Biber, toz Turkish

Biber, uzun Turkish

Biber, vodeni Serbian

Biber, yalancı kara Turkish

Biber, yeşil Turkish

Biber beli Serbian

Biber crni Serbian

Biberi, hint Turkish

Biberi, jamaika Turkish

Biberi, java Turkish

Biberi, su Turkish

Biberiye Turkish

Biber krupan Serbian

Biber krupni Serbian

Biber zeleni Serbian

Bi bo Mandarin

Bi cheng qie Mandarin

Biedrzeniec anyż Polish

Biele korenie Slovak

Bienenkraut German

Bieslook Dutch

Biezelok Frisian

(Bigarad) Russian

(Bigaradier) French

(Bigarado) Esperanto

(Bigarde) French, Spanish

Big ilaichi Hindi

Bigillachi Hindi

Bignay Tagalog

Bijan Malay

Bijapura Sanskrit

Bijaura Hindi

Bijauri Punjabi

Bijela gorušica Croatian

Bijeli isiot Croatian

Bijeli luk Croatian

Bijeli papar Croatian

(Bijeli pelin) Croatian

Bijenkruid Dutch

Bi ji Mandarin

Biji lada Malay

Biji sawi Malay

Biji sesawi coklat Indonesian

(Biji sesawi hitam) Indonesian

Biji sesawi putih Indonesian

Bijvoet Dutch

Biksa Russian

Bilati badam Bengali

Bilati dhonia Bengali

Bilati mehedi Bengali

(Bilbush) Aramaic

Bili menasu Kannada

Bílý pepř Czech

Biolair Gaelic

Birkes Danish

Birki Icelandic

Birtukan Amharic

Bisamklee German

Bishkatali Bengali

Bishop’s weed English

(Bita-orenji) Japanese

(Biteo amondu) Korean

(Biteo orenji) Korean

Bitere mandl Yiddish

(Bitere marants) Yiddish

(Biterer polyn) Yiddish

(Bitergroz) Yiddish

Bitergroz, geveynlikh Yiddish

Bithyna Ossetian

Bitter almond English

Bitterblad Swedish

Bittere amandel Dutch

(Bittere sinaasappel) Dutch

Bittermandel Danish, German, Swedish

(Bitter orange) English

(Bitterorange) German

Bitterpilört Swedish

Bitxaleka Basque

Bixa orellana bot.

Biyam Turkish

Biyanlıq Azeri

Bizari Swahili

Bjoul Hungarian

Black benny English

Black cardamom English

Black cumin English

Black mustard seed English

Black pepper English

Black sugar English

Bladder seed English

Bladselderij Dutch

Bladselleri Danish

Blakinė kalendra Lithuanian

Blanka pipro Esperanto

Blanka sinapo Esperanto

Blanketa sasafraso Esperanto

Blattpfeffer, Mexicanischer German

Blauer Honigklee German

Blauer Steinklee German

Blauklee German

Blåväppling Swedish

(Blecho) Old Greek

(Blodröd temynta) Swedish

Blomkarse Norwegian

Blomsterkarse Danish

Blue fenugreek English

Blue melilot English

Blue-white clover English

Blue-white trigonella English

(Blumenmelisse) German

Blütenpfeffer German

Bobkový list Czech, Slovak

Bob tonka Russian

Bockhornsklöver Swedish

Bockshornklee German

Bodalj Serbian

Bodiajmoda Gujarati

Bodiyon Tajik, Uzbek

Bodom Tajik, Uzbek

Bo er duo Mandarin

Boereradijs Dutch

Boesenbergia pandurata bot.

Boesenbergia rotunda bot.

Bog myrtle English

Bogoroditskaya trava Russian

(Bo he) Mandarin

(Bohk hoh) Cantonese

Bohnenkraut German

Boia de ardei Romanian

Boia dulce Romanian

(Bois-sent-bon) French

Bojadisarski bodalj Croatian

Boko Tagalog

Bola Sanskrit

Boldea fragrans bot.

Boldina English

Boldo Czech, Esperanto, French, Greek, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Bol’do Russian

Boldoblätter German

Boldo-do-chile Portuguese

Boldo leaves English

Boldo levél Hungarian

Boldovník vonný Czech, Slovak

Boldu boldus bot.

Bo li ju Mandarin

Boloş askögi Kazakh

Bondhonia Bengali

Bonenkruid Dutch

Bong Vietnamese

Bong nga truat Vietnamese

Bønneurt Danish, Norwegian

Borač Croatian, Serbian

Borag Hebrew

Boraga Slovenian

Borage Dutch, English

Borágó Hungarian

Borago Esperanto

Borago officinalis bot.

Borák Slovak

Borák lekársky Slovak

Borantsa Greek

Boražina Croatian, Serbian

Bořeč Czech

Boreča Slovenian

Börek otu Turkish

Boretsch German

Borievka Slovak

Borievka obyčajná Slovak

Boriji Japanese

Boro elach Bengali

Boróka Hungarian

Borókabogyó Hungarian

Borovica Croatian

Borovinka Macedonian

Borrach Gaelic

Borrache officinal French

Borragem Portuguese

Borragine Italian

Borrágófű Hungarian

Borrai Basque

Borraigh Gaelic

Borraist Gaelic

Borraja Spanish

Borratja Catalan

Borrega Spanish

Borretsch German

Bors Hungarian

(Bors, ashanti) Hungarian

(Bors, Bali szigeti) Hungarian

Bors, bengáli Hungarian

Bors, Cayenne Hungarian

Bors, hegyi Hungarian

Bors, jávai Hungarian

Bors, kínai Hungarian

Bors, kubéba Hungarian

(Bors, perui) Hungarian

Bors, piros Hungarian

Bors, rózsaszín Hungarian

Bors, szecsuáni Hungarian

Bors, tasmán Hungarian

Borsfa Hungarian

Borsika Hungarian

Borsika Hungarian

Borslevél, mexikói Hungarian

Borslook Dutch

Borsmenta Hungarian

Borsmustárr Hungarian

Borsos keserűfű Hungarian

Borsos menta Hungarian

Bortusai Basque

Borudo Japanese

Borvirág Hungarian

Borzaskata mag Hungarian

Borziloku Albanian

Boshu-boku Japanese

Bosilek Bulgarian, Macedonian

Bosiljak Croatian, Serbian

Bosilje Serbian

Bosiok Serbian

Boskoitz Basque

Bosora golaba Oriya

Bostan Romanian

Bostan reyhanı Azeri

Bot nghe Vietnamese

Boucage French

Boukeros Old Greek

Bourragé Provencal

Bourraio Provencal

Bowala Punjabi

Boy tohumu Turkish

Boże drzewko, bylica Polish

Bozho druvche Bulgarian

Bozilok i mermë Albanian

Božje drvce Croatian, Serbian

Brahmadarbha Sanskrit

Brasilianischer Pfeffer German

(Brassica juncea) bot.

Brassica nigra bot.

Brauner Cardamom German

Brautmyrte German

Brazilbors Hungarian

Brazil cress English

Braziliaanse cresson Dutch

Brazilla Basque

Brazil pepper English

Brazílske korenie Slovak

Brèdes mafana French

Brèdes mafanes French

Brenhinllys Welsh

(Bresina) Croatian

Brihatupakunchika Sanskrit

Brin Slovenian

Brinji ilai Tamil

Brinove jagode Slovenian

Broceuli Georgian

Brønnkarse Norwegian

Brotan Czech

Brotklee German

Brotnák Czech

Brown cardamom English

(Brown mustard seed) English

Bruminka Basque

Brunkress Russian

Brunnenkresse German

Brunsenap Swedish

(Btsaltsal) Hebrew

Btsong Tibetan

(Btsong sgog) Tibetan

Btsong sngon po Tibetan

Buah pala Malay

(Buah pelaga) Malay

Buarchhimtir Mizo

Buča, oljna Slovenian

Budam Khasi

Bugloss English

Builis, daržinis Lithuanian

Büjls Mongolian

Bukkehornkløver Norwegian

Bukkehorns-frø Danish

Bukkehornskløver Danish

(Bülbülotu) Turkish

Bulbus Latin

Bulbus Allii cepae pharm.

Bulbus Allii sativi pharm.

Bulgarska róża Polish

Bulgaruli Georgian

Bunga cengkeh Malay

Bunga lawang Indonesian, Malay

Bunium persicum bot.

Buntblatt German

Burakku-kumin Japanese

Burakku-masutado Japanese

Burakku-peppa Japanese

(Buramaide) Gaelic

Bürbérfa Hungarian

Burç Turkmen

Burış Kazakh

Burış Kazakh

Buritsh Yiddish

Buriyanimal Sinhala

Burmano cinamonas Lithuanian

(Burnu, it) Turkish

Burrage English

(Burro pepper) English

(Burropfeffer) German

Bursunga Hindi

Burtuqal Arabic

(Busshukan) Japanese

Bussora rose English

Busuioc Romanian

Buti Aramaic

Buyotu Turkish

Büyük yerli teresi Turkish

Bużbież Maltese

Byal sinap Bulgarian

Bylica Belarusian

Bylica boże drzewko Polish

Bylica estragon Polish

(Bylica piołun) Polish

Bylica pospolita Polish

Bynke Danish

Byrts Ossetian

Bżar Maltese

Bżar aħmar Maltese

Bżar ħelu Maltese

Bżar ikkulurit Maltese

Bżar tal-Patrijiet Maltese


Cabai Indonesian, Malay

Cabé Indonesian

(Cabé bali) Indonesian

Cabé Jawa Indonesian

(Cabe Jawa) Indonesian

Čabor Belarusian

(Čabor ljacny) Belarusian

Ca dau giun Vietnamese

Ca dau hoi Vietnamese

(Càdec) Catalan

Cærefolium Latin

Cai den Vietnamese

Cai hoi Vietnamese

Cai long Vietnamese

Caineal Gaelic

Cainéal Irish

Cai soong Vietnamese

Cai xoong Vietnamese

Çaj mali Albanian

(Çalgıcı otu) Turkish

California pepper tree English

Callari Tamil

Càl-nan-each Gaelic

Caloupilé French

Călţunaşi Romanian

Cam Vietnamese

(Cam dia la) Vietnamese

Cam thao Vietnamese

Caña de Limón Spanish

Candle berry English

Canéfice French

Canela Galician, Portuguese, Spanish

Canela-da-china Portuguese

Canela de Java Spanish

Canela de la China Spanish

Canela de Xava Galician

Canella Latin

Can khuong Vietnamese

Cannella Italian

Cannella della Cina Italian

Cannelle French

Cannelle de Chine French

Cannelle de Cochinchine French

Cannelle de Padang French

Cannelle de Saïgon French

Cannelle type Ceylan French

Can nui Vietnamese

Can tay Vietnamese

Canyella Catalan

Cao guo Mandarin

Cao jiang Mandarin

Cao khuong huong Vietnamese

Cao luong khuong Vietnamese

Cap Vietnamese

Caparra Spanish

Caper English

Capere Romanian

Capers English

Capim-cidrão Portuguese

Capim-santo Portuguese

Capparis Latin

Capparis spinosa bot.

Cappero Italian

Cappuccina Italian

Câpres French

Capsicum annuum bot.

(Capsicum chinense) bot.

Capsicum frutescens bot.

Capuchina Spanish

Capucienerkers Dutch

Capucine French

Capuţină Romanian

Caputxina Catalan

Carabia Pashto

Čaramša Belarusian

Caraway English

Carbhaidh Gaelic

Cardamom Catalan, English, German, Romanian

Cardamom, black English

Cardamom, brauner German

Cardamom, brown English

Cardamom, Gewürz- German

Cardamom, greater Indian English

Cardamom, green English

Cardamom, grüner German

Cardamom, Indian English

Cardamom, nepalesischer German

Cardamom, Nepali English

Cardamom, schwarzer German

Cardamom, true English

Cardamome French

Cardamome du Népal French

Cardamome noir French

Cardamome vert French

Cardamomi fructus pharm.

Cardamomo Galician, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Cardamomo negro Spanish

Cardamomo nero Italian

Cardamomo verde Italian

Cardamomum Latin

Careum Latin

Cari Vietnamese

Cari, feuilles de French

Cariofilum Latin

Čarnobyl Belarusian

Čarnobyĺ Belarusian

Caro Italian

Carom English

Caromenta Latin

Carra-meille Gaelic

Carrchan Gaelic

Carripoulé French

Carroway English

Cartamo Italian

Cártamo Portuguese, Spanish

Carthame French

Carthamus tinctorius bot.

Ca rum Vietnamese

Carum ajowan bot.

Carum carvi bot.

Carum copticum bot.

Carve Welsh

Carvi French, Italian, Spanish

Carvie Gaelic

Carvies English

Carvi fructus pharm.

(Čarvjatoč) Belarusian

Carvum Latin

Caryophylli flores pharm.

Caryophyllus aromaticus bot.

Casacasa Tamil

Cascall Catalan

Casia Spanish

Časnok Belarusian

Casse French

Cassia English, Italian

Cassia, Chinese English

Cassia, fagot English

Cassia, Indonesian English

Cassia, Jawa English

Cassia, Padang English

Cassia, Saigon English

Cassia, Vietnamese English

Cássia-aromática Portuguese

Cassia vera bot.

Cay bach xu Vietnamese

Cay cai ngua Vietnamese

Cay can nui Vietnamese

Cay com nep Vietnamese

Cay de vang Vietnamese

Cayena inglesa Spanish

Cayenne bors Hungarian

Cayenne’i pipar Estonian

Cayennepeper Dutch

Cayenne pepper English

Cayenne-Pfeffer German

Cayennepipar Icelandic

Cayenni bors Hungarian

Cayenský, pepř Czech

(Cay hoang moc hoi) Vietnamese

Cay hoi Vietnamese

Cay hung que Vietnamese

Cay luu Vietnamese

Cay me Vietnamese

Cay o liu Vietnamese

Cay que Vietnamese

Cay rau e Vietnamese

Cay rau ho Vietnamese

Cay rau mui Vietnamese

Cay rum Vietnamese

Cay sim Vietnamese

Cay thi la Vietnamese

Cay thuoc phien Vietnamese

Cay tieu Vietnamese

Cay toi Vietnamese

Cay vani Vietnamese

Cay vung Vietnamese

Ceapă Romanian

Ceapă cu foi subţiri Romanian

(Ceapă franţuzească) Romanian

Ceapă măruntă Romanian

Ceapă mică perenă Romanian

Cearbhas Irish

Ceba Catalan

Cebo Provencal

Cebola Galician, Portuguese

Cebola miúda Portuguese

(Cebola roxa) Portuguese

Cebolete Galician

Cebolinha Portuguese

Cebolinha branca Portuguese

Cebolla Spanish

Cebolleta Spanish

Cebollino Spanish

Cebula Polish

Čebula Slovenian

Čechrica voňavá Slovak

Čechřice Czech

(Céder) Slovak

Cedoaria Spanish

(Cédrat) French

(Cedrát) Slovak

(Cédrátcitrom) Hungarian

(Cedro) Italian

Cedro Spanish

Cedron Hungarian, Spanish

Cedronella Italian

Cedvar Turkish

Cəfəri Azeri

Cəfəri göyərti Azeri

Čehulja Croatian

Čehulja mirisava Serbian

Ceinture de Saint-Jean French

Cekur Malay

Celer Croatian, Czech, Macedonian, Serbian

Celer bulvový Czech

Celer hlíznatý Czech

Céleri French

Celeri Provencal

Celeriac English

Celerio Esperanto

Céleri perpétuel French

Celer naťový Czech

Celer řapíkatý Czech

Celery English

Celiàndria Catalan

Čemaž Slovenian

Çemen Turkish

Cencil Indonesian

Cengké Indonesian

Cengkih Indonesian

Cepa Latin

(Cepa Ascalonia) Latin

Cepa pallachana Latin

Cepo Esperanto

Cepula Latin

Cerafolio Spanish

Cerasus mahaleb bot.

Cercer Turkish

Cerefolho Portuguese

Cerefolii herba pharm.

Cerefolio Esperanto

Cerefólio Portuguese

Čerešňa višňová mahalebková Slovak

Ćerevis Macedonian

Cerezo de Santa Lucía Spanish

Cerfeuil French

Cerfeuil d’Espagne French

Cerfeuil musqué French

Cerfeuil odorant French

Cerfoglio Italian

Cerfoglio di spagna Italian

Cerfuei Provencal

Cerfull Catalan

Cerifolium Latin

Cerisier de Sainte-Lucie French

Cerisier Mahaleb French

Cërmendell Albanian

Černobýl Czech

Černucha Czech

Cernuşcă Romanian

Černuška Slovak

Černuška damascénska Slovak

Černuška siata Slovak

Černý kmín Czech

Černý pepř Czech

Čertovo lejno Czech

Češanj Serbian

Češan luk Serbian

Česen Slovenian

Česen, divji Slovenian

Česen, medvedji Slovenian

Česnakas Lithuanian

(Česnakas, askaloninis) Lithuanian

Česnakas, laiškinis Lithuanian

Česnakas, meškinis Lithuanian

Cesnak kuchynský Slovak

Cesnak medvedí Slovak

Cesnak pažitkový Slovak

Česnek Czech

Česnek, medvědí Czech

Česnek medvědí Czech

Češnjak Croatian, Serbian

(Četrun) Croatian

Cevz buva Turkish

Ceylon cinnamon English

Ceyloni fahéj Hungarian

Ceyloninkaneli Finnish

Ceylonski cimet Croatian

Ceylon-Zimt German

Chaang Cantonese

Chaba huchu Korean

Chabai ekur Malay

(Chabai Jawa) Malay

Chaber Ukrainian

Chaber sadovyj Ukrainian

Chabil Korean

Chabiru Japanese

Chabrets Russian

Chabyor Russian

Chá-da-Europa Portuguese

Chadron benee Spanish

Cha-em thet Thai

Chafari Tajik

Chaga seca Portuguese

Cha-gop Dzongkha

Chahi jira Hindi

Chaibu Japanese, Korean

Chai gui Chinese

Chaijen Bodo

Chaiman Armenian

Chairephyllon Old Greek

Chaiv Hindi

Chaj gradinski Bulgarian

Chakhong macha Manipuri

Chakhrai Thai

Chakra phul Hindi

Chalcas koenigii bot.

(Chalota) Spanish

Chalota das cosinhas Portuguese

(Chalotez) Breton

(Chalotezenn) Breton

Chaloto Provencal

Chaltit Hebrew

(Chamaeplium officinale) bot.

Chamäleonpflanze German

Chaman Armenian, Georgian

Chambram Bodo

Chambram Gufur Bodo

Chameleon Czech, Slovak

Chameleon plant English

Chamggae Korean

Cham-kkae Korean

Champra Manipuri

Champrā Tangkhul

Cham-puu Khmer

Chamsur Nepali

Chanam Manipuri

Chan ban Thai

Chanchala Sanskrit

Chan chom Thai

Chandrika Sanskrit

(Changbetsung) Ao

Chang jiao Mandarin

Changmi Korean

(Changpet) Ao

Chan heung laahn Cantonese

Chanh sac Vietnamese

Chanh ta Vietnamese

Chanh tay Vietnamese

Chan paetklip Thai

Chanthet Thai

Chan thet Lao, Thai

Chanthet paetklip Thai

Chantruk Manipuri

Chap Vietnamese

Chap choi Cantonese

(Chaplu) Thai

Chardon étoile fétide French

Charka Tibetan

Charnushka English

(Chase-the-Devil) English

Chasnyk Ukrainian

Chasnyk horodnij Ukrainian

Chaste tree English

Chathakuppa Malayalam

Chat yihp laahn Cantonese

Chau choi Cantonese

Chau chou Cantonese

Chau hahng Cantonese

Chau ngaai Cantonese

Chaviru Japanese

Chebrets’ Ukrainian

(Chebrets’ borovyj) Ukrainian

(Chebrets’ plazkyj) Ukrainian

Chebrets’ zvichajnyj Ukrainian

Chekke Tulu

Chek tum phka loeng Khmer

Chelebitka Bulgarian

Chellu-kolli Malayalam

Chemerie Chakhesang-Chokri

Cheng Garo

(Chengazhinirkizhangu) Malayalam

Cheng nihng Cantonese

Chenopodium ambrosioides bot.

Chenturaku Malayalam

Chen xiang lan Mandarin

Chepta sof Newari

Cherednyk Ukrainian

Cheremsha Russian

Cheresha, diva Bulgarian

Cherfuei Provencal

Cherifolium cerefolium bot.

Chernobyl’nik Russian

Chernushka Russian

Cherry, mahaleb English

Cherry, perfumed English

Cheru-naragam Malayalam

Cheru-naranga Malayalam

Cherven piper Bulgarian

Chervil English, Hebrew

Chervil, Spanish English

Chervil, sweet English

Chesnok Russian

Chesnok, dikij Russian

Chesnok medvezhij Russian

Chesnov luk Bulgarian

Chesun Bulgarian

Chesun, div Bulgarian

Cheung jiu Cantonese

Cheveux de Vénus French

Chhawchii Mizo

Chiang Chinese

Chi ankam-derm Khmer

Chi banla Khmer

Chi baraing Khmer

Chichmati Georgian

Chicho Thai

Chicória-de-caboclo Portuguese

Chidun Mongolian

(Chi faa jiu) Cantonese

Chiher övs Mongolian

Chi-it Tagalog

Chi korhom Khmer

Chi krassang tomhom Khmer

Chilao Thai

Chile English, Spanish

Chili Basque, Bulgarian, Danish, English, German, Russian

Chilipaprika Hungarian

Chilipeppar Swedish

Chili-Pfeffer German

Chilipipar Icelandic

Chilipippuri Finnish

Chilli English

Chilly English

Chiluri Bengali

Chimen Romanian

Chimion Romanian

Chimion amar Romanian

Chimion dulce Romanian

Chimion Indian Romanian

Chimion negru Romanian

Chimion negru Romanian

Chimion turcesc Romanian

Chi mo hoi Vietnamese

Chinamilagu Tamil

China-Zimt German

Chinch Marathi

Chi neang vong Khmer

Chinese anise English

Chinese basil English

Chinese cassia English

Chinese cinnamon English

Chinese ginger English

Chinese key English

Chinese lizard tail English

Chinese parsley English

Chinese pepper English

Chinesische Melisse German

Chinesische Petersilie German

Chinesischer Eidechsenschwanz German

Chinesischer Ingwer German

Chinesischer Pfeffer German

Chinesischer Zimt German

Ching ning Mandarin

Chinjo Korean

Chinta chettu Telugu

Chintapandu Telugu

Chinzhüü Mongolian

Chinzhüü Mongolian

Chinzhüünij gaa Mongolian

Chiodo di garofano Italian

Chi pa-la Khmer

Chi parang Khmer

Chipfweketo Chakhesang-Chokri

Chiri Japanese

Chirphal Marathi

Chi saan gam Cantonese

Chi sangkaech Khmer

Chiso Thai

Chi ssu Mandarin

Chitelu Malayalam

Chittar Hausa

Chitti rai Punjabi

Chittupuli Tulu

Chi van-suy Khmer

Chives English

Chi yuhn seui Cantonese

Chnay Khmer

(Chogwa) Korean

Choji Japanese

Chompra Mao

Chonghyang Korean

Chonghyang-namu Korean

Choothaphalam Malayalam

Chopi Korean

Chor Boghbojh Armenian

Chornobyl Ukrainian

Chornushka posivna Ukrainian

Chor Poghpoch Armenian

Choti aleh Kashmiri

Choti elaichi Urdu

Choti ilaichi Dogri, Hindi, Maithili

Choto elach Bengali

Chou Angami

Chou ai Mandarin

Chou cai Mandarin

Chou cao Mandarin

Chou geung Cantonese

(Chou gwo) Cantonese

Chou xing Mandarin

Chow-cho Mandarin

Chraluek Khmer

Chren Slovak

Chren, japonský Slovak

Chren dedinský Slovak

Chreno Greek

Chri Godem Armenian

Chrinnitsya posivna Ukrainian

Chrisomilia Greek

Chróch Irish

Chróch bréige Irish

Chrzan pospolity Polish

Chuang dong Lao

Chuang hom Lao

Chubritsa Bulgarian

Chuku Malayalam

(Chulakhwen) Rengma

Chümerie Angami

Chum hoi trang Vietnamese

Chung tauh Cantonese

Chungwa Swahili

Chung-yao Chinese

Chunipo Korean

Churnnam Malayalam

(Chushchash) Hebrew

Chüsi Angami

Chuvanna-mulagu Malayalam

Chuvan-ulli Malayalam

Chyaba gyepi Korean

Chyabil Korean

Chyaibusu Korean

(Chyapi) Nepali

Chyeobil Korean

Chyet-thon-phew Burmese

Chynuipo Korean

Chyobil Korean

Chyornyj perets Russian

Chyrvony perec Belarusian

Ciapă Romanian

Ciberžolė Lithuanian

Ciberžolė, dažinė Lithuanian

(Ciboule) French

Cibouleto Provencal

Ciboulette French

Ciboyo Sranan

Cibriska Turkish

Cibuľa zimná Slovak

Cibule Czech

Cibule kuchyňská Czech

Cicaka Georgian

Cicely English

Cicmati Georgian

(Cidra) Portuguese, Spanish

Cidreira Portuguese

Čierne korenie Slovak

Cigánypetrezselyem Hungarian

(Ci hua jiao) Mandarin

Cilantro English, Spanish

Cilantro, Puerto Rican English

Cilantro, Vietnamese English

Çil baş Turkish

Cili Malay

Čili Croatian, Lithuanian, Serbian, Slovenian

Cilí Irish

Ciliegio canino Italian

Ciliegio di Santa Lucia Italian

Čili paprička Slovak

Čili paprika Slovak

Čili pipari Latvian

Čilmedis, kvapusis Lithuanian

Cimartë Albanian

Cimbopogone Italian

(Cimbrişor de câmp) Romanian

Cimbru de cultură Romanian

Cimbru de grădină Romanian

(Cimbru sălbatic) Romanian

Çimen Turkish

Cimet Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovenian

Cimet, kineski Croatian

Cimet-kasija Serbian

Cimet kineski Serbian

Ĉina cinamomo Esperanto

Cinamo Esperanto

Cinamomo, aromo Esperanto

Cinamomo, ĉina Esperanto

Cinamomo, hinda Esperanto

Cinamomo, indonezia Esperanto

Cinamomo, vjetnama Esperanto

Cinamonas Lithuanian

Cinamonas, burmano Lithuanian

Cinamonas, indinis Lithuanian

Cinamonas, kininis Lithuanian

Cinamonas, saigoninis Lithuanian

Çin anasonu Turkish

Číňan zázvor Czech

Ĉina pipro Esperanto

Cinnamomum Latin

Cinnamomum burmannii bot.

Cinnamomum cassia bot.

Cinnamomum loureirii bot.

Cinnamomum loureiroi bot.

Cinnamomum tamala bot.

Cinnamomum tejpata bot.

Cinnamomum verum bot.

Cinnamomum zeylanicum bot.

Cinnamon English

Cinnamon, bastard English

Cinnamon, Chinese English

Cinnamon, Indonesian English

Cinnamon, Padang English

Cinnamon, Saigon English

Cinnamon, Sri Lankan English

Cinnamon, Vietnamese English

Čínský anýz Czech

Čínský pepř Czech

Çin tarçını Turkish

Čiobrelis Lithuanian

(Čiobrelis, keturbriaunis) Lithuanian

(Čiobrelis, paprastasis) Lithuanian

Čiobrelis, vaistinis Lithuanian

Cipolla Italian

Circir Turkish

Cirə Azeri

Cire Farsi

Cirerer de guineu Catalan

Cirerer de santa Llúcia Catalan

Ci shan gan Mandarin

Citirinmedis, laukinis Lithuanian

Citrangulum Latin

Citrininė aloyzija Lithuanian

Citrininė melisa Lithuanian

Citrinmedis, apelsininis Lithuanian

(Citrinmedis, bergaminis) Lithuanian

(Citrinmedis, karčiavaisis) Lithuanian

Citrinmedis, rūgščiavaisis Lithuanian

Citrinmedis, tikrasis Lithuanian

Citrinmirtė, kvapioji Lithuanian

Citrinos Lithuanian

Citrinžolė, tikroji Lithuanian

(Citrium) Latin

Citroen Dutch

Citroenalsem Dutch

Citroengras Dutch

Citroenkruid Dutch

Citroenkruid Dutch

Citroenmelisse Dutch

Citroenverbena Dutch

(Citrofortunella mitis) bot.

Citrom Hungarian

Citromfajta, zöld Hungarian

Citromfű Hungarian

Citromfű Hungarian

Citrom illatú mirtuzsz Hungarian

Citrom illatú vasfza Hungarian

Citrom verbéna Hungarian

Citron Danish, French, Swedish

(Citron) English

Citrón Czech, Slovak

Citron French

Citrona meliso Esperanto

Citronella English, Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish

Citronella Italian

Citronellae herba pharm.

Citronelle French

Citronelle French

Citronelo Esperanto

Citronenkraut German

Citrongræs Danish

Citrongräs Swedish

Citronka Slovenian

Citronmålla Swedish

Citronmelisa Latvian

Citronmeliss Swedish

Citronmelisse Danish

Citronmētra Latvian

Citronmyrten Swedish

Citronnade French

Citronnier French

Citrono Esperanto

Citrónová tráva Czech, Slovak

Citronovka Slovenian

Citrónovník Slovak

Citrons Latvian

Citróny Slovak

Citrounelo Provencal

(Citrus) Latin

Citrus aurantifolia bot.

(Citrus aurantium ssp. amara) bot.

(Citrus aurantium ssp. bergamia) bot.

Citrus aurantium ssp. sinensis bot.

Citrus hystrix bot.

Citrus limon bot.

(Citrus medica) bot.

Citrus medica ssp. limonum bot.

(Citrus microcarpa) bot.

Citrus sinensis bot.

Citta Hausa

Citvor Hungarian

Civetă Romanian

Civette French

Ci yuan sui Mandarin

Cjelolista loboda Croatian

Clau Catalan

Clavo Spanish

Clavo de Olor Spanish

Clawlys Welsh

Clóbh Irish

Clòbha Gaelic

Clof Welsh

Clo-mheas Gaelic

Clou de girofle French

Clovas de comer Tagalog

Clove English

Clover, blue-white English

(Clusius pepper) English

(Clusiuspfeffer) German

Cnecos Latin

Cnò-còco Gaelic

Cnó cócó Irish

Cno ghreugach Gaelic

Cnò-mheannt Gaelic

Cnò-mhionnt Gaelic

Co cari Vietnamese

Cocco Italian

Coccola di ginepro Italian

Cochlearia armoracia bot.

Cochlearia wasabi bot.

(Coc hoi) Vietnamese

Coco Catalan, French

Coco fruto Spanish

Coconut English

Cocos nucifera bot.

Cocotier Romanian

Codalion Gaelic

Coendro Galician

Coentro Portuguese

Coentro-bravo Portuguese

Coentro-de-Caboclo Portuguese

Coireiman Gaelic

Çölnanə Azeri

Colorau Portuguese

Combava French

Comí Catalan

Comí castellà Catalan

Comí de prat Catalan

Cominho Portuguese

Cominho-preto Portuguese

Comino Galician, Spanish

Comino blanco Spanish

Comino negro Spanish

Common nasturtium English

Com nguoi Vietnamese

Conduraşi Romanian

Cong tou Mandarin

Co nguu tat Vietnamese

(Continental wild thyme) English

Coqueiro Portuguese

Çördük otu Turkish

Çörək otu Azeri

Çörek otu, kara Turkish

Çörekotu tohumu Turkish

Çöreotu, hakiki Turkish

Coriander Danish, English

Coriander, long English

Coriander, Mexican English

Coriander, Puerto Rican English

Coriander, sawtooth English

Coriander, spiny English

Coriander, Vietnamese English

Coriandolo Italian

Coriandre Catalan, French

Coriandre Mexicain French

Coriandro Spanish

Coriandru Romanian

Coriandrum Latin

Coriandrum sativum bot.

Čornaja harčyca Belarusian

Čorny perac Belarusian

Cortex Aurantii fructus dulcis pharm.

Cortex Cinnamomi pharm.

Costag Gaelic

Cos uisge Gaelic

Cot dua Vietnamese

Cotor Armenian

Coulante French

Coumarouna odorata bot.

Courge nue French

Cövüz Azeri

Cövüz qoz Azeri

Cowtong Thai

Co xa huong Vietnamese

Craf Welsh

Cran French

Cran laoibhreil Gaelic

Cranson de Bretagne French

Craobh gharbh Gaelic

Craveiro-da-índia Portuguese

Cravinho Portuguese

Cravo Galician

Cravo-da-índia Portuguese

Cravo de Olor Galician

Creamh Gaelic

(Creeping thyme) English

Créixecs Catalan

Créixens Catalan

Cremoš Serbian

Cren Italian

Crenchas Spanish

Crescione Italian

Crescione d’acqua Italian

Creson Romanian

Cress English

Cress, Brazil English

Cress, garden English

Cress, Indian English

Cress, Para- English

Cress, water English

Cresson, brazilianse Dutch

Cresson alénois French

Cresson de fontaine French

Cresson de Para French

Cresson d’Inde French

Crijemuž Croatian

Črna gorčica Slovenian

Crna gorušica Croatian

Črna ogrščica Slovenian

Crna slačica Serbian

Crni kumin Croatian

Crni luk Serbian

Crni papar Croatian

Crni pelen Serbian

Crni pelin Croatian

Črni poper Slovenian

Crnjika hrapava Serbian

Crnog kima Croatian

Crno seme Serbian

Crn piper Macedonian

Crn sinap Macedonian

Crò Gaelic

Cròch Gaelic

Crocus Latin

Crocus sativus bot.

Cròdh Gaelic

Crvena paprika Serbian

Crveni luk Croatian

Csavarpálma levél Hungarian

Cserszömörce Hungarian

Cserző szömörce Hungarian

Csilipaprika Hungarian

Csillagánizs Hungarian

Csombord Hungarian

Čubar Serbian

(Ćubar kraški) Croatian

Ćubar vrtni Croatian

Cubéba Czech

Cubeba Galician

Cubebae fructus pharm.

Cubèbe French

Cubebe Dutch, Latin

Cubebepeper Dutch

Cubeb pepper English

(Cubeb pepper, false) English

Čubrica Macedonian

Cuc ao Vietnamese

Cuc nut ao Vietnamese

Cucurbita pepo bot.

Cuişoare Romanian

Culantro Spanish

Cumaru Portuguese

Cumaruna Spanish

Cumin English, French

Cumin, black English

Cumin, sweet English

Cumin, wild English

Cumin des prés French

Cumin du Maroc French

Cumin noir French

Cumino Italian

Cumino bianco Italian

Cumino nero Italian

Cumino tedesco Italian

Cuminum Latin

Cuminum cyminum bot.

Cuminum nigrum bot.

Cummin English

Cu ngai Vietnamese

Cu nghe Vietnamese

Curcuma French, German, Italian, Portuguese

Cúrcuma Catalan, Galician, Spanish

Curcumă Romanian

Curcuma domestica bot.

Curcuma longa bot.

Curcuma rotunda bot.

(Curcuma xanthorhiza) bot.

Curcuma zedoaria bot.

Curd herb English

Čurekot Serbian

Curry, feuilles de French

Curryblätter German

Curry leaves English

Curry levelek Hungarian

Ćurukota Serbian

Cuu ly huong Vietnamese

Cybuĺia, miadzedžaja Belarusian

Cybuĺia repčataja Belarusian

Cybuĺia-rezanec Belarusian

Cybuĺia-shnit Belarusian

Cybulja Belarusian

Cybulja mjadzvježaja Belarusian

Cybulja skarada Belarusian

Cymbopogon citratus bot.

(Cymbopogon flexuosus) bot.

Cynamon Belarusian

Cynamon cejloński Polish

Cynamon chiński Polish

Cynamonowiec burmański Polish

Cynamonowiec cejloński Polish

Cynamonowiec chiński Polish

Cynamonowiec sajgoński Polish

Cynamonowiec wonny Polish

(Cytron) Polish

Cytryna Polish

Cząberek Polish

Cząber ogrodowy Polish

Czarnuszka siewna Polish

Czarny pieprz Polish

Czosnek niedźwiedzi Polish

Czosnek pospolity Polish


Daaih gou leuhng geung Cantonese

Daaih huhng faa Cantonese

Daaih mah lahm Cantonese

Daaih mah sih gaak muih gwai Cantonese

Daai wuih heong Cantonese

Dab Bengali

Dabni-i Terew Armenian

Dadam Gujarati

Dadamna bee Gujarati

Ɗaɗɗoya Hausa

(Ɗaɗɗoya ta gida) Hausa

Dadima pandu Telugu

Daeng klua Thai

Dafin Romanian

Dafina Albanian

Dafinë Albanian

Dafinov list Bulgarian

Dafinovo drvo Macedonian

Dafna Hebrew

Dafne Aramaic

Dafni Greek

(Dafni karaïvikis) Greek

Dafu Swahili

Da gao liang jiang Mandarin

(Dağ geyik otu) Turkish

Dağ kekiği Turkish

(Dağ sateri) Turkish

Dahamast Aramaic

Da hong hua Mandarin

Da hui xiang Mandarin

(Daidai) Japanese

Dai dai hoa Vietnamese

Dai hoi Vietnamese

Daiuikyo Japanese

Dakhni mirch Urdu

Daki Apatani

Dalachini Marathi, Oriya

Dalachinni chakke Kannada

Dalchin Kashmiri

Dalchina chekka Telugu

Dalchini Bengali, Dogri, Hindi, Khasi, Maithili, Nepali

Dal chini Chakma, Punjabi

Dalchinni Kannada

Dalçyn Turkmen

Dalim Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Garo, Khasi, Santali

Dalimb Marathi

Dalimba Oriya

Dalimbache dane Marathi

Dalimbe Kannada, Tulu

Daliu Mongolian

(Dalle Khorsani) Nepali

Dalseni Assamese

Dalsini Bodo

Da ma lin Mandarin

Damaščanska vrtnica Slovenian

Damascenerros Swedish

Damasceńska róża Polish

Damaseukeu rojeu Korean

Damashi ge mei gui Mandarin

Damaskinė rožė Lithuanian

Damaskuse roos Estonian

Damasuku-rozu Japanese

Damaszkuszi rózsa Hungarian

Damui, hithi Dhivehi

(Damura) Nepali

Dan Kashmiri

(Dang cay) Vietnamese

Dang luhng jiu Cantonese

Dania Mizo

Danival Kashmiri

Dansk körvel Swedish

Danyia Angami

Danyia Angami

Daoen djeroek poeroet Dutch

Daoen salam Dutch

Daon salam Dutch

Dap ca Vietnamese

Daphna Georgian

Daphne Old Greek

Daphnis khe Georgian

Dapna Georgian

Dapne Aramaic

Dapnidin Aramaic

Dapnis xe Georgian

Dapran Aramaic

Darapghpegh Armenian

Darchin Armenian, Farsi

Dar chini Urdu

Darçın Azeri, Turkish

Darčin Serbian

Dare Marich Santali

Dar felfel Farsi

Dar felfel Farsi

Darfilfil Punjabi

Dar fulful Turkish

Darichenik Armenian

Darichini Georgian

Dari fülfül Turkish

Darimba Sanskrit

Darseen Arabic

Darsini Aramaic

Darşiyn Kazakh

Dārza majorāni Latvian

Dārza pētersīļi Latvian

Dārza sīpoli Latvian

Dārzeņpipari Latvian

Daržinė aguona Lithuanian

Daržinis builis Lithuanian

Dasemi Tulu

Dašis Lithuanian

(Dašis, kalninis) Lithuanian

Daslook Dutch

Da suan Mandarin

Date, Indian English

Datolya, indiai Hungarian

Datskij mirt Russian

Dattel, indische German

Datula, indijska Croatian

(Daudang) Vietnamese

Dau giun Vietnamese

Dauh kau syuh Cantonese

Dau khau Vietnamese

Daun aroda Malay

Daun bawang Indonesian, Malay

Daun jeruk purut Indonesian

Daun kari Indonesian

Daun kari pla Malay

Daun kemangi Malay

Daun kesom Malay

Daun kesum Malay

Daun ketumbar Indonesian, Malay

Daun laksa Malay

Daun limau purut Malay

Daun pandan Indonesian

Daun pudina Indonesian, Malay

Daun salam Indonesian, Malay

Daun selaseh Malay

Daun senahun Malay

Daun shiso Indonesian

Daun sop Malay

Dayana Oriya

Dayap Tagalog

(Dayap) Tagalog

Dažinė ciberžolė Lithuanian

Dažinė urlija Lithuanian

Dažinis dygminas Lithuanian

Dearc-aitinn Gaelic

Dederón Slovak

Dee plee Thai

Deepyaka Sanskrit

Defne ağacı Turkish

Defne meyvası Turkish

Defne yaprağı Turkish

Dəfnə yarpağı Azeri

Dehi Sinhala

Delima Indonesian, Malay

Dëllinja Albanian

Dellinjë e rëndomtë Albanian

Delum Sinhala

Demirhindi Turkish

Demirindi Serbian

Démutka Hungarian

Deniz maydanozu Turkish

Dentrolivano Greek

Dere otu Turkish

Deri şöp Kazakh

Deshi mirch Hindi

Deulggae Korean

Deutscher Estragon German

Devesil Bulgarian

Deve tüyü hardalı tohumları Turkish

(Devil-in-the-bush) English

Devil’s dung English

Dezhulumuthera Lotha

Dhafne Albanian

Dhalamarich Oriya

Dhala sorissa Oriya

(Dhala Tulasi) Oriya

Dhale Newari

Dhamui Dhivehi

Dhamui, farihi Dhivehi

Dhana Gujarati

Dhane Gujarati, Marathi

Dhane-pata Bengali

Dhania Dogri, Hindi, Hmar, Punjabi, Santali, Urdu

Dhania potro Oriya

Dhaniya Kannada, Maithili, Oriya

Dhaniyaka Sanskrit

Dhaniyalu Telugu

Dhaniyam varmeli Nepali

Dhaniyan Nepali

Dhaniyanko sag Nepali

Dhanvantari Oriya

Dhaviggandhu Dhivehi

Dhiozmë Albanian

Dhiri Dhivehi

Dhoalhanbu Dhivehi

Dhone Bengali

Dhonia Khasi

Dhoniya Assamese

Dhupi Nepali

Dhupisin Newari

Dia lien Vietnamese

Diao liao jiu li xiang Mandarin

Diavoletto Italian

Didžioji nasturtė Lithuanian

Diemedis Lithuanian

Diep ca Vietnamese

Dieu nhuom Vietnamese

Dievkociņš Latvian

(Dihnik, navadni) Slovenian

Dikij chesnok Russian

Dikij perets Russian

(Diktamos) Greek

Dikyj anis Ukrainian

Dil Bengali, Serbian, Thai

Dilaw Tagalog

Dild Danish

Dile Gaelic

Dill English, German, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish

Dille Dutch

Dilles Latvian

Dimbilal Amharic

(Dimbu baha) Santali

Dindi Marich Santali

Ding heung Cantonese

Ding xiang Mandarin

Dinh huong Vietnamese

Dinnsear Gaelic

Dintele dracului Romanian

(Diosmos) Greek

Dipli Thai

(Dipli-chueak) Thai

Dipteeriks, lõhnav Estonian

Dipteryx odorata bot.

Diru Japanese

Dišeča metlika Slovenian

Dišeči klinčevec Slovenian

Dišeči kromač Slovenian

Dişotu Turkish

Diva cheresha Bulgarian

Div chesun Bulgarian

Divji česen Slovenian

Div kereviz Bulgarian

Divlja mirođija Serbian

(Divlja ruža) Croatian

Divlja višnja Serbian

Divlji kumin Serbian

Divlji mažuran Serbian

Divlji pelen Serbian

Divlji šafran Serbian

Divoký salát Czech

Divý majorán Slovak

Djahe Dutch

Djegëz Albanian

Djeroek poeroet Dutch

Djinten Dutch

(Djodjen) Bulgarian

Djöflatað Icelandic

Djus hendi Farsi

Djus rishe Farsi

Dlhé korenie Slovak

Dlinnyj perets Russian

Dobrá myseľ Slovak

Dobromysl Czech

Doda Hindi

Dodam Sinhala

Dodda ailakki Kannada

Doddapatre Kannada

Do heung gwo Cantonese

Dok chan Thai

Dok chanthet Thai

Dok chan thet Lao

Dok dipli Thai

Dok kamfoi Thai

Dok kha Thai

Dok kham-foi Lao

Dok kibi Lao

Dok kulap Thai

Dokmaeo Thai

Dokudami Japanese

Dokudazoko Japanese

(Dolĉa migdalo) Esperanto

Dolchin Uzbek

Dolchin Uzbek

Dolchini Pashto

Domunli Nzema

Donuti Ewe

(Donzell) Catalan

Dora Hindi

Dorixona ukrop Uzbek

Dormideira Portuguese

Dost German

Doste French

Dou ban cai Mandarin

(Dou kou) Mandarin

Dou kou shu Mandarin

Dovleac Romanian

Dracunculi herba pharm.

Dragan Irish

Dragoljub Croatian, Serbian

Dragon Dutch, Swedish

Dragoncella Italian

Draguša, vrtna Slovenian

Dragušac Croatian

Drakebloed Dutch

Drakontio Greek

Drakos Greek

Drakunkulo Esperanto

Dramaq Aramaic

Drashirigan Aramaic

Dřevo, sladký Czech

Drimys lanceolata bot.

Drmek obecný Czech

Drobnjak Slovenian

Drvce, slatko Serbian

Drzewo muszkatołowe Polish

Dua Vietnamese

Dua dai Vietnamese

Dua go Vietnamese

Dua thom Vietnamese

Dudgae Ossetian

Duftender Schraubenbaum German

Duilleog labhrais Irish

Duivelsdrek Dutch

Đul Macedonian

Dulgiyat piper Bulgarian

Dullinjë Albanian

Ďumbier Slovak

Ďumbier lekársky Slovak

Đumbir Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian

Dumbír Czech

(Duna) Urdu

Dundia Bodo

Dungari Gujarati

Dunia Ao, Chakhesang-Chokri, Lotha

Dunia Chakhesang-Chokri, Lotha

Duo hua bo ying tao Mandarin

Duonligneca kapsiko Esperanto

Duo xiang guo Mandarin

Dupanis Aramaic

Durlabha Oriya

Durmideira Galician

Duru Sinhala

Durusita Sanskrit

Dushistye vasil’ki Russian

Dushitsa Russian

Dushki Russian

(Dušička) Serbian

Dúška tymianová Slovak

Dusol Tagalog

Du song Mandarin

Du xing cai Mandarin

Dxedxdxyn Ossetian

Dygminas, dažinis Lithuanian

Dyindya Sranan

Dynia oleista Polish

(Dyosmos) Greek

Dyvelsdræk Danish

Dyvels drekk Norwegian

Dyvelsträck Swedish

Dza ti Tibetan

Dzekuli Ewe

Dzeloņainais kapers Latvian

Dzhindzhifil Bulgarian

(Dzhodzhen) Bulgarian

Dzięcielina Polish

Dziki majeranek Polish

Dzindzer Greek

Dzira Georgian

Džíra Slovak

Dzotor Armenian


Eberraute German

Eberries German

Ebruta Hungarian

Ecensier French

(Échalote) French

Eching Garo

Echter Zimt German

Echte waterkers Dutch

Echueta Tagalog

Edde munchi Tulu

Edelminze German

Édesfa Hungarian

Édesgyökér, igazi Hungarian

Édeskömény Hungarian

Édes paprika Hungarian

(E do) Vietnamese

Eerit batsal Hebrew

Egel gon’d Mongolian

Eghespak Armenian

Egoma Japanese

Egoz muskat Hebrew

Egoz musqat Hebrew

Egyiptomi kömény Hungarian

Egyptská čierna rasca Slovak

Eidechsenschwanz, chinesischer German

Einer Norwegian

Einiber Icelandic

Einir Icelandic

Eisop German

Ekangi Bengali

Ekilen Turkish

Eklil kuhi Farsi

Ekrasoy Coptic

Ela aba Sinhala

Elach Bengali, Chakma

Elachi Urdu

Elaia Old Greek

Elaichi Garo, Manipuri, Urdu

Elaichi Ao

Elaichi, choti Urdu

Elais Old Greek

Elakkai Tamil

Elakki Kannada, Tulu

Elam Newari

Elasi Assamese

Elathari Malayalam

Elavangam Malayalam

Elaychi Gujarati

Elchi Gujarati

Elderi Malay

Elelisphakos Old Greek

Elettaria cardamomum bot.

Elharr Basque

Eli Sanskrit

Elia Greek

Ellu Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil

Elumicham Tamil

Ema Dzongkha

Emise Coptic

Emjol Coptic

Emke Coptic

Emli tenga Ao

Emma Tibetan

Emmus Turkish

Emtotf Coptic

Enasal Sinhala

Enbär Swedish

Enchi Malayalam

Enchipullu Malayalam

Ender Indonesian, Malay

Endro Portuguese

Enduru Sinhala

Enebær Danish

Enebro Galician, Spanish

Eneldo Galician, Spanish

Enes Yiddish

Eng Coptic

Engifer Icelandic

Englische Minze German

Englisches Gewürz German

English cherry English

Englishe mints Yiddish

Englisher fefer Yiddish

English gevirts Yiddish

Enisen Turkish

Enisidu Korean

Enison Turkish

Eni-suta Korean

Enme Tulu

Ensal Sinhala

Eonieon Korean

Eoseongcho Korean

Epajote Korean

Epasote Japanese

Epazot Russian

Épazote French

Epazote English

Ephel Turkish

(Epithymus) Latin

(Epitimus) Latin

Epoung Coptic

Eppe Dutch

Eppich German

Eqama Arabic

Eqar dapara Aramaic

Eqar kurkma Aramaic

Erba acciuga Italian

Erba cipollina Italian

Erba limona Italian

Erba orsina Italian

Erba reale Italian

Ereinotz Basque

Ereinuntza Basque

Ereñotz Basque

Erëx Albanian

Eringio Esperanto

(Eríssim) Catalan

Erman Coptic

Ermen Jwsan Kazakh

Erramu Basque

Erramua Basque

Erregaliz Basque

Erromero Basque

Erruda Basque

(Erškėtis, paprastasis) Lithuanian

Eruca Latin, Portuguese

Erucae semen pharm.

Eruca sativa bot.

Eruka Bulgarian, Swedish

Eruko Esperanto

Erumman Aramaic

Erva-cidreira Portuguese

Erva-cidreira Portuguese

Erva-de-bicho Portuguese

Erva-de-santa-maria Portuguese

Erva-doce Portuguese

Erva-formigueira Portuguese

Erva-pessegueira Portuguese

Erva-príncipe Portuguese

Eryngium foetidum bot.

(Erysimum officinale) bot.

Esamillo Basque

Esas kekik Turkish

(Escalma) Spanish

(Eschallot) English

(Eschlauch) German

Esdragon Danish, Icelandic

Esdragon, mexikansk Danish

Esevdike kemoy-shalatn Yiddish

Esfur Turkish

Esgana-cão Portuguese

(Esharotto) Japanese

Esmerinë Albanian

Esopus Aramaic

Esov Hebrew

(Esov) Hebrew

Espígol Catalan

(Esplikamin) Basque

Espuela de Galán Spanish

(Esrik) Yiddish

Essef limon Hebrew

Essigbaum German

Esterco-do-diabo Portuguese

Estragão Portuguese

Estragão-francês Portuguese

Estragon Belarusian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, French, German, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Uzbek, Yiddish

Estragón Galician, Slovak, Spanish

Estragon, deutscher German

Estragon, französischer German

Estragon, Meksikanskij Russian

Estragon, mexicanischer German

Estragon, Winter- German

Estragonas Lithuanian

Estragon du Mexique French

Estragone Italian

Estragonpuju Estonian

Estragons Latvian

Estragoun Provencal

Estragó Catalan

Estrankon Greek

Esutoragon Japanese

Etamba Sinhala

(Etasjeblomst) Norwegian

(Ethrog) Spanish

E tia Vietnamese

Etioopia ksüloopia Estonian

Ətirli sədom Azeri

E trang Vietnamese

(Etrog) Hebrew

(Etrog hetsbaot) Hebrew

(Etroh) Aramaic

Ets ha-lipstik Hebrew

Etthimadhiram Malayalam

Eugenia caryophyllata bot.

Eugenia polyantha bot.

Eŭgenio, indonezia Esperanto

Euroopa õlipuu Estonian

Europinis alyvmedis Lithuanian

Eutrema wasabi bot.

Euzomon Old Greek

Eylbert Yiddish

Eza Nzema

Ezakpa Nzema

Ezertere Turkish

Ezev Yiddish

(Ezev-groz) Yiddish

E zhu Mandarin

Ezkai Basque

Ezonegi Japanese

Ezov Aramaic, Hebrew

(Ezov) Hebrew

(Ezov matsui) Hebrew

Ezüst szirtőr Hungarian


Faa jiu Cantonese

(Faa jiu) Cantonese

Faan huhng faa Cantonese

Faan yuhn sai Cantonese

Fabae Tonco pharm.

Fadigom Manipuri

Fadigom, Awa Manipuri

Fáfnisgras Icelandic

Fagara English, Slovak

Fagot cassia English

Fahéj Hungarian

Fahéj, kínai Hungarian

Fahéjkasszia Hungarian

Fajl haar Arabic

Falsa-canforeira Portuguese

(Falscher Kubebenpfeffer) German

(False cubeb pepper) English

Falso-açafrão Portuguese

(Falso pepe Peruviano) Italian

Falso zafferano Italian

Fam wisa Twi

Fanaile Irish

Fan hong hua Mandarin

Fanila Welsh

Fanille Frisian

Fanilya Arabic

Fan jyun Cantonese

Fänkål Swedish

Fanlu Bodo

Fan ni lan Mandarin

Fanouilh Breton

Fanouilh-gad Breton

Fan Yan Sui Chinese

Fan yi chou Cantonese

Fanylje Frisian

Fan yuan sui Mandarin

Faoineag Gaelic

Fara e zezë Albanian

Farandj moschk Farsi

Färberbaum German

Färberdistel German

Färbersaflor German

Farfesu Hausa

Färgtistel Swedish

Farigola Catalan

Farihi dhamui Dhivehi

Farinello aromatico Italian

Farioulo Provencal

Farvetidsel Danish

Fasa kwari Hausa

Faskomilo Greek

(Faskori) Hausa

Faux anis French

Faux galanga French

Fayjan Arabic

Feerulavaik Estonian

Fefer Yiddish

Fefer, englisher Yiddish

Fefer, griner Yiddish

Fefer, langer Yiddish

Fefer, shvartser Yiddish

Fefer, vayser Yiddish

Feferboym Yiddish

Fefergros Yiddish

Feferl, shorf Yiddish

Feferl, terkish Yiddish

Feferl, zis Yiddish

Fefermints Yiddish

Feferon Croatian, Serbian

Feferoni Slovenian

Feferónka Slovak

Fefurument Dhivehi

Fehérbors Hungarian

Fehér kurkuma Hungarian

Fehér mustár Hungarian

(Fehér üröm) Hungarian

(Fejġel) Maltese

Feketebors Hungarian

Fekete csalán Hungarian

Fekete gyopár Hungarian

Fekete kardamom Hungarian

Feketekömény Hungarian

Fekete mustármag Hungarian

Fekete üröm Hungarian

Felce muschiata Italian

Feld-Gliander Yiddish

(Feldkiml) Yiddish

(Feldkümmel) German

(Feldthymian) German

Felfel Farsi, Maltese

Felfel sefid Farsi

Felfel Siah Farsi

Felsenkirsche German

Fenacho Portuguese

Fena kokulu rezene Turkish

Fenchel German

Fenchelholzbaum German

Fenegriek Dutch

Fenel Tigrinya

Feng lun cai Mandarin

Feng mao Mandarin

Fenheļi parastie Latvian

Fenhelis Latvian

Fenicul Romanian

Fenigrec Catalan

Fenigrekum Yiddish

Fenikel Slovak

Fenikel obyčajný Slovak

Fenja Serbian

Fenkhel’ Russian

Fenkheĺ Belarusian

Fenkhel’ zvychajniy Ukrainian

Fenkhl Yiddish

Fenkoli Finnish

Fenkolo Esperanto

Fenkuł Polish

Fennel English, Thai

Fennel flower English

Fenneru Japanese

Fennikel Danish, Norwegian

Fennikufræ Icelandic

Fenogreco Galician, Spanish

Feno-grego Portuguese

Fenouil French

Fenouil bâtard French

Fenoun Provencal

Fenugrec French

Fenugreek English

Fenugreek, blue English

Fenugreko Esperanto

Fenu-guriku Japanese

Fenxel Uzbek

Fenyérmirtusz Hungarian

Fenykl Czech

Fenýkl obecný Czech

Ferigoulo Provencal

Ferula Slovak

Ferula, kvapioji Lithuanian

Ferula asafoetida bot.

Ferula assa-foetida bot.

Ferula čertová Slovak

Férule persique French

Fesleğen Turkish

Fesliğen Turkish

Feuilles de Cari French

Feuilles de Curry French

Feuran Gaelic

Fèves de tonka French

Ffenigl Welsh

Fidloqqom Maltese

Fieno greco Italian

Fieno-greco ceruleo Italian

Filè English

Filfil daraz Urdu

Filfil siah Urdu

Fin Lao, Thai

Fineál Irish

Finger grass English

Fingerroot English

Fingerwurz German

Finiculum Latin

Finifenma Dhivehi

Finik, indyjski Belarusian

Finik indiskiy Russian

Finocchiella Italian

Finocchio Italian

Finokio Greek

Fionnas-gàrraidh Gaelic

Fishwort English

Fitweed English

Fiuncho Galician

Fiyaa Dhivehi

Fleur de Muscade French

Flor da castidade Portuguese

Flores Capparis spinosae pharm.

Flores Carthami pharm.

Flores Caryophylli pharm.

Flores Lavandulae pharm.

Flores Rosae pharm.

Flors de càrtam Catalan

Foaie de dafin Romanian

Fodormenta Hungarian

Foelie Dutch

Foeniculum Latin

Foeniculum vulgare bot.

Foenugraeci semen pharm.

Fœnum Græcum Latin

Fogli di Cari Italian

Fokhagyma Hungarian

Folhas de Caril Portuguese

Folia Boldo pharm.

Folia Lauri pharm.

Folia Levistici pharm.

Folia Melissae pharm.

Folia Menthae piperitae pharm.

Folia Myrti pharm.

Folia Rosmarini pharm.

Folia Salviae pharm.

Folium Latin

Follas de Curry Galician

Follas de Lima Cafre Galician

Foniliboa Dhivehi

Fonima Dhivehi

Fonithoshi Dhivehi

Fonoll Catalan

Fonollera Catalan

Formigueira Portuguese

(Fo shou gan) Mandarin

Fothihuvandhu Dhivehi

Fowarilbu Tibetan

Fragrant ginger English

Fragrant screwpine English

Frankomaintanos Greek

Franse thee Dutch

Französische Petersilie German

Französischer Estragon German

French parsley English

French tarragon English

Frenk kimyonu Turkish

Frenk maydanoz Turkish

Frenkmayıdanozu Turkish

Frenk soğanı Turkish

Frígola Catalan

Fructus Agni-casti pharm.

Fructus Ajowani pharm.

Fructus Amomi pharm.

Fructus Anethi pharm.

Fructus Anisi pharm.

Fructus Anisi stellati pharm.

Fructus Apii graveolentis pharm.

Fructus Capsici pharm.

Fructus Capsici acer pharm.

Fructus Cardamomi pharm.

Fructus Carvi pharm.

Fructus Coriandri pharm.

Fructus Cubebae pharm.

Fructus Cumini pharm.

Fructus Foeniculi pharm.

Fructus Juniperi pharm.

Fructus Lauri pharm.

Fructus Petroselini pharm.

Fructus Pimentae pharm.

Fructus Piperis albi pharm.

Fructus Piperis nigri pharm.

Fructus Vanillae pharm.

Fructus Xylopiae pharm.

Frunze de dafin Romanian

Frunzişoară Romanian

Fufurmint Ukrainian

Fuji Chakma

Fulaifilah halwa Arabic

Fulaifilah har Arabic

Fulful Arabic

Fulful, dar Turkish

Fülfül, dari Turkish

Fulful abyad Arabic

Fulful akhdar Arabic

Fulful alahmar Arabic

Fulful as-Sudan Arabic

Fulful aswad Arabic

Fulful haar Arabic

Fulful halou Arabic

Fulful tabil Arabic

Fuli Indonesian

Fuljan Arabic

Fum Arabic

Funcho Portuguese

(Fu ngaai) Cantonese

Fu ngaai Cantonese

Fung leuhn choi Cantonese

Fung maauh Cantonese

Fűszerpaprika Hungarian

Füszersáfrány Hungarian


Gaa Mongolian

Gaai choi Cantonese

Gaam laam syuh Cantonese

Gabartsakh Armenian

Gabulhi Dhivehi

Gabz Amharic

Gad Hebrew

Gaengaely Ossetian

Gaeyeoggwi Korean

Gagel Dutch, German

Gagelstrauch German

Gaikehenbulhi Dhivehi

Gairgean Gaelic

Gairleog Irish

(Gajahippali) Kannada

Gajalimbe Kannada

(Gajatippili) Sinhala

Gajutsu Japanese

Gajutu Japanese

Gakrie Angami

Gakya Tibetan

Galang Spanish

Galanga Danish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish

Galanga, faux French

Galanga, lille Danish

Galanga camphré French

Galangagyökér Hungarian

Galangal Arabic, Czech, Hebrew

Galangale English

Galangale, greater English

Galangale, lesser English

Galanga maggiore Italian

Galangarot Swedish

Galango Esperanto

Galanki Greek

Gale English

Ga lei yihp Cantonese

Galè odorant French

Gale palustris bot.

Galgal Punjabi

Galgán Czech, Slovak

Galgan Yiddish

Galgán lekársky Slovak

Galgan obecný Czech

Galgant Dutch, German, Russian

Galgant, großer German

Galgant, kleiner German

Galgán veliký Czech

Galgán větší Czech

Galigaan Dutch

Gałka muszkatołowa Polish

Gambura Tibetan

(Gam chou) Cantonese

Gam jiu Cantonese

(Gam jiu) Cantonese

Gammiris Sinhala

(Gam ngauh gung) Cantonese

Gamug Tibetan

Gamzuz Aramaic

Ganam Rongmei

Ganang Rongmei

(Ganapati-naragam) Malayalam

(Gan cao) Mandarin

Ganda Dogri

Gande Nepali

Gandha Dhivehi

Gandha Kannada

Gandhabena Bengali

Gandhakoalhi Dhivehi

Gandha maric Nepali

Gandhatrina Hindi

Gandhmul Hindi

Gane Nepali

Ganga Mongolian

Gan jiao Mandarin

Gan jinang Chinese

Gan lan shu Mandarin

Gänsefuß, wohlriechender German

Gänsekraut German

(Ganya) Angami

(Ganyasei) Angami

(Ganyo) Chakhesang-Chokri

Ganzenvoet, welriekende Dutch

Gao liang jiang Mandarin

Gara gorçitsa Turkmen

Garanga Japanese

Garbhag ghàraidh Gaelic

Garðablóðberg Icelandic

Ĝardena kreso Esperanto

Garden chervil English

Garden cress English

Garden lovage English

Garden myrrh English

Garden nasturtium English

Garden poppy English

Garden rue English

Garden thyme English

Garde-robe French

Garger ha-nazir Hebrew

Garger hannechalim Hebrew

Gargeri gan ha-eden Hebrew

Garifalo Greek

Garikku Japanese

Gariofilum Latin

Garleag Gaelic

Garlic English

Garlieg Welsh

Garlleg Welsh

Garmdori Uzbek

Garmir Bghbegh Armenian

Garofano, chiodo di Italian

Garraiska Basque

Garstyčia, baltoji Lithuanian

Gartenkerbel German

Gartenkresse German

Gartenmohn German

Gartenraute German

Garupillai Malay

Garyfallo Greek

Garyfano Greek

(Gas) Korean

Gasagasaalu Telugu

Gasagase Kannada

Gaser Tibetan

Gashneez Pashto

Gashnich Tajik

Gasugase Tulu

Gatha Angami, Chakhesang-Chokri

Gattilier French

Gau chahng taap Cantonese

Gau choi Cantonese

Gau tip yih Cantonese

Gavzaban Farsi

Gawz as-Sudan Arabic

Gaya à tige simple French

Ga yuhk gwai Cantonese

(Gbekono) Ga-Dangme

(Gbowie) Ga-Dangme, Twi

(Gbowisi) Ga-Dangme

Gdzoo Bghbegh Armenian

Gebre Turkish

Geelwortel Dutch

Geinsear Gaelic

Gekkeiju Japanese

Gelbholzbaum German

Gelbwurz German

Gelsvė, vaistinė Lithuanian

Ge lü zi Mandarin

Gember Dutch

Gendzn-lopke, shmukhtike Yiddish

Genèbre Provencal

(Genépi) French

Genévrier French

Gengibre Catalan, Portuguese, Provencal

Gengibre do Laos Portuguese

Gengibre tailandés Portuguese

Genièvre French

Geon-gang Korean

Geot-sitroñs Breton

Gerbersumach German

Gerçek nane Turkish

Gergelim Portuguese

German tarragon English

Geshniz Aramaic, Farsi

Getion Old Greek

Geung Cantonese

Geung wohng Cantonese

Geveynlikh bitergroz Yiddish

Gevirts, english Yiddish

Gevirtsling, smukhtiger Yiddish

(Gewone raket) Dutch

Gewürz, englisches German

Gewürzcardamom German

Gewürzkardamom German

Gewürzlilie German

Gewürznelke German

Gewürzsumach German

Gewz Amharic

Ġewża ta’ l-Indja Maltese

(Geyik otu, dağ) Turkish

Ggae Korean

Ggaessi Korean

Ghanda Kashmiri

Ghimbir Romanian

Ghvia Georgian

Giap ca Vietnamese

Gid Aramaic

Gidron Armenian

Gidronakhod Armenian

Gilam Malayalam

Giligilani Swahili

Gin Burmese

Ginamon Armenian

Ginbaika Japanese

Ginbira Aramaic

Ginebró Catalan

Ginepro Italian

Gingebre Catalan

Gingelly English

Gingembre French

Ginger English

Ġinġer Maltese

Ginger, Chinese English

Ginger, fragrant English

Ginger, lesser English

Ginger, sand English

Ginger, Siamese English

Ging gaai chat Cantonese

Gingiber Latin

Gingli Hindi

Ginj Armenian

Ginza Thai

(Giozum) Bulgarian

Girinimba Sanskrit

Girofle French

Gishniiz Pahlavi

(Gisol na bilog) Tagalog

Git Latin

Gliciriza e shogët Albanian

Glicirizë Albanian

Glicirizo Esperanto

(Glika amigdala) Greek

Glikaniso Greek

Glikaniso asteroeides Greek

Glikanxo Albanian

Glikoriza Greek

Glóaldin Icelandic

Glycyrrhiza glabra bot.

(Glyka amygdala) Greek

Glykaniso Greek

Glykeia rhiza Old Greek

Glykoriza Greek

Glykyrrhiza Old Greek

Gochu Korean

Goco Welsh

Godem Armenian

Godenvoedsel Dutch

Gogpa Tibetan

Goht leuih ji Cantonese

Gojabghbegh Armenian

Gojjangi Telugu

Golaba Oriya

Golap Assamese, Bengali, Garo

(Goldmelisse) German

Golesorkh Farsi

Golica Croatian

Golmarich Oriya

Gol mirch Dogri, Hindi, Urdu

Gol Mohammadi Farsi

Golmorich Assamese, Bengali

Gol Morich Chakma

Golmoris Bodo, Garo

Golmorok Manipuri

Gol Ward Farsi

Goma Japanese

Gomets aromatny Russian

Gon’d Mongolian

Gon’d Mongolian

Gonyod Tibetan

(Gonyosho) Chakhesang-Chokri

Goosefoot, West Indian English

Gop Dzongkha

Gorberboym Yiddish

Gorchitsa belaya Russian

Gorchitsa chyornaya Russian

(Gorchitsa sarepska) Bulgarian

(Gorchitsa sareptskaya) Russian

Gorčica, bela Slovenian

Gorčica, črna Slovenian

(Gorčica, siva) Slovenian

Gorčica bela Serbian

Gorčica crna Serbian

Gorczyca biała Polish

Gorczyca czarna Polish

Gorczyca jasna Polish

(Gorczyca sarepska) Polish

Gorczyca żółta Polish

Gorets perechnyj Russian

(Gorka naranča) Croatian

(Gorki badem) Croatian, Serbian

(Gor’kij mindal’) Russian

Görögszéna Hungarian

(Gorski pelin) Croatian

Gortnkres Yiddish

Gortn-tsibele Yiddish

Gortshitse, shvartse Yiddish

Gortshitse, vayse Yiddish

Gorukha posevna Bulgarian

Gorušica, bijela Croatian

Gorušica, crna Croatian

Go-snyod Tibetan

Gosom ilaisi Bodo

Gotxerro Basque

Gou leuhng geung Cantonese

Gouravron Breton

Gou tie er Mandarin

(Gou yuan) Mandarin

Goździk Polish

Goździki Polish

Goździków korzenny Polish

Graambu Tamil

Gråbo Swedish

Gråbynke Danish

Gradinski mak Bulgarian

Grænn pipar Icelandic

Græskar Danish

Graines de paradis French

Graines de Selim French

Grains de carvi French

Grains of paradise English

Grains of Selim English

Grammocarpus caeruleus bot.

Grampu Malayalam

Granaadipuu, harilik Estonian

Granaatappel Dutch

Granaatõunaseemned Estonian

Granaattiomena Finnish

Granada Spanish, Tagalog

Grana paradisi pharm.

Granat Belarusian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian

Granatæble Danish

Gránátalma Hungarian

Granatapfel German

Granatäpple Swedish

Granatepli Icelandic

Granatmedis, paprastasis Lithuanian

Granatnik Russian

Granatno jabolko Slovenian

Granato Esperanto

Granátové jablko Czech, Slovak

Granátové semená Slovak

Granátovník Czech

Granátovník obecný Czech

Granátovník púnsky Slovak

Granatowiec właściwy Polish

Granda tropeolo Esperanto

Granen van Selim Dutch

Grani del paradiso Italian

Grani de Meleguetta Italian

Grani paradisi Italian

Grano nero Italian

Granpu Malayalam

Gràn ubhal Gaelic

Grãos-do-paraíso Portuguese

Grasker Icelandic

Graslaukur Icelandic

Grasløk Norwegian

Gräslök Swedish

Grass, finger English

Gratiem Thai

Grăunţele paradisului Romanian

Gražgarstė Lithuanian

Grbaštica Serbian

Grbat Croatian

Grbica usjevna Serbian

Grčka djetlina Croatian

Grčko seme Serbian

Grčko sijeno Croatian

Greater galangale English

Greater Indian cardamom English

Greek hayseed English

Green cardamom English

Green pepper English

Grek Chireg Mongolian

Grenade French

(Grenka pomaranča) Slovenian

Grenki mandelj Slovenian

Gresskar Norwegian

(Gretchen-im-Busch) German

Greunadez Breton

Greun jenevra Breton

Griechisch Heu German

Grine limene Yiddish

Griner fefer Yiddish

Gròban Gaelic

Groene anijs Dutch

Grøn anis Danish

Grönpeppar Swedish

Großer Galgant German

Grote galanga Dutch

Grozdasti ruj Serbian

Grško seno Slovenian

Grüner Cardamom German

Grüner Kardamom German

Grüner Pfeffer German

Guang dong gui Mandarin

Guang gan Mandarin

Guan gui Mandarin

Gue Tigrinya

Gue Rongmei

Gui Mandarin

Guindilla Gaelic, Galician, Spanish

Guinea grains English

Guinea pepper English

(Guinea pepper) English

Guineapfeffer German

(Guineapfeffer) German

Guinejská zrna Czech

Guinejský kardamon Slovak

Gui pi Mandarin

Gui xin Mandarin

Gujurati Oriya

Gül Turkmen

Gulab Hindi, Kashmiri, Marathi, Punjabi, Urdu

Gulabi Kannada, Telugu, Tulu

Gulabu Tamil

Gulaf Nepali

(Gülburnu) Turkish

(Gülelması) Turkish

Ġulġlíen Maltese

Gulisurkh Punjabi

Gulki Hindi

Gulki Marich Santali

Gul rang Farsi, Urdu

Gumbakmynis, persinis Lithuanian

Gung Vietnamese

Gun gwai Cantonese

Guniper Hebrew

Gunyan Hindi

Guppai Tamil

Gur-gum Tibetan

Gurkemeie Norwegian

Gurkemeje Danish

Gurķenes, ārstniecības Latvian

Gurkenkraut German

Gurkenkraut German

Gurkmeja Swedish

Gurkört Swedish

Gur-kum Tibetan

Gurķumētras Latvian

Guvamauri Assamese

Güveyik otu Turkish

Güveyotu Turkish

Gvazdikėliai Lithuanian

Gvazdikmedis, kvapusis Lithuanian

Gvazdziki Belarusian

Gvozdika Russian

Gvozdychnyj perets Ukrainian

Gwai sam Cantonese

Gwie Tigrinya

Gwong dung gwai Cantonese

Gwozdika Turkmen

Gye Korean

Gyene kankan Twi

Gyeojagwa Korean

Gyeo-jamu Korean

Gyeoja-naengi Korean

Gyepi Korean

G-yer ma Tibetan

Gyin sein Burmese

Gyömbér Hungarian

Gyömbér, kínai Hungarian

Gyopár, fekete Hungarian

Gyoseiso Japanese


Haatsho Ga-Dangme

(Habanero) English, Spanish

Ħabaq Maltese

Habaq Arabic

Habaq ar-Rahi Arabic

Haba tonka Spanish

Hab az-Zelim Arabic

Habbah al-baraka Arabic

Habbahan Arabic

Habbah sauda Arabic

Habbatussauda Indonesian

Habbeh as-sudah Arabic

Habbet as-suda Arabic

Habbet hilwa Arabic

Habbu al-hal Arabic

Habbu al-han Arabic

Habbu al-hulwah Arabic

Habb ül-gar Turkish

Habbul malan Farsi

Habrotonon Old Greek

Habuji Chakma

Habulas Urdu

Hac chi ma Vietnamese

Hac gioi Vietnamese

Hadas Aramaic, Hebrew

Hadas limoni Hebrew

Hadass Arabic

(Hagehestemynte) Norwegian

Hagekjørvel Norwegian

Hagetimian Norwegian

Hagyma Hungarian

Hahng yahn Cantonese

Hahuun Mongolian

Haijen Bodo

Hail Arabic

Haisev vaiguputk Estonian

Haisop Lao

Haji Newari

(Hajme) Romanian

Hajupihka Finnish

Hakiki çöreotu Turkish

Hak jung chou Cantonese

Hakka Japanese

Hakkaku Japanese

Haku male Newari

Hak wuh jiu Cantonese

Hal Arabic

(Hala) Hawaiian

Halad Gujarati, Marathi

Halad, amb Hindi

Haladi Oriya

Hal aswad Arabic

Halba Malay

Halba d’gdan Aramaic

Haldar Gujarati

Halde Bodo

Haldi Dogri, Hindi, Nepali, Punjabi, Urdu

Hale Pashto

Halia Malay

Halim Hindi, Urdu

Halim-sak Bengali

Hallyon Korean

Hallyosog Korean

Halodhi Assamese

Haltit Arabic, Hebrew

Halu Newari

Halu bun Newari

Haluun chinzhüü Mongolian

(Hamakaenang) Thai

Hamalata Aramaic

Hamama Turkish

Hamame Turkish

(Hamanasu) Japanese

Hamham Arabic

Hamo Newari

Hana-hakka Japanese

Hangam Manipuri

Hāngsi Tangkhul

Hanh Vietnamese

Hanh Vietnamese

Hanh cu Vietnamese

Hanh gau Vietnamese

Hanh tam Vietnamese

Hanh tay Vietnamese

Hanh trang Vietnamese

Han jin lian Mandarin

Hantu duri Malay

Hao shu Mandarin

(Hapanappelsiini) Finnish

Hapu laimipuu Estonian

Hapusha Sanskrit

Haradali Swahili

Hara dhania Hindi, Punjabi

Harakputk Estonian

Har chinzhüü Mongolian

Harčyca Belarusian

Harčyca, belaja Belarusian

Harčyca, čornaja Belarusian

Hardal Aramaic, Turkish

Hardal, kara Turkish

Hardalı, deve tüyü tohumları Turkish

Hardal lavan Hebrew

Hardal shahor Hebrew

Hardal tohum, beyaz Turkish

Hardal tohum, siyah Turkish

Hardalun Aramaic

Hardi Maithili, Nepali

Hared Maithili

Har gich Mongolian

Haridra Sanskrit, Telugu

Hari ilaichi Punjabi

Harilik aniis Estonian

Harilik apteegitill Estonian

Harilik granaadipuu Estonian

Harilik iisop Estonian

Harilik ingver Estonian

Harilik kadakas Estonian

Harilik köömen Estonian

Harilik kurgirohi Estonian

Harilik kurkuma Estonian

Harilik leeskputk Estonian

Harilik loorberipuu Estonian

Harilik mandlipuu Estonian

Harilik mungapipar Estonian

Harilik mürt Estonian

Harilik nelgipuu Estonian

Harilik nööpkakar Estonian

Harilik paprika Estonian

Harilik pimendipuu Estonian

Harilik porss Estonian

Harilik puju Estonian

Harilik pune Estonian

Harilik rosmariin Estonian

Harilik seesam Estonian

Harilik sibul Estonian

Harilik sidrunhein Estonian

Harilik sidrunipuu Estonian

Harilik tähtaniisipuu Estonian

Harilik vanill Estonian

Hari mirch Dogri, Hindi, Urdu

Hari mirch Punjabi

Hari Mirch Punjabi

Har pjer’ts Mongolian

Hasalban Turkish

Hasbir Turkish

Hash Aramaic

Haşhaş tohumu Turkish

Hashilzh Mongolian

Hashisha al-limun Arabic

Hashisha an-namal Arabic

Hasimenasina kayi Kannada

Hasin Coptic

Hasiru Menasu Kannada

(Haşmă) Romanian

Hasmaţuchi Romanian

Hasop Korean

(Hat sen) Vietnamese

Hat-tieu Vietnamese

Hat tieu den Vietnamese

Hat tieu Jamaica Vietnamese

Hat tieu trang Vietnamese

Hauk Aramaic

Havekarse Danish

Havija Kannada

Havlıcan Turkish

Ha yih chung Cantonese

Hayıt Turkish

Hayl Arabic

Hayseed, greek English

Hazeret hagina Hebrew

Hedge mustard English

(Hedge mustard) English

(Hedge weed) English

Hedyosmon Old Greek

Hegyi bors Hungarian

Hei hu jiao Mandarin

(Heijang) Manipuri

Hei jie zi Mandarin

Heina̱thei Tangkhul

Heinou Manipuri

Hei zhong cao Mandarin

Hel Farsi, Hebrew, Tigrinya

H’el Amharic

He lan qin Mandarin

Helenbeli Dhivehi

Helogan Welsh

Helygen Fair Welsh

Hemptree English

Hendkakan Enkoyz Armenian

Hengu Oriya

Henneru Japanese

Henruda Japanese

Hentgagan Engouz Armenian

Henu-guriku Japanese

Heobu Korean

Heong choi Cantonese

Heong sou Cantonese

Heong tou muhk Cantonese

Herba Abrotani pharm.

(Herba Absinthii) pharm.

Herba Alii ursini pharm.

Herba Andropogonis pharm.

Herba Apii graveolentis pharm.

Herba Artemisiae pharm.

Herba Basilici pharm.

Herba cerefolii pharm.

Herba Chenopodii ambrosioidis pharm.

Herba Citronellae pharm.

(Herba de cantors) Catalan

Herba de la castedat Catalan

Herba de les vinyes Catalan

Herba de Limón Galician

Herba dormidora Catalan

Herba Dracunculi pharm.

Herba Hyssopi pharm.

Herba Lepidi pharm.

Herba lluïsa Catalan

Herba Luisa Galician

Herba Majoranae pharm.

(Herba Monardae) pharm.

Herba Myrti Rabanitini pharm.

Herba Nasturtii pharm.

Herba Origani pharm.

Herba Rutae pharm.

Herba Saturejae pharm.

Herba Thymi pharm.

Herbe au citron French

(Herbe aux chantres) French

Herbe de citron French

Herbe de grâce French

Herbe de Saint-Julien French

Herbe dragonne French

Herbe du citron French

Herbe puante French

Herbe royale French

Herbe sacrée French

Herb of Grace English

Herman Coptic

Herud Tigrinya

Heulbol Dutch

Heung ba maauh Cantonese

Heung bohk hoh Cantonese

Heung choi Cantonese

Heung faa choi Cantonese

Heung fung chou Cantonese

Heung gaahp laahn Cantonese

Heung ji lan Cantonese

Heung lahm tauh Cantonese

Heung lan Cantonese

Heung maauh suk Cantonese

Heung seui Cantonese

Hexenkraut German

Hidamba saga Oriya

Hierbabuena Spanish

Hierba de Limón Spanish

Hierbaluisa Spanish

Hiina kaneelipuu Estonian

Hikandhifat Dhivehi

Hikandhi gas Dhivehi

Hilbeh Arabic, Hebrew

Hiltit Arabic

Himeuikiyo Japanese

Himhim Arabic

Himsra Sanskrit

Hin Japanese

Hinda cinamomo Esperanto

Hindistancevizi Turkish

Hing Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Maithili, Manipuri, Marathi, Nepali, Newari, Pashto, Urdu

Hingra Punjabi

Hingu Sanskrit

Hinojo Spanish

Hinojo hediondo Spanish

Hint biberi Turkish

Hint küncütü Azeri

Hint safranı Turkish

Hippali Kannada

Hirchak pertsevy Ukrainian

Hirchitsya bila Ukrainian

Hirchytsya chorna Ukrainian

Hirvi velchi Marathi

Hirvya mirchya Marathi

Hiseopu Korean

Hisop Korean

Hisopi mjekësor Albanian

Hisop likars’ki Ukrainian

Hisop mjekësor Albanian

Hisopo Esperanto, Galician, Spanish

Hissopo Portuguese

Hissopu Japanese

Hithi damui Dhivehi

Hiyakumikosho Japanese

Hjartafró Icelandic

Hjärtansfröjd Swedish

Hjólkróna Icelandic

Hjulkrone Danish

Hmarcha Hmar, Mizo

Hminthin Burmese

Hninsi Burmese

Hoa huong Vietnamese

(Hoang luc) Vietnamese

(Hoang moc dai) Vietnamese

(Hoang moc nhieu gai) Vietnamese

Hoa oai huong Vietnamese

Hobakssi Korean

Hobu Korean

Hodan Turkish

Hode badam Nepali

Hodes Yiddish

Hoehyang Korean

Hoehyang-pul Korean

Ho ho yeh ji Cantonese

Hoi Vietnamese

Hoi can Vietnamese

Hoi huong Vietnamese

Hoi huong Vietnamese

Hoja Spanish

Hoja santa Spanish

Hojas de Curry Spanish

Hojas de Lima Cafre Spanish

Hojas de Lima Kaffir Spanish

Holdi Garo

Ho lo ba Vietnamese

Holsuraediswi Korean

Holud Bengali

Hom bua Lao

Hom chan Thai

(Hom daeng) Thai

Hom hain Thai

Hom hao Thai

Hom khaek Thai

Hom khao Thai

(Hom lek) Thai

Hom paen Thai

Hom-pom Lao

Hom pom Thai

Hom-pomkula Thai

(Hom ton) Thai

Hónaposrózsa Hungarian

Hondsknoflook Dutch

Honey plant English

Hong dou kou Mandarin

Honggwassi Korean

Hong hoa Vietnamese

Honghwa Korean

Hong lan hua Mandarin

Hong su ye Mandarin

Honigblume German

Honigklee, blauer German

Honik-melise Yiddish

Honingklaver soort Dutch

Hon kun Chinese

Hoosam Armenian

Hop Manipuri

Horapa Thai

Horapha Thai

Horčiak pieprový Slovak

Horčica biela Slovak

Horčica čierna Slovak

Hořčice bílá Czech

Hořčice černá Czech

(Hořčice sitinovitá) Czech

Horčicové semená Slovak

Horidra Assamese

Horiyah Assamese

Horki mindaĺ Belarusian

Horopa Korean

Horseradish English

Horseradish, Japanese English

Hortelã-pimenta Portuguese

Hortelã-vietnamita Portuguese

Hosraedit Thai

Hosszú koriander Hungarian

Hosuradisshu Japanese

Hosuraediswi Korean

Hosurediswi Korean

Hot dieu mau Vietnamese

Ho tieu Vietnamese

Ho tuy Vietnamese

Hou sohk Cantonese

Houttuynia cordata bot.

Hoyttynia Swedish

Hrean Romanian

Hřebíček Czech

Hřebíčkový pepř Czech

Hren Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Vietnamese

Hren, vrtni Croatian

Hri Aramaic

(Hrim) Coptic

Hsanwen Burmese

Hsiang ts’ao lan Mandarin

Hua chiao Mandarin

(Hua chiao) Mandarin

Hua jiao Mandarin

(Hua jiao) Mandarin

Hua Kasai Lao

Huang hua nan jie cai Mandarin

Huang jiang Mandarin

(Huangjing) Mandarin

(Huang jing zi) Mandarin

Huang zhang Mandarin

Hua si khai Lao

Hua sing khai Lao

Hu-chiao Mandarin

Huchu Korean

Huchu-namu Korean

Hudhër e rëndomtë Albanian

Hudhra Albanian

Hudhu revi Dhivehi

Huei hsiang Mandarin

(Huelenn-c’hwerv) Breton

Huelenn-wenn Breton

Huhng dau kau Cantonese

Huhng laahn faa Cantonese

Huhng sou yihp Cantonese

Hui Tangkhul

Hui qin Mandarin

Hui xiang Mandarin

Hu jiao Mandarin

Hu jiao bo he Mandarin

Hu jiao mian Mandarin

Hu jiao mu Mandarin

(Hukchongcho) Korean

Hukkyeoja Korean

Hukkyoja Korean

Hulba Arabic

Hulbe Turkish

Huli Kannada

Hu lu ba Mandarin

Hu ma Mandarin

Hum chung Dzongkha

Hum chung tswa Dzongkha

Hümheel Mongolian

Hunase-hannu Kannada

Hunase-mara Kannada

Hun’ba sinna Ukrainian

Hung Vietnamese

Hung cay Vietnamese

Hung dui Vietnamese

Hung gioi Vietnamese

Hung giui Vietnamese

Hung nhui Vietnamese

Hung que Vietnamese

Hung sha yao Chinese

Hung tay Vietnamese

Hungu Dhivehi

Hunlavendel Danish

Huong duyen Vietnamese

Hupa Basque

Hurkafű Hungarian

Hurkafű Hungarian

Husam Armenian

Husarenknopfblume German

(Hushhash) Hebrew

Hu sui Mandarin

Huszárgomb Hungarian

Hutínia Slovak

Hutujnija Slovenian

Huzarenknoop Dutch

Hvazdzika Belarusian

Hvězdicový anýz Czech

Hvidløg Danish

Hvid peber Danish

Hvid Sennep Danish

Hviezdicový aníz Slovak

Hvítlaukur Icelandic

Hvitløk Norwegian

Hvitsennep Norwegian

Hvítur pipar Icelandic

Hydropeperi Old Greek

Hysope French

Hysoppe French

Hysopum Latin

Hyssop Dutch, English

Hyssopos Old Greek

Hyssopus officinalis bot.

Hyzop lekarski Polish


Iadlovec Belarusian

Iaponski khren Belarusian

Iavanski perac Belarusian

Iban Amharic

İdrifil Turkish

İdrisağacı Turkish

Ienibahar Romanian

Ienupăr Romanian

Ierba de Lămâie Romanian

Igazi édesgyökér Hungarian

Igen erős apró Hungarian

Iguru Sinhala

Ihansu Rongmei

Iisop, harilik Estonian

Iisoppi Finnish

Ika Newari

Ikleel al-Jabal Arabic

Iklil al-Jabal Arabic

Ilaichi Khasi

Ilaichi, bari Dogri, Hindi, Maithili

Ilaichi, choti Dogri, Hindi, Maithili

Ilaichi, kali Hindi

Ilaisi Bodo

Ilaneeru Malayalam

Ilasi Assamese

Ilavangam Tamil

Ilaychi Dogri, Hindi, Maithili

Ilbon-gyepi Korean

Ili Georgian

Ilicio Esperanto

Illatfa Hungarian

Illicium verum bot.

(Iloet) Lao

Iltzea Basque

Iltze-kanela Basque

Imber Yiddish

Imbieras Lithuanian

Imbieras, kiniškas Lithuanian

Imbierpipiri, rojinis Lithuanian

Imbierutis, kvapusis Lithuanian

Imbir Belarusian, Polish, Uzbek

Imbir’ Russian

Imbir, žouty Belarusian

Imbir’ zhyoltyj Russian

Imbyr Ukrainian

Imli Dogri, Hindi, Maithili, Nepali, Punjabi

Imlibo Sumi

Imlishe Chakhesang-Chokri

Imu Newari

Inchi Malayalam

Inchippullu Malayalam

Indanezijskaja karyca Belarusian

Indanezijski laurovy list Belarusian

Indiai babérlevél Hungarian

Indiai datolya Hungarian

India mangopuu Estonian

Indian anise English

Indian arrowroot English

Indian bay leaves English

Indian cardamom English

Indian cress English

Indian date English

Indiankrasse Swedish

Indian parsley English

Indian saffron English

Indický šafrán Czech

Indijska datula Croatian

Indijska tamarinda Slovenian

Indijska urma Croatian, Serbian

Indijskij finik Russian

Indijskij tmin Russian

Indijski šafran Croatian

Indijsko orekhche Bulgarian

Indinis cinamonas Lithuanian

Indinis mangas Lithuanian

Indinis sezamas Lithuanian

Indinis tamarindas Lithuanian

Indische dadel Dutch

Indische Dattel German

Indische Kresse German

Indische Petersilie German

Indischer Kümmel German

Indischer Safran German

Indischer Sesam German

Indisches Lorbeerblatt German

Indisches Zitronenblatt German

Indiškas kmynas Lithuanian

Indiški lauro lapai Lithuanian

Indisk Laurbærblad Danish

Indonaga-kosho Japanese

Indonesian bay leaves English

Indonesian cinnamon English

Indonesian lemon-pepper English

Indonesische citroenboom Dutch

Indonesische kaneel Dutch

Indonesischer Zimt German

Indonesischer Zitronenpfeffer German

Indonesisches Lorbeerblatt German

Indonesisches Zitronenblatt German

Indonesisch laurierblad Dutch

Indonesisk Kanel Danish

Indonesisk Laurbærblad Danish

Indonéz babér Hungarian

Indonéz fahéj Hungarian

Indonezia cinamomo Esperanto

Indonezia eŭgenio Esperanto

Indonezijska kanela Bulgarian

Indonezijskij lavrovyj list Russian

(Indonezinis pipiras) Lithuanian

Indonezkaya koritsa Russian

Indring Indonesian

Indyjski finik Belarusian

Indyjski kmen Belarusian

Ingber Yiddish

Ingee Tamil

Ingefær Danish, Norwegian

Ingefära Swedish

(İngiliz su teresi) Turkish

Ingrupiyali Sinhala

Ingu Kannada, Tulu

Inguru Sinhala

Inguru piyali Sinhala

Inguva Telugu

Ingver Croatian, Estonian, Serbian, Slovenian

Ingver, harilik Estonian

Ingver, žuti Serbian

Ingverijuur Estonian

Ingvers, ārstniecības Latvian

Ingwer German

Ingwer, chinesischer German

Ingwer, siamesischer German

Iñibre Basque

Injaikaraim Rongmei

Inji Tamil

Inkivääri Finnish

Inondo Japanese

Inondu Korean

Insalata Maltese

Insilal Amharic

Intir-intir Indonesian

Intxaur muskatu Basque

Iphyon Old Greek

Ipse Dutch

Ipuru Basque

Iradimadhuram Malayalam

Ird Amharic

Irit bazal Hebrew

Ironwood, lemon English

Irqu as-sus Arabic

Irulli Kannada, Tamil

Irut Thai

İrziyan Turkish

Ishgen sharilzh Mongolian

Isiot Slovenian

Isiot Bulgarian, Serbian

Isiot, bijeli Croatian

Isop Bulgarian, Danish, Gaelic, Norwegian, Romanian, Swedish

Isopas, vaistinis Lithuanian

Ísópur Icelandic

Isop zvichajnyj Ukrainian

Isovesikrassi Finnish

Ispıt Turkish

Issop Russian

Issopo Italian

Issopos Greek

Īstais kardamons Latvian

Istami Nepali

Istenfa Hungarian

Istenfű Hungarian

İstiot Azeri

İstiot Azeri

İstiot nanəsi Azeri

Istivi Newari

Itala kukurbo Esperanto

Italienisher koper Yiddish

Italliamokhong Korean

Italliamokhyeong Korean

Itanayila Malayalam

Itarianinjin-boku Japanese

(İt burnu) Turkish

Itrıfil Turkish

Itrifil-i sagir Turkish

Iuniparium Latin

Iuniperum Latin

Iytbadam Kazakh

Izmă bună Romanian

İzmir kekiği Turkish

Izop Serbian, Slovenian

Izops, ārstniecības Latvian

Izpiliku Basque

Izsóp Hungarian


Jaafari Farsi

Jaavankaneli Finnish

Jaba huchu Korean

Jaborandi pepper English

Jaborandi-Pfeffer German

Jadwar Urdu

Jae Indonesian

Jafaran Assamese, Bengali

Jafari Tajik

Jagody jałowca Polish

Jahé Indonesian

Jahi Malay

Jaidana Newari

Jaifal Newari

Jaikoso Japanese

Jaiphal Hindi, Nepali, Punjabi, Urdu

Jaiphala Oriya

Jaiphol Assamese, Khasi

Jaitun Nepali, Punjabi, Telugu

Jajikaya Telugu

Jajipatra Kannada

Jakayi Kannada

Jakayi patri Kannada

Jalbız Kazakh

Jalbız Kazakh

Jalik Garo

Jalovčinky Czech

Jalovec Czech

Jalovec obecný Czech

Jałowiec pospolity Polish

Jaluk Assamese

Jamaica peper Dutch

Jamaica pepper English

Jamaicapfeffer German

Jamaika biberi Turkish

Jamaikai szegfűbors Hungarian

Jamaikako piperbeltz Basque

Jamaikas pipari Latvian

Jamain Maithili

Jamajský pepř Czech

Jambala Urdu

Jambira-phalam Malayalam

Jambú Portuguese

Jambu Spanish

Jambú do rio Portuguese

Jambul Urdu

Jamda Swahili

Jamveel Farsi

Jamyrdah Khasi

Janebre Provencal

Janež Slovenian

Janež, zvezdasti Slovenian

Jangli jvano Nepali

(Janglitulsi) Urdu

Jangmi Korean

Janjapili Georgian

Japana kreno Esperanto

Japánbors Hungarian

Japanese horseradish English

Japanese pepper English

Japanese prickly ash English

Japaninpiparjuuri Finnish

Japanischer Kren German

Japanischer Meerrettich German

Japanischer Pfeffer German

Japanse mierikswortel Dutch

Japanski biber Serbian

Japansk Peberrod Danish

Japansk pepparrot Swedish

Japán torma Hungarian

Japatre Kannada

Japatri Telugu

Japhar Maithili

Japhran Bengali

Japoninis pipirkrienis Lithuanian

Japoniškas pipirai Lithuanian

Japonský chren Slovak

Japonský pepř Czech

Japonský zelený křen Czech

Jarak belanda Malay

Jaram Ao

Jaramago Spanish

Jarjeer Arabic

Jarjir Arabic

Jarumthi Lotha

Järvelemb Estonian

(Jat-gbowie) Ga-Dangme, Twi

Jathi Malayalam

Jathikka Malayalam

Jathikkayu Malayalam

Jathikosham Malayalam

Jathipatri Malayalam

Jatikkai Tamil

Jatipatiri Tamil

Jatipatra Sanskrit

Jatiphala Kannada, Sanskrit

Jatippu Tamil

Jau jih sou Cantonese

Java biberi Turkish

Jávai bors Hungarian

Jávai kasszia Hungarian

(Jávai kurkuma) Hungarian

Javano Nepali

Javanthri Hindi

Javatri Punjabi

Javind Kashmiri

Javitri Hindi, Urdu

Javzi Georgian

Jawa cassia English

Jawain Gujarati

Jawanikkei Japanese

Jawanischer Pfeffer German

Jawa peppercorn English

Jawqazın Kazakh

Jawz as-Sirk Arabic

Jayatri Bengali, Oriya

Jayfal Manipuri

Jayikayi Tulu

Jayipatre Tulu

Jaypatri Gujarati, Maithili, Marathi

Jayphal Bengali, Marathi

Jebir Kazakh

Jebir Kazakh

Jebirşöp Kazakh

Jebirşöp Kazakh

Jedrea Spanish

Jeera Dogri, Hindi

Jeera, kali Hindi

Jeera, kashmiri Hindi

Jeera, safaid Dogri, Hindi

Jeera, shia Hindi

Jeera, vilayati Hindi

Jeeragam Malayalam

Jeit Coptic

Jelkök Kazakh

Jeneverbes Dutch

Jenevreg-boutin Breton

Jengibre Basque, Spanish

Jenjebel Tigrinya

Jenofl Breton

Jeonghyang Korean

Jeonghyang-namu Korean

Jernurt Danish

Jeruk Indonesian, Malay

Jeruk Indonesian

(Jeruk asem) Malay

(Jeruk bodong) Indonesian

Jeruk manis Indonesian, Malay

Jeruk nipis Indonesian

Jeruk nipis Indonesian

(Jeruk sekade) Indonesian, Malay

Jerusalem parsley English

Jestamadha Marathi

Jesuitentee German

Jethimadh Gujarati, Hindi

Jethimadhu Nepali

Jeung Chinese

Jeven Kashmiri

(Jhamsi) Newari

Jhanjhafili Georgian

Jhri Kotem Armenian

Ji Newari

Jia du xing cai Mandarin

Jiang Mandarin

Jiang huang Mandarin

Jia rou gui Mandarin

Jia zhou hu jiao mu Mandarin

Ji cai Mandarin

Jie cai Mandarin

(Jiefo) Portuguese

Jih gwai Cantonese

Jih sou Cantonese

Jiira Sanskrit

Jiira, krishna Sanskrit

Jiiraka Sanskrit

Jiirana Sanskrit

Jika Newari

Jilakara Telugu

Jilakarra Telugu

Ji mah Cantonese

Jimla Newari

Jin chou kou Mandarin

Jing jie qi Mandarin

Jing lim Sheng ji mei Mandarin

Jinja Japanese

Jinjebr Breton

Jinjeo Korean

(Jin jiao) Mandarin

Jin lian hua Mandarin

(Jin niu gong) Mandarin

Jintan Indonesian

Jintan Indonesian

Jintan hitam Indonesian, Malay

Jintan manis Malay

Jintan puteh Malay

Jinten manis Indonesian

Jinten manis Indonesian

Jinten putih Malay

Jiphvang Newari

Jir Maithili

Jira Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Chakma, Dogri, Garo, Hindi, Hmar, Khasi, Manipuri, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Santali, Swahili

Jira, kala Dogri, Hindi

Jira, kashmiri Dogri, Hindi

Jira, shahi Hindi

Jiragam Tamil

Jirakam Malayalam

Jire Marathi

Jirige Kannada, Tulu

Jiru Gujarati

Ji sou chou Cantonese

Jitabdoogh Armenian

Jitaptugh Armenian

Jiteni Armenian

Jit yih gan Cantonese

Jiu cai Mandarin

Jiu ceng ta Mandarin

Jiyek jalbız Kazakh

Jofi Coptic

Joipol Garo

Joit Coptic

Jojo dare Santali

Jolokiya Assamese

Jolpai Bengali

Jombir Assamese

Joni guti Assamese

Jooz al-hind Arabic

Josat al-Tib Arabic

Joseph German

Jotang Indonesian

Jou kuei Mandarin

Jouver Provencal

Jouza al-Teeb Arabic

Jouz as-Sudan Arabic

Jouz hendi Farsi

Jouz rishe Farsi

Jowan Bengali

Joyan Bengali

Juani Oriya

Jubi Rongmei

Jufa Sanskrit

Juffrouwmerk Dutch

(Julienne, yellow) English

Julipe Kannada

Julivert Catalan

Juljulan Arabic

Junça ordinária Portuguese

Junceamosterd Dutch

(Juncea-Senf) German

(Jungfer-im-Grünen) German

Junipa Japanese

Junipeo Korean

Juniper English

Juniperbero Esperanto

Junípero Portuguese, Spanish

Junipero Danish

Juniperus communis bot.

Junipo Portuguese

Juodasis bastutis Lithuanian

Juodasis kardamonas Lithuanian

Juodgrūdė Lithuanian

Juodieji pipirai Lithuanian

Juodieji pipirai Lithuanian

Juodoji zira Lithuanian

Juodosios garstyčios Lithuanian

Juudavaik Estonian

Juustokumina Finnish

Juustuköömen Estonian

Juvert Provencal

Juyaku Japanese

Jvano Nepali

Jwa Kazakh

Jyaba gyepi Korean

Jyunipeo Korean


Ka-aen Thai

Kaafooru tholhi Dhivehi

Kaanphlu Thai

Kaashi Dhivehi

Kaasinjee Dhivehi

(Kaatmurikku) Malayalam

Kabaaba Arabic

Kababah Arabic

Kabab chini Bengali

Kabab-chini Hindi, Maithili, Oriya, Urdu

Kabab chini Nepali

Kabak Turkish

Kabar Arabic, Tajik, Urdu

Kabara Punjabi

Kabbaabu Dhivehi

(Kabbad) Arabic

Kabra Bengali, Hindi

Kabsh qaranful Arabic

Kabsh qarunfil Arabic

Kabuji Chakma

Kabusinenn Breton

Kaccholam Malayalam

Kacchuramu Telugu

Ka chai Thai

Ka-chay Khmer

Kachora Kannada

Kachra Hindi

Kachur Hindi, Newari

Kachuram Malayalam

Kadagys, paprastasis Lithuanian

Kadakamarjad Estonian

Kadakas, harilik Estonian

Kadamom Korean

Kadavoma Kannada

Kadhilimb Marathi

Kadik Yiddish

Kadiķa ogas Latvian

Kadiķis, zviedrijas Latvian

Kadomom Korean

Kadrama Albanian

Kadu Malayalam

Kadu-ayamodagam Malayalam

Kadugu Tamil

Kaduku Malayalam

Kadulja Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian

Kadulja, ljekovita Croatian

Kaempferia galanga bot.

Kaereowei Korean

Kaerowei Korean

(Kae-sancho) Korean

Kaeseo Korean

Kaeso Korean

Kaeyogwi Korean

Kaffercitrom Hungarian

Kaffernlimette German

Kaffir citrom és levél Hungarian

Kaffir citrus Czech

Kaffir laimilehed Estonian

Kaffir lime Danish, English

Kaffirlimette German

Kaffir limoen Dutch

Kaffirzitrone German

Kafir laim Hebrew

Kafirlime Swedish

Kaf marim Arabic

Kafoi Manipuri

Kafrskij lajm Russian

Kafteres piperies Greek

Kafuriye Turkish

Kagadilimbu Marathi

Kagati Newari

Kagati Nepali

Kagji lebu Bengali

Kaha Sinhala

Kaha mal Sinhala

Kahn choi Cantonese

Kahvrilaim Estonian

Kahvrilaimipuu Estonian

Kai Hmong

(Kai Blong) Hmong

Kaiena Basque

Kaien gochu Korean

Kaienpeppa Japanese

Kairapalmu Finnish

Kairapalmu Finnish

Kaitana Tagalog

Kaitha Malayalam

Kajena-biber Serbian

Kajena pipro Esperanto

Kajēnas pipari Latvian

Kajeno pipirai Lithuanian

Kajenská paprika Slovak

Kajenska paprika Croatian

Kajenskij perets Russian

Kajenski perac Belarusian

Kajenski poper Slovenian

Kajyuchu Korean

Kakaduru Twi

Kakaotshofa Ga-Dangme

Kakhresii Mao

(Kakine-garashi) Japanese

Kakji Garo

Kakji Garo

Kakola Tibetan

Kakos Belarusian

Kakoules Greek

Kakukkfű Hungarian

Kakul Aramaic

Kakule meyvesi Turkish

Kakutupala Sinhala

Kala Pashto

Kalajira Chakma, Oriya

Kalajira Oriya

Kala jira Dogri, Hindi, Punjabi

Kalajirige Tulu

Kalam Bulgarian

(Kalamansi) Tagalog

Kalamarich Oriya

Kala mire Marathi

(Kalamondiinipuu) Estonian

Kalampır Kazakh

Kalanka Oriya

Kalaunji Punjabi

Kalazira Urdu

(Kale) Ewe

Kalendra Lithuanian

Kalgan Estonian, Russian

Kalganirohi Estonian

Kalhurevi Dhivehi

Kaĺiandra, meksikanskaja Belarusian

Kaĺiandra, vetnamskaja Belarusian

Kali ilaichi Hindi, Punjabi

Kali marich Punjabi

Kali mirch Dogri, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu

Kalindzhi Russian

Kalinka Macedonian

Kaljandra Belarusian

Kaljira Assamese

Kalkán Czech

Kallengal Korean

Källfräne Swedish

Kallik Korean

(Kalninis dašis) Lithuanian

Kaloa Dagbani

Kalo Jira Nepali

Kalo jira Bengali

Kalo Marich Bengali

Kalomirich Gujarati

Kalo sorse Bengali

Kalounji Hindi

Kalu dhiri Dhivehi

Kaluduru Sinhala

Kama Georgian

Kama i anguza Pashto

Kama kasturi Kannada

Kamala Chakma, Oriya

Kamanchi kasu Telugu

Kambari Kannada

Kamchat nuai Thai

(Kam chat ton) Thai

Kamcho Korean

Kameleontblad Swedish

Kamelleon pullaentu Korean

Kami-meboki Japanese

Kamla Bodo

Kammarkas Marathi

Kammon Aramaic

Kammun Hebrew

Kam ngo Thai

Kamoon Hebrew

Kamoun Arabic

Kamoun halou Arabic

Kam saet Thai

(Kamte kai) Kannada

Kam thai Thai

Kamukus Indonesian

Kamun Arabic, Hebrew

Kamun al-maluki Arabic

Kamun aswad Arabic

Kamya Oriya

Kana Sanskrit

Kancha lanka Oriya

Kancha-lanka Bengali

Kancha-morich Bengali

Kanda Marathi

Kandandipili Tamil

Kaneel Dutch, Estonian

Kanel Danish, Norwegian, Swedish

Kanel, indonesisk Danish

Kanel, kinesisk Danish

Kanel, Vietnamesisk Danish

Kanela Basque, Bulgarian, Greek, Tagalog

Kanela, Indonezijska Bulgarian

Kanela, Tsejlonska Bulgarian

Kanela, Vietnamska Bulgarian

Kanela Keÿlanes Greek

Kaneli Finnish

Kanelilaakeri Finnish

Kanēlis Latvian

Kanell Breton, Icelandic

Kanella Albanian

Kanellë Albanian

Kanelondo Basque

Kanfu Fante

(Kangas-ajuruoho) Finnish

Kang-hwang Korean

Kani pepper English

Kanipfeffer German

Kanitong Ao

Kankol Marathi

Kankola Kannada

Kankrasing Hindi

Kannella Maltese

Kanop Coptic

Kan phou Lao

Kan plu Thai

Kansh Nepali

(Kanthari) Malayalam

(Kan tsau) Mandarin

Kanumfari Hausa

(Kanzo) Japanese

Kaol-garv Breton

Kaotong Thai

Kapara Czech, Serbian

Kapara trnitá Czech

Kaparcax Armenian

Kapar ciernisty Polish

Kapari Croatian, Turkish

Kapary Polish, Slovak

Kaper German, Yiddish

Kapers Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian

Kapers, dzeloņainais Latvian

Kapersai Lithuanian

Kapersi Bulgarian

Kapersy Belarusian, Russian

Kapertsi travyanisti Ukrainian

(Kaphao) Thai

Kaphau* Lao

Kapor Hungarian

Kaporna Hungarian

Kaporo Esperanto

Kappar Estonian, Maltese

Kappari Greek

Kapparis Old Greek

Kappertjes Dutch

Kapra Albanian

(Kaprao) Thai

(Kaprao-chang) Thai

Kaprez Breton

Kaprezenn Breton

Kapri Serbian

Kapribogyó Hungarian

Kaprica trnovita Serbian

Kapris Finnish, Swedish

Kaprovec Slovenian

Kapsasrohi, must Estonian

(Kapsasrohi, sarepta) Estonian

Kapsiko, duonligneca Esperanto

Kapsiko, unujara Esperanto

Kapucinček Slovenian

Kapuċinella Maltese

Kapuciner karse Danish

Kapucinka Slovenian

Kapučinka Serbian

Kapucínka väčšia Slovak

Kapucinusvirág Hungarian

Kapula Serbian

(Kapulaga) Indonesian

Kapulaga seberang Indonesian

(Kapurapati) Newari

Kapusta czarna Polish

Kaputsin-kress Russian

Kaputsyn Ukrainian

Kapuzinerkresse German

Karabas Turkish

Karabiber Turkish

Karabiber, yalancı Turkish

Karabu nati Sinhala

Kara çörek otu Turkish

Karafs Arabic, Farsi, Pahlavi

Karafuu Swahili

Kara hardal Turkish

(Kara kekik) Turkish

Karaket Thai

Karaman kimyonu Turkish

Karambu Tamil

Karamfil Bulgarian

Karampoo Malayalam

Karanfil Macedonian, Turkish

Karanfil baharatı Turkish

Karanfilić Serbian

Karanfoo Dhivehi

Karapelin otu Turkish

Karapincha Sinhala

Karaway Arabic

Karawiaa Arabic

Karawiya Arabic

Karayam Malayalam

Karayampu Malayalam

Karayanpoo Malayalam

(Karčiavaisis citrinmedis) Lithuanian

Kardai Marathi

Kardamo Greek

Kardamo Greek

Kardamom Breton, Czech, German, Macedonian

Kardamom, brauner German

Kardamom, fekete Hungarian

Kardamom, Gewürz- German

Kardamom, grüner German

Kardamom, schwarzer German

Kardámom, zöld Hungarian

Kardamom-du Breton

Kardamomo Esperanto

Kardamomoa Basque

Kardamomon Old Greek

Kardamomovník šípový Czech

Kardamon Bulgarian, Croatian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Uzbek

Kardamón Slovak

Kardamon Old Greek

Kardamon, guinejský Slovak

Kardamonas Lithuanian

Kardamonas, juodasis Lithuanian

Kardamon chyornyj Russian

Kardamón malabarský Slovak

Kardamon pravý Slovak

Kardamons, īstais Latvian

Kardemom Dutch

Kardemomme Danish, Norwegian

Kardemomme, sort Danish

Kardemon Estonian, Yiddish

Kardemon, must Estonian

Kardemumma Finnish, Swedish

Kardimomma Icelandic

Karepeku Telugu

Karer Hindi

Kare-rifu Japanese

Karfas Arabic

Kargazaneh Farsi

Karhilimb Marathi

Karhunlaukka Finnish

Karia Coptic

Karia Punjabi

Kariapat Urdu

Karibevu Kannada

Karibevu soppu Kannada

Karida Greek

Kari jirige Kannada

Karikku Malayalam

Karí list Slovak

Karí lístky Czech

Kari Menasu Kannada

Karinjeeragam Malayalam

Karino Gujarati

Kariofilla Greek

Kariofilo Esperanto

Karipat Dogri, Hindi

Karipata Bengali, Manipuri, Punjabi

Kari patah Urdu

Karipatta Punjabi

Karis Lithuanian

Karivepaku Telugu

Kariveppila Malayalam

Kariveppilai Tamil

Kariveppu Malayalam

Karkatakashringi Kannada

Karkhadagachingi Tamil

Karkkararingi Telugu

Karmir Pghpegh Armenian

Karo Coptic, Greek

Karon Old Greek

Karotez-naer Breton

Karpass rehani Hebrew

Karppoora-Thulsi Malayalam

Karppurappul Tamil

(Karpura Tulasi) Oriya

Karriblader Norwegian

Karrílauf Icelandic

Karrilehed Estonian

Karri list’ya Russian

Karry blad Danish

Karse Norwegian

Karsi Icelandic

Kartam Breton

Kartamo, tinktura Esperanto

Karthäusertee German

(Kartusis kietis) Lithuanian

Karudamon Japanese

Karulauk Estonian

Karunjiragam Tamil

Karupillam Malay

Karuppu Malayalam

Karuppu, milagu Tamil

Karuppu elakka Malayalam

Karuppu elakkai Tamil

Karusköömen, lõhnav Estonian

Karutta elaka Malayalam

Karutta Jirakam Malayalam

Karutta kurumulagu Malayalam

Karuva Malayalam, Tamil

Karuvapatta Ilai Malayalam

Karuvappatta Malayalam

Karuveppilai Tamil

(Karvanh) Khmer

Karvasmanteli Finnish

Karve Norwegian

Kārveles, lapu Latvian

Karvi Greek

Karvio Esperanto

Karwa pale Malay

Karwij Dutch

K’arya Amharic

Karyca, indanezijskaja Belarusian

Karyca, vietnamskaja Belarusian

Karyca, zejlonskaja Belarusian

Karyda Greek

Karyofylla Greek

Karytsa Belarusian

(Kas) Korean

Kasai Lao

Kasakasa Tamil

Kasāthei Tangkhul

Käseklee German

Kashia Japanese

Kashimaa Dhivehi

Kashmeeran Malayalam

Kashmiirajan Sanskrit

Kashmiiran Sanskrit

Kashmiri jira Dogri, Hindi, Kashmiri

Kashmiri zireh Kashmiri

Kashnich Uzbek

Kashubha Tagalog

Kashuma Aramaic

Kasia Greek, Hebrew, Korean

Kasija Slovenian

Kasiya Bulgarian

Kasja Polish

Kas Kas Malay

Kaskasaa Dhivehi

Kaskasu Malayalam

Kaslók Hungarian

Kasmiri jira Bengali

Kasoor methi Hindi

Kasshia Japanese

Kassía Icelandic

Kassia Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Norwegian, Old Greek, Swedish

Kassiakaneli Finnish

Kassie Dutch

Kasszia Hungarian

Kaštan bělavý Czech

Kasuri methi Urdu

Kataja Finnish

Katajanmarja Finnish

Katbadam Bengali

(Ka tepus) Malay

Kathal Hindi

Kathit-pyu Burmese

Kathmir Gujarati

Katiam Lao

Katiem Thai

Katkeratatar Finnish

Katneem Hindi

Katrinika Bulgarian

Kattelam Malayalam

Katu yelam Tamil

(Kavunu, ağaç) Turkish

Kawan Lao

Kayam Malayalam

Kayang Thai

Kayānghan Tangkhul

Kayetana Tagalog

Kayimunchi Tulu

Kayu lemah Indonesian

Kayu manis Indonesian, Malay

Kayu manis Cina Indonesian

Kayu manis Padang Indonesian, Malay

Kayu sekatok Malay

Kazanlikishe royz Yiddish

Kcu Pghpegh Armenian

Kearitaso Japanese

Kebabe Turkish

Kebabiye biber Turkish

Kebebe Yiddish

Kebere Turkish

Kedar Oriya

(Kedawak) Malay

Kedia Hebrew

Kedige Kannada

Kedris Old Greek

(Kedromelon) Old Greek

Kefrios Coptic

Kegad Marathi

Keihi Japanese

Keipa Japanese

Keipeo Korean

Keipo Korean

Keishi Japanese

Kekeş Turkish

Ke ke ye zi Mandarin

Kekiği, İzmir Turkish

Kekik, esas Turkish

(Kekik, kara) Turkish

Kekik otu Turkish

Kekikotu Turkish

Kekikotu Turkish

Kekik otu Turkish

Kekikotu Turkish

Kekinis pimentas Lithuanian

Keklik otu Turkish

Kəklikotu Azeri

Kəkotu Azeri

Kelabat Indonesian

Kelabet Indonesian, Malay

Kelapa Indonesian, Malay

Kelat samak Malay

Keltajuuri Finnish

Keltasinappi Finnish

Kemangi Malay

(Kemangi hutan) Indonesian

Kembang lawang Indonesian

Kembang pala Malay

Kembang pekak Indonesian

Kembang seriawan Indonesian

Këmbësorrë Albanian

Keménymag Hungarian

Kemlhey Yiddish

Kemnon Turkish

Kemukus Malay

Kemun Amharic

Kenchoru Japanese

Kencur Indonesian

Kenda Marathi

Kentior Polish

Kentjoer Dutch

Kenyie Angami

Keokyumeo jedo Korean

Keolkuma Korean

Keomin Korean

Keong Chinese

Keora Bengali, Hindi, Urdu

Keori Korean

Keori ripu Korean

Kepaløk Norwegian

(Kepillaga) Indonesian

(Kepulaga) Malay

Kerada Nepali

Kerbel German

Kerbel, spanischer German

Kerblík třebule Czech

K’erefa Amharic

Kereviz Turkish

Kərəviz Azeri

Kereviz, div Bulgarian

Kerevizi, yaban Turkish

Kerevizi, yabanî Turkish

Kerfee Arabic

Kerfes Turkish

Kerfill Icelandic

Kerkoom Armenian

Kerkum Armenian

Kermangi Indonesian

Kerriebladeren Dutch

Kerti bazsalikom Hungarian

Kerti katicavirág Hungarian

Kerti mák Hungarian

Kerti mustár Hungarian

Kerti ruta Hungarian

Kerti sarkantyúka Hungarian

Kerti zsázsa Hungarian

Kerupulai Malay

Kervel’ Russian

Kervel’, muskatnyj Russian

Kervel, roomse Dutch

Kervel, vaste Dutch

Kervl Yiddish

Kesäkynteli Finnish

Kesar Dogri, Hindi, Manipuri, Nepali, Newari

Kesara Oriya

Kesari Tulu

Keserű mandula Hungarian

Keserű narancs Hungarian

Keshar Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi

Keshi Japanese

Keşniş Azeri

Kesum Malay

Kesumba Indonesian

Kesumphiu Burmese

Kesuna Indonesian

Kesunni Burmese

Ketak Gujarati

Ketaka Sanskrit

Ketakai Tamil

Ketake Kannada

Ketaki Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu

Ketakiphul Assamese

Keteki Assamese, Manipuri

Ketekiphul Assamese

Keteltenga Angami, Lotha

Ketoembar Dutch

Ketuki Manipuri

Ketumbar Indonesian, Malay

Ketumbar Jawa Malay

(Keturbriaunis čiobrelis) Lithuanian

Ketzah Hebrew

Keukentijm Dutch

Keura Marathi, Newari

Keuschlamm German

Kevara Urdu

Kevü Angami

Kewda Dogri, Hindi, Marathi

Kewoda Gujarati

Kewra Dogri, Hindi, Marathi

Kewrerima Amharic

Key, Chinese English

Keya Bengali

K’ey Shinkurt Amharic

Khaa Lao, Thai

Khaa ban Lao

Khaa daeng Lao

Khaa khom Lao

(Khaa-ling) Thai

Khaa lueang Lao

Khaa nyai Lao

Khaa pa Lao

Kha-che kye Tibetan

Khae Lao

Khae hom Lao

Khakhvi Georgian

Kham Lao, Thai

Khamfoi Thai

Khamin Lao

Kha min Thai

Kha min chan Thai

Kha min hua khun Thai

Kha min khao Thai

Kha min kuen Thai

Kha min luang Thai

Kha min oi Thai

Kham ngo Thai

Kham nhong Lao

Kham saet Thai

Kham thai Thai

Kham yong Thai

Khan pluu Khmer

Khaotong Thai

Khardal Arabic

Khardal abyad Arabic

Khardal asfur Arabic

Khardal aswad Arabic

Khardel Farsi

Khardel sefid Farsi

Khardel siyah Farsi

(Khashir) Arabic

Khashkhash Arabic, Kashmiri

Khash-khash Farsi, Urdu

Khas-khas Dogri, Hindi

Khaskhas Dogri, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi

Khas-Khas Marathi

Khata kamala Oriya

Kha ton Lao

Khaulan Coptic

Khautong Lao

Khawmhma Mizo

Khawuan Lao

Khayaeng Lao

Khayang Thai

Khchiey Khmer

Khekho Georgian

(Khen) Lao

(Khen khu) Lao

(Khen ton) Lao

Khi be Lao

Khilbe Yiddish

Khimin Lao

Khi min khay Lao

Khi min khun Lao

Khi mu Lao

Khing Lao, Thai

Khing-daen Thai

Khingsai khingkaeng Thai

Khinji Georgian

Khlam puu Khmer

Khnehey Khmer

Khngeni Armenian

Khngooni Armenian

Khnhei phlung Khmer

Khokhnata Georgian

(Khole sag) Nepali

Khondari Georgian

Khondari Georgian

Khopra Kashmiri

Khorsani Nepali

Khoshkhoshi Georgian

(Khouan) Lao

Khouttyujniya serdtselistaya Russian

Khren Belarusian, Russian

Khren, iaponski Belarusian

Khren, yaponskij Russian

Khreyn Yiddish

Khrin zvichajnyj Ukrainian

Khrin zvychajnyj Ukrainian

Khryan Bulgarian

Khtim kraham Khmer

Khtim slek Khmer

Khtoma Georgian

Khuen chai Thai

Khuen chai farang Thai

Khulanjan Arabic

Khuong hoang Vietnamese

Khushbodar Urdu

Khushbo’y shivid Uzbek

(Khushkhosh) Yiddish

Khuzaama Arabic

Khvojna Bulgarian

Khyen-seing Burmese

Khyuma Tibetan

Kia Oriya

Ki amis Indonesian

Kiari Hindi

Kibana-oranda-senniti Japanese

Kibe paprika Estonian

Kibuvits Estonian

Kicchilipandu Telugu

Kidati-yomogi Japanese

(Kietis, kartusis) Lithuanian

Kietis, vaistinis Lithuanian

Kignen Breton

Kignen-an-arzhed Breton

Kihaaku Dhivehi

Kiik ot Kazakh

Kiişöp Kazakh

(Kijitu) Japanese

(Kikoku) Japanese

Kili French

Kim Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian

Kima, crnog Croatian

Kimel Hebrew, Macedonian

Ķimenes Latvian

Kimino Greek

Kimion Bulgarian

Kimion italianski Bulgarian

Kimion rimski Bulgarian

Kiml Yiddish

Kimlgroz Yiddish

Kimmel Hebrew

Kimon Armenian

Kimyon Turkish

Kimyon, siyah Turkish

Kimyonu, acem Turkish

Kimyonu, frenk Turkish

Kimyonu, karaman Turkish

Kinabasuzushiro Japanese

Kínai ánizs Hungarian

Kínai bazsalikom Hungarian

Kínai bors Hungarian

Kínai fahéj Hungarian

Kínai gyömbér Hungarian

Kinamom Armenian

Kinamon Hebrew

Kinchay Tagalog

Kindsi Georgian

Kindzae Ossetian

Kinesisk Kanel Danish

Kinesisk Mynte Danish

Kineski, cimet Serbian

Kineski cimet Croatian

Kineszike piperoriza Greek

Kinh gioi dat Vietnamese

Kinia-saenggang Korean

Kinijos anyžius Lithuanian

Kininis cinamonas Lithuanian

Kiniškas imbieras Lithuanian

Kinj Armenian

Kinji Georgian

Kinnamomom Old Greek

Kinome Japanese

Kinrenka Japanese

Kintsay Tagalog

Kinza Russian

Kinzas Latvian

Kio kau Hmong

Kiora Punjabi

Ķiploki Latvian

Kirburohi, mõru Estonian

Kirchenseppl German

Kirfa Hausa

Kırmızı biber Turkish

Kırsafranı Turkish

Kirsche, Mahaleb- German

Kirsche, türkische German

Kirshnan Sanskrit

Kirsipuu, lõhnav Estonian

Kirveli Finnish

Kisar Urdu

Kishnets Russian

Kishniz Urdu

Kisibiti Swahili

Kisibiti Swahili

Kišnec Serbian

Kişnic Turkish

Kişniş Turkish

(Kissi, poivre du) French

Kissipfeffer German

Kitajski piper Bulgarian

(Kitri) Coptic

(Kitria) Greek

Kitrinoriza Greek

(Kitrion) Old Greek

(Kitro) Greek

(Kitrolemono) Greek

Kitron Armenian

Kitronaxot Armenian

(Kitronella) Greek

Kittale Kannada

Kitunguu Swahili

(Kitunguu kidogo sana) Swahili

Kitunguu saumu Swahili

Kiura Urdu

Kiya Oriya

Kiyewil Kazakh

Kjørvel Norwegian

Kkae Korean

Kkae-ggocch Korean

Kkaessi Korean

Klabat Indonesian

Kłącze kurkumy Polish

Klapperkruid Dutch

Klaver, zevenjaargetijden Dutch

Klee, Bockshorn- German

Klee, Brot- German

Klee, Schabzieger- German

Kleiner Galgant German

Kleka Serbian

Klekovača Macedonian

Klettasalat Icelandic

Klin Maltese

Klinček Slovak

Klinčevec, dišeči Slovenian

Klinčić Croatian, Serbian

Klinčić plod Serbian

Klinčki Slovenian

(Klöben) German

Kloeftsvoeb Danish

Klopovnik posevnoj Russian

Kmen, indyjski Belarusian

Kmen, rymski Belarusian

Kmín Czech

Kmin Russian

Kmin Slovak

Kmín, černý Czech

Kmín, římský Czech

Kminek Polish

Kminek koptyjski Polish

Kminek zwyczajny Polish

Kminik Yiddish

Kmín luční Czech

Kmin rzymski Polish

Kmin tminovyj Russian

Kmyn Ukrainian

Kmynas Lithuanian

Kmynas, indiškas Lithuanian

Kmynas, paprastasis Lithuanian

Kmyninis kuminai Lithuanian

Kmyn zwychajnyj Ukrainian

Knekos Old Greek

Knikion Old Greek

Knikos Greek

Knobl Yiddish

Knoblauch German

Knoflook Dutch

Knoflook, wilde Dutch

Knotted marjoram English

Knyflok Frisian

Kobab-chini Bengali

Kobbari Kannada

Kobbarikaya Telugu

Kobra Hindi

Kobumikan Japanese

Kocha Georgian

Kochapghpegh Armenian

(Kochi Miris) Sinhala

Kochu Korean

Kochu-naengi Korean

Koele Dutch

Koendoro Japanese

Koenir Dutch

Koenjit Dutch

Koganos Coptic

Koino piperi Greek

(Koirohi) Estonian

Kokas Amharic

Kokilakshmu Telugu

Kokkophoinika Greek

Kok mak kham Lao

Kok mak khi hout Lao

(Kok mak ma) Lao

Kok mak phao Lao

Kok mak phi la Lao

Köknär Kazakh

Koko Basque, Breton

Kokonet Amharic

Kokořík vonný Czech

Kokos Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, German, Mongolian, Russian, Serbian, Swedish, Turkmen, Uzbek, Yiddish

Kokosa Slovenian

Kokosas, riešutinis Lithuanian

Kókoshneta Icelandic

Kokosnjak Serbian

Kokosnød Danish

Kokosnoot Dutch

Kokosnöt Swedish

Kokosnus Yiddish

Kokosnuß German

Kokosnút Frisian

Kokoso Esperanto

Kokosova palma Slovenian

Kokosov orah Serbian

Kokosovyj orjekh Russian

Kokosový ořech Czech

Kokosový orech Slovak

Kokos-palma Serbian

Kokosu Korean

Kokoyaja Korean

Kokoyashi Japanese

Kokronoto Sranan

Kökü, safran Turkish

Kokulu yonca Turkish

Kokus Hebrew

Kókuszdió Hungarian

Kokyumo jedo Korean

Koldpuu Estonian

Kolendra siewna Polish

Koliandro Greek

Kolianthro Greek

Koliantros Greek

Kolinja Gujarati

Kolkuma Korean

Kollajuur, lõhnav Estonian

Kölle German

(Koloskovyj perets) Russian

Koma koma Malay

Komalalebu Bengali

Komamanga Swahili

Komarček, sladki Slovenian

Kombaava Estonian

Kömény Hungarian

Kömény, egyiptomi Hungarian

Kömény, római Hungarian

Köménymag Hungarian

Komijn Dutch

Komijn, zwarte Dutch

Komila Garo

Komin Korean

Komino Basque

Komkommerkruid Dutch

Komla Apatani, Bengali, Manipuri, Mao, Tangkhul

Kommen Danish

Kommen, sort Danish

Komobiton Coptic

Komola Assamese, Chakma

Komorač Croatian, Serbian

Komosa piżmowa Polish

Kompa Korean

Kondari Georgian

Kondari Georgian

Kon-gang Korean

Kongaram Tamil

Königskraut German

Königskümmel German

Konile Old Greek

Koningskruid Dutch

Konjed Farsi

Konjeda Serbian

Konofló Papiamento

Konoflok Papiamento

Konopice Albanian

Konopljika Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian

Konopljika, navadna Slovenian

Konyhakömény Hungarian

Kookospähkinä Finnish

Kookospalm Estonian

Köömen, harilik Estonian

Köömen, juustu- Estonian

Köömen, must- Estonian

Köömen, vürts- Estonian

Kopar Croatian, Serbian

Koper Slovenian, Ukrainian, Yiddish

Kopër Albanian

Kopër Albanian

Koper, italienisher Yiddish

Kopër Greqie Albanian

Koper ogrodowy Polish

Koper włoski Polish

Kophyang-namu Korean

Kôpor Slovak

Kôpor voňavý Slovak

Kopr Czech, Slovak

Kopr, římský Czech

Kopr, sladký Czech

Kopr, vlašský Czech

Kopra Albanian, Macedonian

Kopr vonný Czech

Koptilainen kumina Finnish

Kopur Bulgarian

Koranit Hebrew

Korarima Amharic

Koren, sladki Slovenian

Koren, slatki Serbian

Kořen, žlutý Czech

Korenie, sečuánske Slovak

Korenie Maggi Slovak

Koření sumac Czech

Koren’ kurkumy Russian

Koren solodki Russian

Kori Korean

Koriaendeo Korean

Korianda Japanese

Koriandeo Korean

Kóríander Icelandic

Koriander Albanian, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Yiddish

Koriander, hosszú Hungarian

Koriander, langer German

Koriander, mexicanischer German

Koriander, mexikói Hungarian

Koriander, Puerto Ricó-i Hungarian

Koriander, vietnamesischer German

Koriander, Vietnamesisk Danish

Koriander dlhý Slovak

Koriandër e kultivuar Albanian

Koriander siaty Slovak

Koriandr Russian, Uzbek

Koriandrez Breton

Koriandro Esperanto

Koriandr posyvnyj Ukrainian

Koriandrs Latvian

Koriandr setý Czech

Koriandur Bulgarian

Koriannon Old Greek

Korianteri Finnish

Koriantro Greek

Korichnoje derevo Russian

Koriendeo Korean

Korijandar Croatian, Serbian

Korijander Macedonian

Korijen, sladki Croatian

Korion Old Greek

Koristekrassi Finnish

Koritsa Russian

Koritsa, malabarskaya Russian

Koritsa, tsejlonskaya Russian

Koritsa, v’etnamskaya Russian

Koromač Croatian

Korong Chakhesang-Chokri

Kortam Turkish

Koruha Japanese

Körvel Swedish

Kørvel Danish

Körvel, spansk Swedish

Kørvel, spansk Danish

Kõrvits Estonian

Korytsya Ukrainian

Korzeń lukrecji Polish

Korzennik lekarski Polish

Kosho Japanese

Koshoso Japanese

Koshtkulinjan Marathi

Kosiisii Mao

Kostets German

Kosu Korean

Kosu-pul Korean

Kot chian Thai

Kot chulalampha Thai

Kotem Armenian

Kothamali Tamil

Kothamalli Malayalam

Kothamir Urdu

Kothampal Malayalam

Kothanbiri Dhivehi

Kothimbir Marathi

Kotikataja Finnish

Kotimer Telugu

Kotimir Telugu

Kottamali Tamil

Kottamalli Sinhala

Kottambari Tulu

Kottampalari Malayalam

Kotthamal Malayalam

Kottmbari Kannada

Koubeba Greek

Koumin Breton

Kourkoumas Greek

Kourkoumi Greek

Kousui-hakka Japanese

Kova ha-nazir Hebrew

Kovan otu Turkish

Köynnöskrassi Finnish

Kozieradka błękitna Polish

Kozieradka pospolita Polish

Közönséges bazsalikom Hungarian

Közönséges torma Hungarian

Kpete Ga-Dangme

Krabu Sinhala

Kra chai Thai

Krafes Maltese

Krako sbat Khmer

Kram Coptic

Kram Coptic

Krambu Kannada, Tamil

Krampkruid Dutch

Kranawitt German

Kraoñ-kokoz Breton

Kraoñ-muskadez Breton

Krapai Lithuanian

Krapai, paprastasis Lithuanian

(Kraški šetraj) Slovenian

Krasolya velyka Ukrainian

Krassesläktet Finnish

(Krasta) Albanian

Krasuljica Croatian, Serbian

Krasulke Yiddish

Krathiam Thai

Kraunch soeuth Khmer

Kravs Aramaic

(Krawaan khaao) Thai

(Krawan khaao) Thai

Krawan-thet Thai

Krawyah Hebrew

Krbulica Macedonian

Krbuljica Croatian, Serbian

Krdamon Amharic

Krebuljica, vrtna Slovenian

Krecava salata Serbian

Kreeka lambalääts Estonian

(Kreko krervanh) Khmer

Kremmidi Greek

Křen Czech

Kren German

Kren, japanischer German

Křen, zelený Japonský Czech

Kreno Esperanto

Kreno, japana Esperanto

Křen selský Czech

Kres Yiddish

Kreša Macedonian

Kreša, vodna Slovenian

Kreša, vrtna Slovenian

Krese Latvian

Krese, avotu Latvian

Kreso, ĝardena Esperanto

Kreson Bulgarian

Kress, kaputsin- Russian

Kress, maslyanyj Russian

Kres salat Ukrainian

Kressalāti Latvian

Kress brazil’skij Russian

Kresse German

Kresse, Brunnen- German

Kresse, indische German

Kresse, Para- German

Kress-salat Russian

Kress vodyanoj Russian

Kreuzkümmel German

Kreuzkümmel, schwarzer German

Kreuzkümmel, weißer German

(Krewanh) Khmer

Krienas Lithuanian

K’rinfud Amharic

Krip Ukrainian, Yiddish

Krip zapashnyj Ukrainian

Krishnadi Sanskrit

Krishna jiira Sanskrit

(Krishnamula) Sanskrit

Krokos Greek

Krokosz barwierski Polish

Krokus Ukrainian

Krokus uprawny Polish

Kromač, dišeči Slovenian

Kromid Bulgarian, Macedonian

(Kromitče) Macedonian

(Krommyon to schiston) Old Greek

Kromyon Old Greek

Kronto Sranan

Krookus Estonian

Krop Belarusian, Yiddish

(Kroyzmints) Yiddish

(Krški vrisak) Croatian

Krstovnik Serbian

Kruidnagel Dutch

(Kruipende tijm) Dutch

Krulpeterselie Dutch

Krušina Croatian

Krustnagliņas Latvian

Kruvipuu Estonian

Kruvipuu Estonian

Kruv shahor Hebrew

Kryddernellike Danish

Kryddkrassing Swedish

Kryddmæra Icelandic

Kryddnejlikor Swedish

Kryddpeppar Swedish

Kryddsalvia Swedish

(Kryptimian) Norwegian

Ksüloopia, etioopia Estonian

Kuab nphaj ntswg Hmong

(Ku ai) Mandarin

Ku ai Mandarin

Kubabah Farsi

Kübabe Turkish

Kubeba Bulgarian, Japanese, Russian

Kubéba Slovak

Kubéba bors Hungarian

Kubebapeppar Swedish

Kubebenpfeffer German

(Kubebenpfeffer, falscher) German

Kubebos pipirai Lithuanian

Kubebu Japanese

Kubeebapipar Estonian

Kubepu Korean

Kucai Malay

Küçük Hindistan cevizi Turkish

Kudhumani Swahili

Kuei tsin Mandarin

Kuel skey Khmer

Kui chai farang Thai

Kuisboom Dutch

Kukhi taj Nepali

Kukku Tulu

(Kukuabe) Ewe

Kukulhu faiypilaa Dhivehi

Kukuma Oriya

Kukun Dhivehi

Kulaap-mon Thai

Kulanja Sanskrit

Kulanjam Urdu

Kulap Lao

Kulinaval Tamil

Kulingan Aramaic

Kulinjan Hindi, Nepali

Kulit manis Indonesian

Kulit manis Cina Indonesian

Kulit manis Padang Indonesian

Kullobu Korean

Kuma-kuma Indonesian

Kumaru Japanese

Kumba perets Russian

Kúmen Icelandic

Kumidin Aramaic

Kumin Croatian, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Serbian

Kumin, crni Croatian

Kumin, divlji Serbian

Kumina Finnish, Slovenian

Kumina Finnish, Slovenian

Kumina, koptilainen Finnish

Kumina, navadna Slovenian

Kumina, orientalske Slovenian

Kumina, zamorska Slovenian

Kuminai Lithuanian

Kuming Mandarin

Kuminmag Hungarian

Kumino Esperanto

Kumino, nigra Esperanto

Kumkuma Sanskrit

Kumla Rongmei

Kümmel German

Kümmel, indischer German

Kümmel, Königs- German

Kümmel, Kreuz- German

Kümmel, Kreuz- (schwarzer) German

Kümmel, römischer German

Kümmel, Schwarz- German

Kümmel, Wiesen- German

Kummin Icelandic

Kummin Swedish

Kummin, romersk Swedish

Kummin, vit Swedish

Kuna Chakhesang-Chokri

Kun cai Chinese

Kunchor Malay

(Kunci pepet) Indonesian

Küncüt Azeri

Kundadag-naengi Korean

K’undo berbere Amharic

Kung Norwegian

Kungkum Assamese

Kung-kum Nepali

Kungsmynta Swedish

Kungulli Albanian

Kungumanga Swahili

Kungumappu Tamil

Kungumapu Malayalam, Tamil

Kunir Indonesian

(Kunir putih) Indonesian

Kunir putih Indonesian

Künji Turkmen

Künjit Kazakh

Kunjut Uzbek

Kunjuti Georgian

Kunkum Assamese, Tibetan

Kunkumada gida Kannada

Kunkuma kesari Kannada

Kunkumampu Malayalam

Kunkumapuvvu Telugu

Kunne Dutch

Kunofroku Sranan

Kunyit Indonesian

Kunyit basah Malay

Kunyit kering Indonesian

(Kunyit putih) Malay

Kunzhit Yiddish

Kunzhut Russian

Kunžut Belarusian

Kunžuut Estonian

Kupiena lekarstvennaya Russian

Kuraesson Korean

Kuraessong Korean

Kurangumannyalu Malayalam

Kurgirohi Estonian

Kurisuma-beri Japanese

Kurkam Aramaic

Kurkkuyrtti Finnish

Kurkubeto Esperanto

Kurkubo Esperanto

Kurkum Arabic, Estonian, Hebrew

Kurkum Pahlavi

Kurkuma Belarusian, Breton, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Mongolian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian

Kurkuma zedoarskaya Ukrainian

Kurkume Yiddish

Kurkumo Esperanto

Kurkumovník zedoárový Czech

Kurkumy, kłącze Polish

Kurobu Japanese

Kuro-garashi Japanese

Kurtam Hebrew

Kurthike Kannada

Kurtum Turkish

Kurumulagu Malayalam

Kurunbaa Dhivehi

Kurundu Sinhala

Kusam Hindi, Punjabi

Kusbar Hebrew

Kusbarah Arabic

(Kuşburnu) Turkish

Kuşdili Turkish

Kusillipia Korean

Kustarnikovaya polyn’ Russian

Kustumburi Sanskrit

Kustumburu Telugu

Kusube Kannada

Kusum Nepali

Kusuma Oriya, Tibetan

Kusumba Tamil, Urdu

Kusumba pushpamu Telugu

Kusumbha Sanskrit

Kusumbham Malayalam

Kusumbo Gujarati

Kusum phul Newari

Kusumphul Assamese

Kusum-phul Bengali

Kuş yemi Turkish

Kuttelkraut German

Küüslauk Estonian

Ku xing ren Mandarin

Kuyruklu biber Turkish

Kuzbar Aramaic

Kuzbara Aramaic

Kuzbarah Arabic

Kuzhinaval Tamil

Kvapioji citrinmirtė Lithuanian

Kvapioji ferula Lithuanian

Kvapioji garduoklė Lithuanian

Kvapioji murėja Lithuanian

Kvapioji pelkenė Lithuanian

Kvapioji tongapupė Lithuanian

Kvapioji vanilė Lithuanian

Kvapioji vyšnia Lithuanian

Kvapioji zunda Lithuanian

Kvapusis bazilikas Lithuanian

Kvapusis čilmedis Lithuanian

Kvapusis gvazdikmedis Lithuanian

Kvapusis imbierutis Lithuanian

Kvapusis mairūnas Lithuanian

Kvapusis muskatmedis Lithuanian

Kvapusis pandanas Lithuanian

Kvapusis rozmarinas Lithuanian

Kvav Aramaic

Kviteli-kvavili Georgian

Kvliavi Georgian

(Kwendel) Dutch

Kya-gogap Dzongkha

Kyarawei Japanese

Kyaung-thwe Burmese

Kye Korean

Kyepi Korean

Kyet-thun-ni Burmese

Kyminon Old Greek

Kyndel Swedish

Kyojagwa Korean

Kyo-jamu Korean

Kyoja-naengi Korean

Kyselý lajm Slovak

Kyskhedstræ Danish

Kyubebu Korean

Kyul-lamu Korean

Kyummel’ Russian


Laaht gan Cantonese

Laaht jiu Cantonese

Laakerilehti Finnish

Laakerinlehti Finnish

Laakeripuu Finnish

Laak saa yihp Cantonese

(La-ana) Hebrew

Labanga Oriya

Labha Newari

Labhandar Irish

Labhras Gaelic, Irish

Läbik Turkmen

La ca ri Vietnamese

Lada Malay

Lada berekur Malay

Lada hijau Malay

Lada hitam Malay

Lada merah Malay

Ladan Farsi

(Lada panjang) Indonesian

Lada putih Malay

Ladar Kashmiri

Lad’s Love English

La dua Vietnamese

Lafand Arabic

Lafant Welsh

La gen Mandarin

Lager Swedish

Lagerbärsblad Swedish

Lagrits Estonian

Lagritsa-magusjuur Estonian

Lahsun Urdu

La huong thao Vietnamese

Läikiv peiulill Estonian

Laim Greek, Hebrew

Laimai Lithuanian

Laimas, swing Lithuanian

Lai meng Mandarin

Laimilehed, kaffir Estonian

Lai mu Mandarin

Laiplai Thai

Laiškinis česnakas Lithuanian

La jiao Mandarin

Lajm Russian, Serbian

Lajm nastoyaschij Russian

Lakhod Garos Armenian

Lakko sompu Kannada

Lakkrís Icelandic

Lakrets Yiddish

Lakrica Latvian

Lakrichnik Russian

Lakrids Danish

Lakridsplante Danish

Lakrisrot Norwegian

Lakrits Swedish

Lakritsa Russian

Lakritsi Finnish

Lakritsikasvi Finnish

Lakritze German

Lakryčnik Belarusian

Laksa plant English

Lakši Latvian

Laksis Latvian

La-la phuda Tibetan

Läle Turkmen

La liao Mandarin

Lal marchya Gujarati

Lal mirc Urdu

Lal Mirch Punjabi

Lal mirch Dogri, Hindi, Urdu

Lal mirchya Marathi

Lal sarsu Hindi

Lămâi Romanian

Lămâie Romanian

Lămâie verde Romanian

Lămâi mexican Romanian

Lămâi mici Romanian

Lămâiţă Romanian

Lambalaääts, sinine Estonian

Lambalääts, kreeka Estonian

Lambalääts, põld- Estonian

Lam chiak Thai

Lamiet Khmer

Lampaka Tagalog

(Lampes) Indonesian

Lan Bodo

Lana Urdu

(Lana) Hebrew

(Lana) Aramaic

Landloeber Danish

Lan fu mu Mandarin

Lang Chakma, Maithili

Langer fefer Yiddish

Langer Koriander German

Langer Pfeffer German

Langkwas Malay

Långpeppar Swedish

Languas galanga bot.

La nguyet que Vietnamese

Langvang Newari

Langvas Slovenian

Langwerpige peper Dutch

Lanka Oriya

Lankamaricha Oriya

(Lanksčioji) Lithuanian

Laos Indonesian

Lap seuhn geung Cantonese

Lapu kārvele Latvian

Lapush Albanian

La que Vietnamese

(Larando) Basque

Laranja Basque, Portuguese

(Laranja-amarga) Portuguese

(Laranja-azeda) Portuguese

Laranja-doce Portuguese

Larë Albanian

Lärilik meliïssa Kazakh

Larinġ Maltese

Lárviðarlauf Icelandic

Lárviður Icelandic

Lasan Gujarati, Punjabi

Laser Parthicum Latin

Laserpitium Latin

La sha ye Mandarin

Lashun Hindi

Lashuna Kannada, Sanskrit

Lasun Apatani, Maithili, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi

Lasüng Ao

Lat Coptic

La tia to Vietnamese

Lâtin çiçeği Turkish

Latinka Bulgarian

Latka Bengali

Lato ghans Nepali

Latyrpad Khasi

Lauh leih geuih Cantonese

Laukinis citirinmedis Lithuanian

Laukur Icelandic

(Laun) Burmese

Laung Dogri, Hindi, Punjabi

Laur Belarusian

Laurai Lithuanian

Laurbær Danish

Laurbærblad Norwegian

Laurbærblad, Indisk Danish

Laurbærblad, indonesisk Danish

Laurel English, Spanish

Laurié Provencal

Laurier Dutch, French

Laurierblad, Indonesisch Dutch

Laurier des Indes French

Laurier noble French

Laŭro Esperanto

Lauro d’indonesia Italian

Laŭrofolio Esperanto

Lauro Indiano Italian

Lauro lapai Latvian

Lauro lapai, indiški Lithuanian

Laurovy list Belarusian

Laurovy list, indanezijski Belarusian

Laurų lapeliai Lithuanian

Laurus Latin

Laurus nobilis bot.

Lausié Provencal

Lava Newari

Lavand Breton

Lavanda Albanian, Azeri, Belarusian, Galician, Georgian, Italian, Macedonian, Mongolian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Ukrainian

Lavanda, ljekovita Croatian

Lavanda, šaurlapu Latvian

Lavande French

Lavandīna Latvian

Lavando Provencal

Lavandra Maltese

Lavandula Bulgarian, Macedonian

Lavandula angustifolia bot.

Lavandula officinalis bot.

Lavanga Kannada, Sanskrit

Lavangalu Telugu

Lavangamu Telugu

Lavangapatta Kannada

Lavanga pattai Tamil

Lavangappatta Malayalam

Lavango Tulu

Lavani Swahili

Lavânta çiçeği Turkish

Lavas Dutch

Lavendel Danish, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Swedish

Lavender English, Hebrew

Lavendin Slovenian

Lavendl Yiddish

Lavendo Esperanto

Lavor Macedonian

Lavorov list Macedonian

Lavorovo drvo Macedonian

Lavr Russian, Ukrainian

Lavr amerikanskij Russian

Lavr barg Uzbek

Lavrovo durvo Bulgarian

Lavrovo durvo, Amerikansko Bulgarian

Lavrovyj list Russian

Lavrovyj list, Indonezijskij Russian

Lavryn navch Mongolian

Lavu Newari

Lawenda wąskolistna Polish

Lawendeor Thai

Lawng par Mizo

Lawz Arabic

Lawzah Arabic

(Lawz hulwa) Arabic

(Lawz murr) Arabic

Laxot Karos Armenian

Lay-hnyin Burmese

Laym Hebrew, Yiddish

Lažni poper Slovenian

Lebu Bengali, Bodo, Hmar

Leeskputk, harilik Estonian

Legústico Galician

Leishabi Manipuri

Lékořice Czech

Leman Sinhala

Leman gras Bengali

Leman mint Malayalam

Lembo Santali

Lembu Oriya

Lemin Tigrinya

Lemin Tigrinya

Lemn dulce Romanian

Lemnul Domnului Romanian

Lemnul lui Avram Romanian

Lemon Arabic, Bengali, English

Lemon balm English

Lemongras German

Lemon grass English

Lemoni Greek

Lemon ironwood English

Lemon myrtle English

Lemonochorto Greek

Lemon-pepper, Indonesian English

Lemon-scented myrtle English

Lemon-scented verbena English

Lemon verbena English

Lemtyi Sranan

Lemu Hausa

(Lemun adalya barnati) Arabic

Lemwn Welsh

Lengkuas Malay

(Lengo) Chakhesang-Chokri

Lengoewas Dutch

Lepidion Old Greek

Lepidium sativum bot.

Lepido Spanish

Lepiodka pospolita Polish

Lesser galangale English

Lesser ginger English

Lestyán Hungarian

Leuhng geung Cantonese

(Leuhng mihn chi) Cantonese

Leurdă Romanian

Leuştean Romanian

Leuşzean Romanian

Levanda, tikroji Lithuanian

Levanduľa Slovak

Levanduľa úzkolistá Slovak

Levandule Czech

Levandule lekařská Czech

Levanta Greek

Levănţică Romanian

Levasticum Latin

Levendula Hungarian

Levistico Italian

Levístico Galician, Portuguese

Levisticum Latin

Levisticum officinale bot.

Levistiko Esperanto

Lëvore nerënxe Albanian

Levurda Bulgarian

Lewż Maltese

Ley nyim bwint Burmese

Lia Indonesian

Liang jiang Mandarin

(Liang mian zhen) Mandarin

Liath lus Gaelic

Libatop Hungarian

Libeček Czech

Libeček lékařský Czech

Libsticka Swedish

Libuntish Aramaic

Libustiqon Aramaic

Lichořeřišnice větší Czech

Licorice English

Liebstöckel German

Ligagria Greek

Ligurček Slovak

Ligurček lekársky Slovak

Ligurčekové semeno Slovak

Ligústico Spanish

Ligustico Italian

Ligusticum Latin

Ligustikon Old Greek

Liivatee Estonian

Lila Alchi Gujarati

Lila marchya Gujarati

Lille Galanga Danish

Lily, resurrection English

Lima Basque, Italian, Polish, Spanish

Limă Romanian

Lima âcida Portuguese

Lima cafre Portuguese

Lima comum Portuguese

Limão Portuguese

Limão gelego Portuguese

Limau Malay, Swahili

(Limau kesturi) Malay

Limau kesturi Malay

Limau nipis Malay

Limau purut Malay

Limb Kashmiri

Limba mielului Romanian

Limbe Kannada

Limbeputi Tulu

Limbu Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi

Lime Danish, English, Hungarian, Swedish

Lime, wild English

Limene Yiddish

Limene, grine Yiddish

Limeo Esperanto

Limetă Romanian

Limeta Croatian, Czech, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovak

Limetez Breton

Limeti Amharic

Limetka Polish

Limetta Italian

Limette French, German

Limette acide French

Limetti Finnish

Limetti Finnish

Limettier French

Limettier hérissé French

Limnofila, aromatna Bulgarian

Limnofila pachnąca Polish

Limnophila aromatica bot.

Limo Latin

Limoe bedarr Basque

Limoen Dutch

Limoenkruid Dutch

Limoi Basque

Limón Spanish

Limon Arabic, Azeri, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Russian, Turkish, Turkmen, Uzbek

Limon French

(Limon, sladkij) Russian

Limon, tatlı Turkish

Límóna Icelandic

Limona Slovenian

Limón agria Spanish

Limondo Basque

Limone Amharic, Italian

Limone German

Limoneta Portuguese

Limon gras Hebrew

Limoni Albanian, Georgian

Limoni tesak Armenian

Limonit rehanit Hebrew

Limón mirto Spanish

Limon nanesi Turkish

Limonnik Russian

Limonnoe sorgo Russian

Limonondo Basque

Limon o’t Uzbek

Limon otu Turkish

Limonotu Turkish

Limonova treva Bulgarian

Limonska trava Slovenian

Limoo Farsi

Limoo Farsi

Limou Farsi

Limou khagi Farsi

Limou torsh Farsi

Limu Tajik

Limun Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Urdu

Limunka Serbian

Limun-sporiš, zeleni Croatian

Limun trava Serbian

Limun verbena Serbian

Linga Tagalog

Ling ling xiang dou Mandarin

Liocras Irish

Líoma Irish

Liomaid Gaelic

Liomaid uaine Gaelic

Líomóid Irish

Liperi Finnish

Lipia limonit Hebrew

Lippia Finnish

Lippia citriodora bot.

Lippia trójlistna Polish

Lipstick tree English

Lipstikka Finnish

Liquiritiae radix pharm.

Liquirizia Italian

Liquorice English

Lisaan Athaur Arabic

Lisac Serbian

Liść laurowy Polish

Lishi Dzongkha, Tibetan

Lish tsetsgijn chinzhüü Mongolian

Lista ot kuri Bulgarian

List’ya karri Russian

Litunarkollur Icelandic

Ĺiubista Belarusian

Liubistik Yiddish

(Liu lan xiang) Mandarin

Liu li ju Mandarin

Liu shen cao Mandarin

Livandë e vërtetë Albanian

Livec’h Breton

Livèche French

Liymon Kazakh

Lizard tail, Chinese English

Ljekovita kadulja Croatian

Ljekovita lavanda Croatian

Ljekoviti ljupčac Croatian

Ljekoviti miloduh Croatian

Ljupčac Serbian

Ljupčac, ljekoviti Croatian

Llaguera Catalan

Llawryf Welsh

Llawryfoedd Welsh

Llimonera Catalan

Llor Catalan

Llorer Catalan

Lobelarr Basque

Lober Yiddish

Lobongo Bengali

Ločidlo Czech

Lofnarblóm Icelandic

Løg Danish

Loh fong ji Cantonese

Loh lahk Cantonese

Loh mohng ji Cantonese

Lõhnav dipteeriks Estonian

Lõhnav karusköömen Estonian

Lõhnav kirsipuu Estonian

Lõhnav kollajuur Estonian

Lõhnav muskaadipuu Estonian

Lõhnav pandan Estonian

Lõhnav pandan Estonian

Lõhnav sumahh Estonian

Lõhnav tonkapuu Estonian

Loih mou Cantonese

Loih mung Cantonese

Lök Swedish

(Loko-loko) Tagalog

Lokrytsya Ukrainian

Lolaqizg’aldoq Uzbek

Lombok Indonesian

Lomi Amharic

Lomiet Khmer

Long Assamese, Chakma, Khasi

Long ai Mandarin

Long coriander English

Long hao Mandarin

Long mosola Garo

Long pepper English

Lontai Sranan

Lonumedhu Dhivehi

Loorberipuu, harilik Estonian

Løpstikke Norwegian

Loragiño Basque

Lorbeer German

Lorbeerblätter, indische German

Lorbeerblätter, indonesische German

Lorbeerblätter, westindische German

Lorber Yiddish

Lorberblat Yiddish

Lore Breton

Losani Sumi

Loson Mao

Lotier odorant French

Loto domestico Italian

Louh dau syuh Cantonese

Louh meih chou Cantonese

Louiza Greek

Lou le Mandarin

Loung Manipuri, Urdu

Loureiro Galician, Portuguese

Louro Portuguese

Lovage English

Lovaj Hebrew

(Love-in-a-Mist) English

Love Parsley English

Lovor Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian

Lovorov list Serbian

Løvstikke Danish

Lozi Swahili

Luam lows Hmong

Lubbestok Dutch

Lubczyk ogrodowy Polish

(Lü bo he) Mandarin

Luční kmín Czech

Lu dou shu Mandarin

Luhng ngaai Cantonese

Luibh an liugair Gaelic

Luisa Hebrew

Luizah Hebrew

Luk Macedonian

Luk Belarusian, Bulgarian, Russian

Luk, beli Serbian

Luk, bijeli Croatian

Luk, češan Serbian

Luk, crni Serbian

Luk, crveni Croatian

Luk, medveđi Serbian

Luk, medvjeđi Croatian

Luk chan Thai

Luk chanthet Thai

Luk crveni Serbian

(Luk krawan) Thai

Luk makrut Thai

Luk mechi Bulgarian

Luk medvezhij Russian

Luk pak chi Thai

Luk ra mat Thai

Lukrecja gładka Polish

Luk repchatyj Russian

Luk rezanets Russian

Luk sat Thai

Luk sibirski Bulgarian

Luk skoroda Russian

Luk vlasac Croatian

Luk vlašac Serbian

Lulëkuqe Albanian

Lule piperkë Albanian

Lumi Maltese

Lunboa Dhivehi

Lungo, pepe Italian

Lunu Sinhala

Luo huang zi Mandarin

Luo wang zi Mandarin

Lup-Chew Chinese

Lupstājs Latvian

Lus a choire Gaelic

Lus an choire Irish

Lus-an-fhògair Gaelic

Lus an fhograidh Gaelic

Lus-an-liùgair Gaelic

Lus-an-rìgh Gaelic

Lus an t’saiodh Gaelic

Lusch German

Lus dearg Gaelic

Lusiton Coptic

Lus-marsalaidh Gaelic

Lus-mhic-Rìgh-Bhreatainn Gaelic

Lus mín Irish

Lus-na-smàileag Gaelic

Lus na tuise Gaelic

Lus-rìgh Gaelic

Luštrek Slovenian

Luststock German

Lutikarohi Estonian

Lutni Santali

Luu Vietnamese

Luya Tagalog

Luz Arabic, Aramaic

(Luz hulwa) Arabic

(Luz murr) Arabic

Lwang Nepali

Lygagria Greek

Lymon Ukrainian

Lyubistok Russian

Lyubistok likars’kyj Ukrainian

Lyubovnoe zelye Russian

Lyubystok aptechnyj Ukrainian


Maagwortel Dutch

Maankop Dutch

Maanzaad Dutch

Maasis Estonian

Mac Romanian

Mac de gradină Romanian

Mace English, Italian

Mace, sweet English

Machalepi Greek

Machandel German

Macha palan Maithili

Macheoraen Thai

Machha Turi Garo

Machi Chakhesang-Chokri, Lotha

Machimer Nepali

Ma chin Khmer

Machu Manipuri

Macia Spanish

Maciás Spanish

(Macierzanka piaskowa) Polish

Măcieş damascen Romanian

Macis Croatian, French, German, Latin, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Spanish

Maćjarduška Belarusian

Macskaméz Hungarian

Macskapöcs paprika Hungarian

Mac somnifer Romanian

Mad Marathi

(Mad) Lao

Mädarõigas Estonian

Mädarõikaseemned Estonian

Madeng Khmer

Madesi sauph Nepali

Madhalanarangam Malayalam

Madhubiija Sanskrit

Madhugam Malayalam

Madhura-Naranga Malayalam

Madhurika Sanskrit

Madhu svang Newari

Madhu svang Newari

Madhuuka Sanskrit

Madhuulii Sanskrit

Madoodag Armenian

Madulai Tamil

Maduru Sinhala

(Madurutala) Sinhala

Mae-lae-doe Thai

(Maenglak) Thai

Maezeraeu Ossetian

Magambu Tamil

Magandhi Sanskrit

Magdanos Macedonian

Magdanoz Bulgarian

Maggikraut German

Maggiorana Italian

Maggiplant Dutch

Magha Punjabi

Maghadanos Armenian

Maghatanos Armenian

Măgheran Romanian

Măgheran sălbatic Romanian

Măghiran Romanian

Maghiran Romanian

Magi-začin Croatian

Magone Latvian

Magraner Catalan

Magriva Serbian

Magrood Thai

Magun Estonian

Magusjuur Estonian

Maguwato Japanese

Magyar pirosító Hungarian

Ma-gyi-thi Burmese

Mahaduru Sinhala

Ma ha hing Lao

Mahahing Thai

Mahaleb cherry English

Mahalebka Czech, Slovak

Mahaleb-Kirsche German

Mahalev Hebrew

Ma ha li ying tao Mandarin

Maharep Korean

Maharibu Japanese

Mahlab Arabic

Mahlap Armenian

Mahlep Turkish

Mahulunboa Dhivehi

Mah yeuk laahn Cantonese

Mah yeuk laahn faa Cantonese

Maide-milis Gaelic

Maiden’s ruin English

Maigram German

Maih diht heung Cantonese

Maikon Aramaic

Maïntano Greek

Maïntanos Greek

Maiorana Georgian, Latin

Maiorana hortensis bot.

Mairan German

Máirti fiaín Irish

Mairūnas Lithuanian

Maitokumina Finnish

Mai ya Chinese

Majaran Belarusian

Majaron Slovenian

(Majčina dušica) Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian

Majdanoz Albanian

Majdanozi Albanian

Majdonos Macedonian

Majeranek, dziki Polish

Majeranek ogrodowy Polish

Majjige hullu Kannada

Majoraan Estonian

Majoram Korean, Sinhala

Majoramu Japanese

Majoran German, Macedonian, Mongolian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian

Majorán Czech, Slovak

Majorán, divý Slovak

Majorán, obyčajný Slovak

Majoran, wilder German

Majorana Bulgarian, Catalan

Majorāni, dārza Latvian

Majoránka Slovak

Majoránna Hungarian

Majorano Esperanto

Majorāns Latvian

Majoran sadovyj Ukrainian

Majorán zahradní Czech

Majorán záhradný Slovak

Majurano Provencal

Majurano fero Provencal

Mák Czech, Hungarian

Mak Thai

Mak Belarusian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovak

Mak, gradinski Bulgarian

Mak, opiev Bulgarian

Mak, opijnyj Russian

Mak, vrtni Slovenian

(Ma kaen) Thai

Makedonisi Greek

Makhalebka Bulgarian

Ma kham Thai

Ma kham peak Thai

(Ma khuan) Thai

(Ma khuang) Thai

Makidoneli Georgian

Makilgoxo Basque

Mäkimeirami Finnish

(Mak kak) Thai

(Mak khaen) Lao

Mak Kham Lao

(Mak khen) Lao

(Mak khuang) Lao

Mak kiang Lao

Mak kiang hwan Lao

Mak kiang noi Lao

(Mak kiang soewiyoe) Lao

Mak kihut Lao

Mak lekarski Polish

Mak Muang Lao

Mak nao Lao

Mak nao lat Lao

Mak nao nyai Lao

(Mak nao si) Lao

Mak Neng Lao

Mak Neng Daeng Lao

Mak Neng Khiao Lao

Mak Neng Kwantung Lao

Mak Neng Pa Lao

Mak Neng Sayan Lao

Ma kok Thai

Mak olib Lao

Makovo seme Bulgarian

Mak pet Lao

Mak pet nyai Lao

Mak pet wan Lao

Mak Phao Lao

Mak phet kunsi Lao

Mak phik thai Lao

Mak Pila Lao

Makropipero Greek

Makrut Thai

Mák setý Czech

Mak siaty Slovak

Mak snodijnyj Ukrainian

Mak snotvornyj Russian

Malabari Estonian

Malabarskaya koritsa Russian

Malabathron Old Greek

Malabathrum Latin

Malageta Lithuanian

Malagettapfeffer German

Malagueta Spanish

Malaguette French

Malagvet Russian

Ma lar Thai

Malathi Punjabi

Malatron Coptic

Male Newari

Malguetta poper Slovenian

(Mali baha) Santali

Mallajirige Tulu

Malli Malayalam

Malli, afrikan Malayalam

Malojillo Spanish

(Malört) Swedish

Malta Newari

Malum Punicum Latin

(Malurt) Danish

Mambalam Tamil

Mambazham Tamil

Mameadeku Japanese

Mamidi Telugu

Mamidikaya podi Telugu

Mamidipandu Telugu

Ma muang Thai

Mamula Georgian

Mananekh Armenian

Mananex Armenian

Ma nao Thai

Manao farang Thai

(Manao kwai) Thai

Ma nao leung Thai

Mandab Arabic

Mandel Danish, German, Swedish

Mandele Latvian

Mandelj Slovenian

Mandl Yiddish

Mandl, bitere Yiddish

Mandl, zise Yiddish

Mandla Icelandic

Mandľa horká Slovak

Mandľa obyčajná Slovak

Mandľa sladká Slovak

Mandle Czech

Mandlipuu, harilik Estonian

Mandloň obecná Czech

Mandorla amara Italian

Mandorla dulce Italian

Mandula Hungarian

Mang Armenian

Manga Belarusian, Malayalam, Portuguese

Mangae Rongmei

Mangai Tamil

Mangai podi Tamil

Manga podi Malayalam

Mangas, indinis Lithuanian

Mangayi Telugu

Mangel Frisian

Mangga Indonesian, Malay

Mangge Manipuri

Manggo Korean

Mang guo Mandarin

Mangifera indica bot.

Mangke Tangkhul

Mangko Greek

(Manglak) Thai

Mango Basque, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Finnish, Georgian, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Yiddish

Mangó Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish

Mango indyjskie Polish

Mangondo Basque

Mangopulber Estonian

Mangopuu, india Estonian

Mangovník indický Slovak

Mangrela Maithili

Mangue French

Manguey Spanish

Manguier French

Mangwaro Hausa

Manigetto Japanese

Mani guetta Italian

Maniguette French

Manja Arabic

Manjal Malayalam, Tamil

Manjalu Tulu

Manjano Swahili

Manjericão Portuguese

Manjerona Portuguese

Manjo Arabic

Mank Armenian

Mankracht Dutch

Manmon Coptic

Mannenro Japanese

Manpalam Malayalam

Manr sokh Armenian

Manr sox Armenian

Manteli Finnish

Manting Indonesian

Man turi Santali

Mantzourana Greek

Manul Korean

Manxurana Albanian

Manya Sranan

(Mao la hua jiao) Mandarin

Ma-om Khmer

Mapoula Galician

Maprao Thai

Maqdounis Arabic

Maqdunis Arabic

Maqdunis afranji Arabic

Maqdunis franji Arabic

Maqsarı Kazakh

Mar Marathi

Maraba Russian

Marac Albanian

Maraja Albanian

Mar’ ambrozievidnaya Russian

Marameeah Arabic

Maramiah Arabic

Marants Yiddish

(Marants, bitere) Yiddish

Mărar Romanian

Mărar dulce Romanian

Marathi moggu Kannada, Telugu

Maratho Greek

Marathon Old Greek

Marati Nepali

Marazolette French

Marcha Mizo

Marchewnik anyżowy Polish

Marchya Gujarati

Mardanca Albanian

Mardaqoush Arabic

Mardaqush Arabic

Mardgash Aramaic

Marduix Catalan

Marhaník Czech

Mari Gujarati

Marialluïsa Catalan

Mariam goli Farsi

Mariarmo Provencal

Marica Sanskrit

Marich Maithili, Nepali, Oriya

Marich Chakma, Santali

Marichiphala Sanskrit

Marigold, Mexican English

Marimih Arabic

Marjol Breton

Marjolaine Dutch

Marjolaine bâtarde French

Marjolaine sauvage Dutch, French

Marjolein Dutch

Marjolein, wilde Dutch

Marjol-ki Breton

Marjolliorzh Breton

Marjoram English, Icelandic

Marjoram, wild English

Marmahauz Aramaic

Marmarak Uzbek

Marmarii Sanskrit

Mārrutki Latvian

Marsan josh Punjabi

(Mārsils) Latvian

Martorria Basque

Marts Kashmiri

Martsa-wanga Kashmiri

Maruya Oriya

Marwa Aramaic

Marwa Aramaic

Marwa Hebrew

Maryamiya Arabic

Marzangoosh Pahlavi

Marzanjush Arabic

Marzanon Armenian

Marzeh Farsi

Masala-satar Urdu

Masalyachi velchi Marathi

(Mashterka diva) Bulgarian

Mashterka gradinska Bulgarian

Masi Icelandic

Măslin Romanian

Maslina Bulgarian, Croatian, Serbian

Măslină Romanian

Masline Yiddish

Maslinka Macedonian

Maslinovo drvo Macedonian

Maslinov zejtin Macedonian

Maslyanyj kress Russian

Masoro Hausa

(Masoro) Hausa

Mastad Hausa

Mastar Thai

Mastruço Portuguese

Mastruz Portuguese

Mastuerzo Spanish

(Mäta kučerava) Slovak

Matalahuga Spanish

Máta peprná Czech

Mäta pieporná Slovak

Ma-tek Khmer

(Mateřídouška úzkolistá) Czech

Materina dušica Slovenian

(Materina dušica) Serbian

(Materina dúška) Slovak

Materina dúška obyčajná Slovak

(Materina dúška vajcovitá) Slovak

Materka Macedonian

Materynka Ukrainian

Materynka zvichajna Ukrainian

Mathalam Malayalam

Mathalanarakam Malayalam

Matičina Macedonian

Matičnjak Croatian, Serbian

Matkarse Norwegian

(Matkat) Konyak

Matochina Bulgarian

Matochnyk Ukrainian

Matočina Macedonian, Serbian

Matoru Japanese

Mátrafű Hungarian

Matsatat Lao

Matsatat Lao

Matutak Armenian

Matzourana Greek

Mauddh Maithili

Mauh gwai Cantonese

Mauri Assamese, Bengali

Maurloki Latvian

Maustekirveli Finnish

Maustekumina Finnish

Mausteneilikka Finnish

Maustepippuri Finnish

Mau vang nghe Vietnamese

Mavina hannu Kannada

Mavina mara Kannada

Mav naus Hmong

Mavritanskij perets Russian

Mavu Kannada, Malayalam

Mawar Indonesian

Mayana Turkish

Mayangton Manipuri

Maydanoz Turkish

Maydanoz, frenk Turkish

Maydanozu, bal Turkish

Maydanozu, deniz Turkish

Mayonara Korean

Mayoram Hebrew

Mayoran Hebrew, Yiddish

Mayran Uzbek

Mays Hebrew

Ma yue lan Mandarin

Ma yue lan hua Mandarin

Ma yu lan Mandarin

Mažoji nasturtė Lithuanian

Mažuran Croatian, Serbian

Mažuran, divlji Serbian

Mchezo Swahili

Mchuzi Swahili

Mdalasini Swahili

Mdogvi Georgian

Me Vietnamese

Meacan-each Gaelic

Meath chaltuinn Gaelic

Meboki Japanese

Mechiya sag Nepali

Me chua Vietnamese

Medovka lekárska Slovak

Meduňka Czech

Medvedí cesnak Slovak

Medvědí česnek Czech

Medveđi luk Serbian

Medvedji česen Slovenian

Medvehagyma Hungarian

Medvjeđi luk Croatian

Meerrettich German

Meerrettich, japanischer German

Meetha neem Hindi

Megbedogboe Ewe

Megon Armenian

Megoni Good Armenian

Mehedi Bengali

Mehul Basque

Meirami Finnish

Meisu Korean

Mejorana Spanish

Mejram Swedish

Mejram, vild Swedish

Mekhak Tajik

Mekon Armenian, Greek, Old Greek

Mekon he opodes Old Greek

Mekoni Kut Armenian

Meksika çayı Turkish

Meksikanskaja kaĺiandra Belarusian

Meksikanskij estragon Russian

Meksikanskij koriandr Russian

Meksikanski perechnyi list Russian

Melada Malay

Melanthion Greek

Melea he Medike Old Greek

Melea he Persike Old Greek

Melegeta piper Bulgarian

Melegeti aframon Estonian

Melegueta pepper English

Meleguetapfeffer German

Melilot, blue English

Mélilot bleu French

Mélilot d’Allemagne French

Meliloto azul Spanish

Meliloto azzurro Italian

Melilotus caeruleus bot.

Melis Dutch

Melisa Albanian, Serbian

Melisa, ārstniecības Latvian

Melisa, citrininė Lithuanian

Melisa, vaistinė Lithuanian

(Melisa, zlata) Croatian

Melisa lekarska Polish

Melisa likars’ka Ukrainian

Melisa limonna Ukrainian

Melisa otu Turkish

Melise Yiddish

Meliso Esperanto

Meliss Estonian

Melissa Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese

Melissa limonnaya Russian

Melissa officinalis bot.

Melisse German

Mélisse French

Melisse, chinesische German

Mélisse des boutiques French

Melissochorto Greek

Melissophyllon Old Greek

Melissza Hungarian

Melittaina Old Greek

Mellet karee Thai

Mellet pak chi Thai

Melligueta Korean

Mellisa Korean

Melnā sinepes Latvian

Melnie pipari Latvian

Melnsēklīte Latvian

Melograno Italian

Membrana de nucşoară Romanian

Mempelam Malay

Menasina kayi Kannada

Menasu Kannada

Menda Basque

Mendaro Basque

Mendër e butë Albanian

Mendër e rëndomtë Albanian

Mendula Croatian

Menta Bulgarian, Galician, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Latin, Serbian, Spanish

Mentă Romanian

Menta, vietnámi Hungarian

Menta harifa Hebrew

Menta pebrera Catalan

Menta pepe Italian

Menta peperina Italian

Menta piperita Italian

(Mentastrum) Latin

Mente Yiddish

Mente Kannada, Tulu

Mentha piperita bot.

Menthe anglaise French

Menthe poivrée French

Menthi akulu Telugu

Mentikura Telugu

Mento Esperanto

Mentol Czech

Mentruz Portuguese

Mentulu Telugu

Mentya Kannada

Meoguweotu Korean

Meoguwitu Korean

(Meogwi) Korean

Meosutadu Korean

Meosutadu Korean

Meotul Korean

Mercanköşk Turkish

Mërçelë Albanian

Merde du diable French

Meredik Dutch

Merian Danish, Norwegian

Merica Indonesian

Merica hijau Indonesian

Merica hitam Indonesian

Merica putih Indonesian

Merisinga potro Oriya

Merlík Czech

Merlík vonný Czech

Merosi Angami

Merqtux Maltese

Mersin Turkish

Mërsina Albanian

Mersinë e rëndomtë Albanian

Mersü Ao

Merudhi Albanian

Merugu Kannada

Merywen Welsh

Meshgengouz Armenian

Mesiputk Estonian

Mesir otu Turkish

Meškinis česnakas Lithuanian

Mesu Japanese

Mėta Lithuanian

Meta, poprova Slovenian

Metaio Coptic

Metélőhagyma Hungarian

Meth Kashmiri

Methi Assamese, Bengali, Dogri, Hindi, Maithili, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Urdu

Methika Sanskrit

Methiká Czech

Methini Gujarati

Methro Gujarati

Meti Tamil

(Metishe) Chakhesang-Chokri

Metiwiwiri Sranan

Metlika, dišeča Slovenian

Met ma kham Thai

Met nga Lao

Mētra Latvian

(Me tre) Vietnamese

Mette Tulu

Metvica Serbian

Metvica, paprena Croatian

Metvica, pčelinja Serbian

(Metvulja) Croatian

Meurta Breton

Mexican coriander English

Mexicanischer Blattpfeffer German

Mexicanischer Estragon German

Mexicanischer Koriander German

Mexicanischer Safran German

Mexicanischer Tee German

Mexicanischer Traubentee German

Mexicanisches Pfefferblatt German

Mexicanisches Teekraut German

Mexican marigold English

Mexican mint marigold English

Mexican pepper leaves English

Mexican saffron English

Mexican tarragon English

Mexican Tea English

Mexikansk dragon Swedish

Mexikansk Esdragon Danish

Mexikansk koriander Swedish

Mexikansk Peber-blad Danish

Mexikói borslevél Hungarian

Mexikói koriander Hungarian

Meyan kökü Turkish

Meyinha Angami, Chakhesang-Chokri

(Mezei kakukkfű) Hungarian

Mézfű Hungarian

Mežloks Latvian

Mi Newari

Miadzedžaja cybuĺia Belarusian

Midhe Jira Chakma

Mi die xiang Mandarin

(Midori-hakka) Japanese

Mielărea Romanian

Mieloi Basque

Mierik Dutch

Mierikswortel Dutch

Mierikswortel, Japanse Dutch

Mięta pieprzowa Polish

Migdal Romanian

Migdală Romanian

(Migdał gorzki) Polish

Migdalo Esperanto

(Migdał słodki) Polish

Migdały Belarusian

Migdał zwyczajny Polish

Migdolai Lithuanian

Mikhak Farsi

Mikhaki Georgian

Mikon i ipnoferos Greek

Milagu Tamil

Milagu, karuppu Tamil

Milagu, pacchai Tamil

Milagu, vellai Tamil

Milcë Albanian

Milgroym Yiddish

Miloduh Serbian

Miloduh, ljekoviti Croatian

Milseán miontais Irish

Minari Korean

Minchi Sinhala

Mindal’ Russian

Mindaĺ Belarusian

(Mindal’, gor’kij) Russian

Mindaĺ, horki Belarusian

Mindaĺ, salodki Belarusian

Mindal’, sladkij Russian

Mint English

Mint, pepper- English

Mint, Vietnamese English

Minta Icelandic

Minthe Old Greek

Minti Hausa

Mint marigold, Mexican English

Minto Japanese

Mints Yiddish

Mints, englishe Yiddish

Mintu Korean

Mintys Welsh

Mintys y creigiau Welsh

(Minyureopchangdae) Korean

Minze German

Mionnt Gaelic

Miontas Irish

Miortal Gaelic

Miraamih Arabic

Mirapakayalu Telugu

Mirch Urdu

Mirch, deshi Hindi

Mirch, gol Dogri, Hindi

Mirch, hari Dogri, Hindi

Mirch, kali Dogri, Hindi

Mirch, lal Dogri, Hindi

Mirch, mithi Hindi

Mirchai Maithili

Mirchi Gujarati

Mirchya Marathi

Mire Marathi

Mirhafű Hungarian

Mirica Italian

Mirido Esperanto

Mirikacserje Hungarian

Mirika miznafit Hebrew

Miřík celer Czech

Miris Sinhala

Miris Sinhala

Mirisni pelin Serbian

Miristiko floro Esperanto

Miristiko nukso Esperanto

Miristiko semo Esperanto

Mirisu Japanese

Miriyala dravakamu Telugu

Miriyalu Telugu

Miriyamu Telugu

Mirođija Croatian, Serbian

Mirođija, divlja Serbian

Mirride odorosa Italian

Mirris dushistaya Russian

Mirt Belarusian, Dutch, Romanian, Yiddish

Mirt, datskij Russian

Mirta Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovenian

Mirta, tikroji Lithuanian

Mirte Dutch

Mirtes Latvian

Mirti Georgian

Mirtia Greek

Mirtia kollodis Greek

Mirt limmony Belarusian

Mirt limonnyj Russian

Mirto Esperanto, Galician, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Mirto, limón Spanish

Mirto dal profumo di limone Italian

Mirto de Brabante Spanish

Mirto holandés Spanish

Mirt pospolity Polish

Mirtusz Hungarian

Mirtuzsz, citrom illatú Hungarian

Mirudija Macedonian

Mirus Dhivehi

Mirzam josh Hindi

Mirzan josh Urdu

Mirzanjush Farsi

Mise Coptic

Mısır anason Turkish

Misk oto Turkish

Mismín Irish

Misticanza Danish

Mit Coptic

Mit Coptic

Mitai Garo

Mithi Assamese, Bodo

Mithi guti Assamese

Mithi mich Hindi

Mitho limdo Gujarati

Mi ti Tibetan

Mi tieh hsiang Mandarin

Mit'mit'a Amharic

Mitta sof Newari

Mittha soph Nepali

Mittho-tel Gujarati

Miur belar Basque

Miweh Zireh Farsi

Mixaki Georgian

Mixək Azeri

Miya Uzbek

Miyya Kazakh

Mjaðarlyng Icelandic

Mjata Belarusian

Mnesitheos Old Greek

Mnišský pepř Czech

Mochigusa Japanese

Modhuri Oriya

Mogheli Telugu

Mogil Telugu

Mogranj Serbian

Moguwotu Korean

(Mogwi) Korean

(Mogyoróhagyma) Hungarian

Mohari Marathi

Mohn German

Mohrenpfeffer German

Molaku Kannada

Molotru Romanian

Molotru albastru Romanian

Molotru comun Romanian

Molură Romanian

Mølurt Danish

Mon Yiddish

(Monard) English

(Monarda) Dutch, Italian, Portuguese

Monarda, raudonoji Lithuanian

(Monarda didyma) bot.

(Monarde) Yiddish

(Monarde) German

Mönchspfeffer German

Mondl Yiddish

(Mondor muli baha) Santali

(Mong) Ao

Mong gwo Cantonese

Mong-Mong Angami

(Mongmong) Ao

Mongnyin Burmese

(Mongret) Ao

Monnikenpeper Dutch

Mo noi Thai

Monshaobi-manbi Manipuri

Mo-ok Garo

Moon Estonian

Mooniseemned Estonian

Moord Farsi

Moor pepper English

Morač Serbian

Morach Bulgarian

Morech ansai Khmer

Morich Chakma

Moris Assamese

Morok Manipuri

Morrissà Catalan

Morritort d’aigua Catalan

Morritort d’indies Catalan

Morsko orevče Macedonian

Mõru kirburohi Estonian

Mosambi Marathi

Moscada Spanish

Moschokarfi Greek

Moschokarido Greek

Moschositaro Greek

Mose-pors Danish

Moskatxa Basque

Mostarda Galician, Portuguese

Mostarda branca Portuguese

Mostarda preta Portuguese

Mostassa blanca Catalan

Mostassa negra Catalan

Mostaza Galician

Mostaza de Indias Spanish

Mostaza negra Spanish

Mostaza silvestre Spanish

Moster Frisian

Mosterd, witte Dutch

Mosterd, zwarte Dutch

Mosterdkers Dutch

Mosutadu Korean

Mosutadu Korean

(Mothi) Chakhesang-Chokri

Moti saunf Hindi

Mot loai gung Vietnamese

Motul Korean

(Mouh laaht faa jiu) Cantonese

Mountain pepper English

Mouri Bengali

Moustarda Greek

Moutarde blanche French

Moutarde de Chine French

Moutarde de l’Inde French

Moutarde noire French

(Mouthi) Lotha

Mózespecsenye Hungarian

Mozhzhevel’nik Russian

Mravinac Croatian

Mrča Serbian

Mrdeni Armenian

Mrdi Armenian

(Mrea preu) Khmer

Mrech Khmer

Mreteni Swahili

Mrihani Swahili

Mrine e bardhe Albanian

Mrlík voňavý Slovak

Mronge Swahili

Mrteni Armenian

Mrti Armenian

Mrtvina Croatian

Mruko Swahili

Mshkenkoyz Armenian

Mudukeyiya Sinhala

Mugrela Newari

Mugrelo Nepali

Mu gui Mandarin

Mugwort English

Muhri Santali

Mui Vietnamese

Muinean-Muire Gaelic

Mui tau Vietnamese

Mulagu Malayalam

Mulagu, chuvanna Malayalam

Mulagu, kuru Malayalam

Mulagu, pacha Malayalam

Mulaku, kuru Malayalam

Mulethi Dogri, Hindi

Mulhati Urdu

Mul-laengi Korean

Mullilam Hindi

Mullukattari Kannada

Mulo bij Bengali

Mumoe Ewe

(Munardah) Arabic

Munchi Tulu

Mungalill, suur Estonian

Mungapipar, harilik Estonian

Mungrelo Nepali

Munkpeppar Swedish

(Munudig) Breton

(Muong trong) Vietnamese

Murch Tajik, Uzbek

Murdid Estonian

Murėja, kvapioji Lithuanian

Murgh Pashto

Muriq Aramaic

Murraya koenigii bot.

Murt Turkish

Mürt, harilik Estonian

Murta Catalan, Latin, Portuguese

Murtera Catalan

Murtra Catalan

Murulauk Estonian

Muscade French

Muscata Gaelic, Latin

Mushkat Yiddish

Mushkatnoys Yiddish

Muskaadipuu, lõhnav Estonian

Muskaatnoot Dutch

Muskaatõis Estonian

Muskaatpähkel Estonian

Muskadez Breton

Múskat Icelandic

Muškat Slovenian

Muskat Macedonian, Yiddish

Muskatas Lithuanian

Muskatblomme Danish, Norwegian

Muskatblüte German

Múskathýði Icelandic

Muskatmedis, kvapusis Lithuanian

Muškatni cvet Slovenian

Muškatni cvjetić Croatian

Muškatni oraščić Croatian

Muskatni oraščić Serbian

Muškatni orešček Slovenian

Muskatnød Danish

Muskatnøtt Norwegian

Muskatnus Yiddish

Muskatnuß German

Muskatny arech Belarusian

Muskatnyi tsvet Russian

Muskatnyj horikh Ukrainian

Muskatnyj kervel’ Russian

Muskatnyj orekh Russian

Muskato Esperanto

Muškátovník voňavý Slovak

Muškátový květ Czech

Muškátový kvet Slovak

Muškátový ořech Czech

Muškátový orech Slovak

Muskato žiedai Lithuanian

Muskatrieksts Latvian

Muskotblomma Swedish

Muskotnöt Swedish

Muskottikukka Finnish

Muskottipähkinä Finnish

(Muskuscitroen) Dutch

Musqat Uzbek

Mustakardemumma Finnish

Mustakumina Finnish

Mustapippuri Finnish

Mustár Hungarian

Mustár, angol Hungarian

Mustár, kerti Hungarian

Mustár, sárga Hungarian

Muştar alb Romanian

Mustard, hedge English

Muštarda Belarusian

Mustarde, shvartse Yiddish

Mustarde, vayse Yiddish

Mustard seed, black English

(Mustard seed, brown) English

Mustard seed, white English

Mustarðskorn Icelandic

Mustarðskorn Icelandic

Mustárfű Hungarian

(Mustármag, barna) Hungarian

Mustármag, fekete Hungarian

Mustármag, zöld Hungarian

Muştar negru Romanian

Mustasiemen Finnish

Mustasinappi Finnish

Must kapsasrohi Estonian

Must kardemon Estonian

Mustköömen Estonian

Must pipar Estonian

Muszkat Polish

(Muthini) Chakhesang-Chokri

Muthise Angami

Mutterzimt German

Mutwinda Burmese

Mvuje Swahili

Mwembe Swahili

Mwstart du Welsh

Mwstart wen Welsh

Myata kholodna Ukrainian

M’yata kholodna Ukrainian

Myata perechnaya Russian

Myata pertseva Ukrainian

Mygdal’ Ukrainian

Mynta Icelandic

Mynte, kinesisk Danish

(Myoga) Japanese

Myotke Yiddish

Myrica gale bot.

Myrique French

Myrique baumier French

Myristica fragrans bot.

Myrrh, garden English

Myrrhenkerbel German

Myrrhinos Old Greek

Myrrhis odorata bot.

Myrsine Old Greek

Myrt Russian, Ukrainian

Myrta Czech, Latin, Slovak

Myrta obecná Czech

Myrta obyčajná Slovak

Myrte Danish, French, German

Myrte, Sumpf- German

Myrte, Zitronen- German

Myrte citron French

Myrte citronnée French

Myrte commun French

Myrte des marais French

Myrten Swedish

Myrtia Greek

Myrtia kollodis Greek

Myrti Rabanitini Herba pharm.

Myrtle English

Myrtle, bog English

Myrtle, lemon English

Myrtle, lemon scented English

Myrtle pepper English

Myrtos Old Greek

Myrtovník citrónový Czech, Slovak

Myrtti Finnish

Myrtus communis bot.

Myrtwydden Welsh

Myyata hladka Ukrainian


Naahm gwa Cantonese

(Naaringu) Dhivehi

Nabatu al-kabbusin Arabic

Nachtoe-cham Thai

Nadgh Arabic

Nadiya Oriya

(Naemsaem-yeongaju) Korean

(Naemsaem-yongaju) Korean

Naesto-chiyam Thai

Nagaaruka Sanskrit

Nagadamani Sanskrit

(Naga Jolokiya) Assamese

Nagakeshara Sanskrit

Nagara Sanskrit

Nagarugam Tamil

Nagathali Malayalam

(Nag dun) Urdu

Nageljnove žbice Slovenian

Nagħniegħ Maltese

Nagkesar Hindi

Nagri Sranan

Najazmë Albanian

(Nakaniye) Sumi

Nakenfröpumpa Swedish

Nakhtomi Georgian

Nakhwah Arabic

Nakya Newari

Nalesham Tibetan

Naligeram Malayalam

Nalika Lao

Nallajirakam Malayalam

Namida Japanese

Namman khieo Thai

Namnon Coptic

Namrei Tangkhul

Namuu Mongolian

Nana Amharic, Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Serbian, Tigrinya

Na'na' Hebrew

Nanah Farsi

Nanahan Turkish

Nanavah Turkish

Nanavva Farsi

(Nane) Yiddish

Nanə Azeri

Nane Macedonian, Turkish

Nan gua Mandarin

Nanha Aramaic

Nankin-kanzo Japanese

Nankya Newari

Nankyo Japanese

Nan nan bin Burmese

Nan nan zee Burmese

Nanwin Burmese

Nanyouzanshiyo Japanese

Napy Old Greek

Nar Azeri, Bulgarian, Croatian, Dogri, Turkish

Nara Serbian

Naragam Malayalam

Naral Marathi

Naranča Croatian, Serbian

(Naranča, gorka) Croatian

(Naranča, slatka) Croatian

(Naranča gorka) Serbian

Narancs Hungarian

(Narandai) Tamil

(Narandam) Tamil

Narang Aramaic, Garo

Naranga Kannada, Oriya, Sanskrit

Narangi Hindi

Naranj Urdu

Naranja Spanish

(Naranja agria) Spanish

(Naranja amarga) Spanish

Naranja china Spanish

Naranja dulce Spanish

Naranji Telugu, Urdu

(Narattai) Tamil

Nardanga Tamil

Narduszaad Dutch

Nareng Bodo

(Narenj) Farsi

Narenkhal Bodo

Nargil Aramaic, Farsi, Mongolian

Narial Hindi, Mizo, Punjabi

Nariel Angami, Gujarati

Narihul Chakma

Narikel Garo

Narikela Kannada, Sanskrit, Sinhala

Narikelamu Telugu

Narikol Assamese, Bodo

Narikul Chakma

Narınc Azeri

Narinch Armenian

Naringi Gujarati

Narinjh Armenian

Narinjhis Georgian

Nariwal Nepali

Nariyagam Tamil

Nariyal Hindi, Maithili

Nariyel Urdu

Narkol Santali

Narkor Santali

Narokel Bengali

Narokol Bengali

Narpyz Turkmen

Naruk Korean

Naruk-pul Korean

Narynç Turkmen

(Näsasidrun) Estonian

(Näsaviljaline sidrunipuu) Estonian

Nasıbaygül Kazakh

Nasiona kozieradki Polish

Nasiona selera Polish

Nasto-cham Thai

Nastrinag Aramaic

Nasturcia Spanish

Nasturcja Polish

Năsturel Romanian

Nasturka Belarusian

Nasturt Albanian

Nasturtė Lithuanian

Nasturtė, mažoji Lithuanian

Nasturtie Danish

Nasturtium English

Nasturtium Latin

Nasturtium officinale bot.

Nasturtsie Yiddish

Nasturtsiya Russian, Ukrainian

Nasturtsiya likarska Ukrainian

Nasturzio Italian

Nasturzio del Perù Italian

Nasturzio Indiano Italian

Nasutachumu Japanese

Nasuteochyum Korean

Nasuteotium Korean

Nat Lao

Natchattirajiragam Tamil

Native pepper English

Natumegu Japanese

Nauna Pashto

Naunau Burmese

Navadna konopljika Slovenian

Navadna kumina Slovenian

Navadna rukvica Slovenian

Navadni pelin Slovenian

Navaghayang Newari

Naxtomi Georgian

(Nayi Miris) Sinhala

Nayukon Burmese

Nazi Swahili

(Nazu nyuu) Dagbani

Ndimu Swahili

Nebrina Spanish

Negelen Yiddish

Negerpfeffer German

Negrilică Romanian

Negro pepper English

Negull Icelandic

Nei Khasi

Neidonkukka Finnish

Neilikka Finnish

Neiong Khasi

Nejca e ujit Albanian

Nejlikor Swedish

Nelgipuu, harilik Estonian

Nelk Estonian

Nelke German

Nelkenpfeffer German

Nellajilakaira Telugu

Nellik Norwegian

Nellike Danish

Nemamulotu Turkish

Neman Coptic

Nembo Maithili

Nemu Assamese

Nemu-tenga Assamese

Nenexhiku Albanian

Neng Kieng Lao

Neotumek Korean

Nepal-Cardamom German

Nepal cardamom English

Nepali soph Nepali

Nepal pepper English

Nepalpfeffer German

Nerandža Serbian

(Neratzi) Greek

(Neratzia) Greek

Nerënxë Albanian

Nerokardamo Greek

Neropiperia Greek

Nerto Provencal

Netch Azmud Amharic

Netch Senafich Amharic

Netch Shinkurt Amharic

Netropamaphala Sanskrit

Neugewürz German

(Ney Milagai) Tamil

Nga Lao, Thai

Ngaa Thai

Ngaai chou Cantonese

Ngaai hou Cantonese

(Nga chien chin) Lao

(Nga chieng) Lao

(Ngai ap xanh) Vietnamese

Ngai chanh Vietnamese

Ngai giam Vietnamese

(Ngaih jiu) Cantonese

(Ngai mau) Vietnamese

Ngai thom Vietnamese

Nga khi mon Thai

Nga mon Thai

Nga truat Vietnamese

Ngauh ji Cantonese

Ngau jau sih loh Cantonese

Ngau sat chou Cantonese

Ngayok-kaung Burmese

Nga-youk-kuan Burmese

Nga yut thee Burmese

Nget quoi koenig Vietnamese

Nghe Vietnamese

Nghe, qui Vietnamese

Nghe den Vietnamese

Nghe nuoc Vietnamese

Nghe ram Vietnamese

Nghe tay Vietnamese

Ngo Vietnamese

Ngo gai Vietnamese

Ngoh seuht Cantonese

Ngon sehk lau Cantonese

Ngo ta Vietnamese

Ngo tau Vietnamese

Ngo tay Vietnamese

Ngou lahk gong Cantonese

Ngu tinh thao Vietnamese

Nguu hao Thai

(Nha kat hon) Lao

Nhin su bin Burmese

Nhuc dau khau Vietnamese

Nhuc que Vietnamese

(Nhu tia) Vietnamese

Niakhuri Georgian

Niaxuri Georgian

Nibu Urdu

Nibuwa Nepali

Nicu Chakhesang-Chokri

(Nieco) Angami

Niepokalanek pieprzowy Polish

Nieszaad Dutch

(Niga-yomogi) Japanese

Nigela Portuguese

Nigele Yiddish

Nigella English, German, Italian, Korean, Russian

Nigella sativa bot.

Nigelle Dutch, French

Nigelo Esperanto

Nigera Japanese

Nigra kumino Esperanto

Nigra pipro Esperanto

Nigra sinapo Esperanto

Niguilla Spanish

Nihng mung Cantonese

Nihng mung chou Cantonese

Nihng mung heung maauh Cantonese

Nihng mung mah bin chou Cantonese

Nijera Japanese

Nikchamerim Ao

Nikkei Japanese

Nikuzuku Japanese

Nil thee Burmese

Nimbaka Sanskrit

Nimbe Kannada

Nimbeg Mongolian

Nimbu Mizo, Punjabi, Urdu

Nimbu Apatani

Nimbu karaji Punjabi

Nimmagaddi Telugu

Nimmakaya Telugu

Nimmapandu Telugu

Ning meng Mandarin

Ning meng cao Mandarin

Ning meng ma bian cao Mandarin

Ning meng xiang mao Mandarin

Ning meng xiang tao mui Mandarin

Ninh mong Vietnamese

Ninkela Greek

Ninniku Japanese

Nioi-adan Japanese

Nioi-takonoki Japanese

Nionyn Welsh

Niori Georgian

Nirulle Kannada

Nirulli Telugu, Tulu

Nisha Sanskrit

Niu xi cao Mandarin

Niu zhi Mandarin

Nkrabo Ewe

Nkrama Ewe

Nkrawusa Ewe

Noce moscata Italian

Noekiyu Burmese

Nogoon gon’d Mongolian

Nogoon gon’d Mongolian

Nogoon songino Mongolian

Nogya Newari

Nohoru Assamese

Noitmig Irish

Noix de coco French

Noix de muscade French

Nokha Lao

Nokogiri-korianda Japanese

Noor Armenian

Noosh Armenian

Nootmuskaat Dutch

Noroximh pat Assamese

Norsin Bodo

Notumek Korean

Nou moscada Catalan

Novagya Newari

Nové koření Czech

Nové korenie Slovak

Nozenharen Japanese

Noz-moscada Portuguese

Noz Moscada Galician

Nucă de cocos Romanian

Nuc ao rau Vietnamese

Nuċimuskata Maltese

Nucşoară Romanian

Nuez moscada Spanish

(Numm-liivatee) Estonian

(Nunum) Fante, Twi

Nur Armenian

Nuran Aramaic

Nury Ossetian

Nush Armenian

Nushi Georgian

Nushihidak Manipuri

Nutmeg English

Nutmeg flower English

Nuvvulu Telugu

Nyamsa Dagbani

Nyiepou Angami

Nyiur Malay

Nytmeg Welsh


Oabaiy Dhivehi

Oabath Dhivehi

Oastre Catalan

Ob choey Thai

Ob choey chawa Thai

Ob choey chin Thai

Ob choey Inadonisoey Thai

Ob choey Srilanka Thai

Ob choey tan Thai

Ob choey tet Thai

Ob choey yuan Thai

Ober Yiddish

Obsey Lao

Obyčajný majorán Slovak

Ocimum basilicum bot.

(Ocimum sanctum) bot.

(Ocimum tenuiflorum) bot.

Octovec Slovenian

Ocymus Latin

(Oddhi) Telugu

Odsu Dzongkha

Odzahui Ga-Dangme

Oficina hisopo Esperanto

Oficina meliso Esperanto

Ognon Breton

Ognonetez Breton

Ogórecznik lekarski Polish

Ogrščica, črna Slovenian

Oğul otu Turkish

Ogurechnaya trava Russian

Ogurechnik aptechnyj Russian

Ohyang Korean

Oignon French

Oinniún Irish

Oisos Old Greek

Oka chettu Telugu

Okanto Twi

Oke Coptic

Okhrakhushi Georgian

Okimon Old Greek

(Okohan) Lotha

Okropi Georgian

(Oku) Malay

Ola Gaelic

Olajbogyó Hungarian

Olajözön Hungarian

Olajtök Hungarian

Ölbaum German

Old Man English

Old Man English

(Old Woman) English

Olea Latin

Olea europaea bot.

Oleevu Malayalam

Oleum Olivarum pharm.

Olewydden Welsh

Oli Malayalam

Oliba Basque

Olibh Bengali

Ólífa Icelandic

Oliif Frisian

Oliiv Estonian

Olijf Dutch

Oliondo Basque

Õlipuu, euroopa Estonian

O liu Vietnamese

Oliv Swedish

Oliva Amharic, Czech, Italian, Latin, Russian, Slovak, Spanish

Olíva Hungarian

Oliva európska Slovak

Olīvas Latvian

Olive Amharic, English, French, German, Yiddish

Oliveira Portuguese

Oliven Danish

Olivera Catalan

Olivo Esperanto

Olivovník európsky Slovak

Olivovník evropský Czech

Oliwka Polish

Oljka Slovenian

Oljna buča Slovenian

Öljysiemenkurpitsa Finnish

Ölkürbis German

Ollibu Korean

Ölmohn German

Olod Chakma

Ológ Irish

Olomankilisi Hausa

Olsapai Thai

Olsupaisu Korean

Olyva Ukrainian

Oma Kannada, Tulu

Omam Malayalam, Tamil

Omamu Telugu

Ondu bageya irulli Kannada

Ongkoti Ao

Onieon Korean

Onion English, Japanese

Onion seed English

(Onitis) Old Greek

(Onunum) Fante, Twi

Oopiumiunikko Finnish

Oostindische kers Dutch

Op choey Thai

Op choey chawa Thai

Op choey chin Thai

Op choey Inadonisoey Thai

Op choey Srilanka Thai

Op choey tan Thai

Op choey tet Thai

Op choey yuan Thai

Opiev mak Bulgarian

Opiiumvallmo Swedish

Opijnyj mak Russian

Opiummohn German

Opiumny mak Belarusian

Opium poppy English

Opiumsvalmue Norwegian

Opiumvalmue Danish

Oq gorchitsa Uzbek

Oq xantal Uzbek

Oragan Gaelic

Oragán Irish

Orageno Hindi

Orainds Gaelic

Oráiste Irish

Oranchu Malayalam

Oranda-garashi Japanese

(Oranda-hakka) Japanese

Oranda-senniti Japanese

Orange English, French, German

(Orange, bergamot) English

(Orange, bitter) English

(Orange, sour) English

Orange, sweet English

(Orange amère) French

Orange douce French

Oranĝo Esperanto

Oranje Amharic

(Oranje-appel) Dutch

(Orañjez c’hwerv) Breton

Orañjez dous Breton

Orañjezenn Breton

Orazdıq Kazakh

Ordinara mirto Esperanto

Ordinara origano Esperanto

Ördögbors Hungarian

Ördöggyökér Hungarian

Oregan English

Oregano Amharic, Basque, Danish, English, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish

Orégano Portuguese, Spanish

Oreganó Icelandic

Oregánó Hungarian

Oregáno Czech

Oreganoa Georgian

Orégano-semente Portuguese

Orégão Portuguese

Oregâos Portuguese

Oren Welsh

Orenga Catalan

Orenji Japanese, Korean

Oribu Japanese

Orientalske kumina Slovenian

Origan French, Gaelic, Yiddish

Origano Croatian, Esperanto, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovenian

Origanon Aramaic, Greek, Old Greek

Origano rigamo Italian

Origanum maiorana bot.

Origanumo Latin

Origanum vulgare bot.

Orikano Lao, Thai

Orleaan Dutch

Orleaani Finnish

Orlean Yiddish

Orlean-drvo Serbian

Orleánfa Hungarian

Orleanstrauch German

Òr-mheas Gaelic

Orozuz Spanish

Òr ubhal Gaelic

Oruga Spanish

Orusupaisu Japanese

Orvosi citromfű Hungarian

Orvosi zsálya Hungarian

Oshu-yomogi Japanese

(Osjenač) Serbian

Osongcho Korean

Ossopo Italian

Ostakúmen Icelandic

Ostryż długi Polish

Ostukhudus Farsi

(Oswego tea) English

(Oswego thee) Dutch

Ot Vietnamese

Otepuli Tulu

Ouert Coptic

Óulivié Provencal

Ou qin Mandarin

Ourego Galician

Ou zhou shi luo Mandarin

Ova Marathi

Owoce schimusowe Polish

Oxraxushi Georgian

Ožepek Slovenian

Ozowoo Mao

Ožragė, vaistinė Lithuanian


Pabi Welsh

Pacca kurumulagu Malayalam

Pacchai milagu Tamil

Paccha-mulagu Malayalam

Pachai milagai Tamil

Pachcha Malayalam

Pachimi Thai

Pa chio Chinese

Pachnotka zwyczajna Polish

Pačiolis Lithuanian

Padagoji Burmese

Padam Tamil

Padang cinnamon English

Padang-Zimt German

Paddekruid Dutch

Paddy herb English

Pa de gaw gyi Burmese

Padiyan Tamil

Paegļi Latvian

Paekkaeji Korean

(Paektugu) Korean

Paengnihyang Korean

Paipin Gaelic

Pairseil Gaelic

Paisü Angami

Pai tou k’ou Mandarin

Pajūrinis sotvaras Lithuanian

Paka Newari

Pakarmul Bengali

Pak bua Lao

Pak bua lapha Lao

(Pak bua soelod) Lao

Pak chi Thai

Pak chi duanha Thai

Pak chi farang Thai

Pak chi farang Thai

Pak chi lao Thai

Pak chi lao Thai

Pak chi long Thai

Pak chi met Thai

(Pakha) Korean

Pakhnyachka Ukrainian

Pak hom Thai

Pak hom ho Chinese

Pak hom pekantho Lao

Pak hom pom Lao

Pak hom thet Lao

Pakhon Manipuri

(Pak Itou) Lao

(Pak itu) Thai

Pakkat-nam Thai

Pak kayang Thai

Pak khaotong Thai

Pak Khautong Lao

Pak Khayaeng Lao

Pak khraat haewan Thai

Pak krat Thai

Pak Ler Li Lao

(Pak nam) Lao

Pak Nastoe-cham Thai

Pak pai Thai

Pak phai nam Thai

(Pak pheng poi) Lao

Pak phet Thai

Pak saloeli Lao

Pak sanloeri Lao

Pak si Lao

Pak si falang Lao

Pak si noi Lao

Pak Si Sang Lao

Pak thiam Lao

Pak tumhu Thai

Pala Burmese

Pala Indonesian

Palandu Sanskrit

Palangasp Aramaic

Palczatka cytrynowa Polish

(Palczatka pogięta) Polish

Palina abrotanová Slovak

Palina abrotská Slovak

Palina dračia Slovak

Palina obyčajná Slovak

Palina pravá Slovak

(Palina pravá) Slovak

Pálivá paprika Czech

Palluvedanacheti Malayalam

Palma kokosowa Polish

Paltmiron Aramaic

Palu Newari

Pałyń Belarusian

Pałyn Belarusian

Palyn Belarusian

(Pałyń gorki) Belarusian

(Pałyn gorki) Belarusian

Palyn horki Belarusian

Pamajorán obyčajný Slovak

Panae-wo-nging Thai

Pandan Dutch, Indonesian, Spanish, Tagalog

Pandan, lõhnav Estonian

Pandan, lõhnav Estonian

Pandanas, amarilinis Lithuanian

Pandanas, kvapusis Lithuanian

Pandano Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Pandano Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Pandanus French

Pandanus amaryllifolius bot.

Pandanus aromatnejshij Russian

Pandanus fascicularis bot.

Pandanus latifolius bot.

Pandanus levél Hungarian

Pandanus odoratissimus bot.

Pandanus odorus bot.

(Pandanus tectorius) bot.

Pandanusu Korean

Pandánusz víz Hungarian

Pandan wangi Indonesian, Malay

Paneli Indonesian

Panicaut fétide French

Panili Indonesian

Panilla Korean

(Pani sag) Nepali

Pankolis, paprastasis Lithuanian

Panlat Burmese

Panmodhuri Oriya

Panmuhri Santali

Panniru Kannada

Panpung levél Hungarian

Panpung víz Hungarian

Panshuka Hindi, Urdu

Papağanyemi Turkish

Pa pao Thai

Papar Croatian, Serbian

Papar, američki Croatian

Papar, bijeli Croatian

Papar, crni Croatian

Papar, vodeni Croatian

Papar, zeleni Croatian

Paparouna Greek

Papaver Latin

Papavero Italian

Papavero sonnifero Italian

Papaver somniferum bot.

Papavo Esperanto

Papavosemo Esperanto

Papi Amharic, Japanese

Papoila Portuguese

Papoula Portuguese

Paprac Serbian

(Paprastasis čiobrelis) Lithuanian

(Paprastasis erškėtis) Lithuanian

Paprastasis granatmedis Lithuanian

Paprastasis kadagys Lithuanian

Paprastasis kmynas Lithuanian

Paprastasis krapai Lithuanian

Paprastasis pankolis Lithuanian

Paprastasis raudonėlis Lithuanian

Paprastasis saldymedis Lithuanian

Paprena metvica Croatian

Papreni lisac Serbian

Paprica Italian

Paprika Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Farsi, Finnish, German, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish

Paprika, crvena Serbian

Paprika, kajenska Croatian

Paprika, macskakpöcs Hungarian

Paprika, pálivá Czech

Paprika, prášková Czech

Paprika, sladká Czech

Paprika de Hongrie French

Paprika-koření Czech

Paprika metuka Hebrew

Paprika ročná Slovak

Paprika sladká Slovak

Paprika štiplavá Slovak

Paprike Yiddish

Papriko Esperanto

Paprikuduft Icelandic

Papriqa charipa Hebrew

Papriqa metuqa Hebrew

Papryka Polish

Papryka owocowa Polish

Papryka roczna Polish

Papurika Japanese, Korean

Paracress English

Paradicsommag Hungarian

Paradieskörner German

Paradijskorrels Dutch

Parakarse Danish

Parakrasse Swedish

Parakrassi Finnish

Parakresse German

Parakuresu Korean

Parappi Coptic

Parastās raudenes Latvian

Parasztbors Hungarian

Paratuinkers Dutch

Parfum-vaynshl Yiddish

Parsle Hindi

Parsley English

Parsley, Chinese English

Parsley, French English

Parsley, Indian English

Parsley, Jerusalem English

Paruppu Tamil

Paseri Japanese

Pasil Korean

Pasinstoi Coptic

Pasionara Spanish

Pasli Thai

Passerage cultivée French

Pasulli Korean

Pasupu Telugu

Patli saunf Hindi

Patrak Maithili

Patraka Kannada

Patraŭka Belarusian

Pătrunjel Romanian

Patta Angami

Patta Malayalam

Patta akulu Telugu

Pavot à opium French

Pavot des jardins French

Pavot somnifère French

Payga tsen Dzongkha

Pazhitnik grecheskij Russian

Pazhitnik sennoj Russian

Pažitka Czech

Pažítka Slovak

Pažytnik błakitny Belarusian

Pažytnik grečaski Belarusian

Pčelarnik Macedonian

Pčelinjak Serbian

Pčelinja metvica Serbian

Pčelnik Macedonian

Pcheliak Bulgarian

Peaj Santali

Pearsal Gaelic

Peber Danish

Peber, hvid Danish

Peber, rød Danish

Peber, Sechuan Danish

Peber, sort Danish

Peber-blad, mexikansk Danish

Pebermynte Danish

Peberrod Danish

Peberrod, japansk Danish

Pebr Breton

Pebr du Breton

Pebre Catalan, Provencal

Pebre bord Catalan

Pebre d’aigo Provencal

Pebre d’asé Provencal

(Pebre del Perú) Catalan

(Pebrella) Catalan

Pebre negre Catalan

Pebr glas Breton

Pebr gwenn Breton

Pebrino Provencal

Pebrotera Catalan

Pebroun Provencal

Pedda jilakarra Telugu

Pega Dzongkha

Pegam Hebrew

Peganon Old Greek

Peggan Aramaic

(Pehme skiinus) Estonian

Pehtran Slovenian

Pei Korean

Peijil Korean

Peiresilh Provencal

Pei rorel Korean

Peirsil Irish

Pej Chakma

Pejil Korean

Pe ka Indonesian

Pekak Indonesian

(Pelaga) Malay

(Pelen) Serbian

Pelen, crni Serbian

Pelen, divlji Serbian

Peletrūnai Lithuanian

Pelevoué French

(Pelin) Albanian, Bulgarian, Serbian

(Pelin (alb)) Romanian

(Pelin, acı) Turkish

Pelin, adi Turkish

(Pelin, bijeli) Croatian

Pelin, crni Croatian

(Pelin, gorski) Croatian

Pelin, mirisni Serbian

Pelin, navadni Slovenian

Pelin, obični Croatian

(Pelin, pravi) Slovenian

Pelina, divljeg brsta Serbian

Pelinariţă Romanian

Pelin božje drvce Serbian

Pelin gradinski Bulgarian

Pelini i rëndomtë Albanian

Pelin i zi Albanian

Pelin negru Romanian

(Pelinotu) Turkish

Pelin tarkanj Serbian

Pelkenė, kvapioji Lithuanian

Pelpel Aramaic

(Pelynas) Lithuanian

(Pelyňek) Czech

Pelyněk brotan Czech

Pelyněk černobýl Czech

Pelyněk kozalec Czech

(Pelyňek pravý) Czech

Pembebiber Turkish

Pementa Branca Galician

Pementa de Sichuán Galician

Pementa de Xamaica Galician

Pementa Negra Galician

Pementa Rosa Galician

Pementa vermella Galician

Pementela Galician

Pementón Galician

Penantazi Burmese

Penevoué French

Penigurik Korean

Penimirpushpam Malayalam

Penjilang Malay

(Penn-chalotez) Breton

Pennel Korean

Penyaj Bengali

Pepaminto Japanese

Pepe bianco Italian

Pepe d’acqua Italian

Pepe di Caienne Italian

Pepe di Giamaica Italian

Pepe lungo Italian

Pepe nero Italian

Pepeo Korean

Pepeo bullaek Korean

Pepeo-mintu Korean

(Pepe Peruviano, falso) Italian

Peper Dutch

Peper, spaanse Dutch

Peper, witte Dutch

Peper, zwarte Dutch

Peperi Old Greek

Peperkruid Dutch

Pepermunt Dutch

Peperoncino Italian

Peperone Italian

Peperone Italian

Peperoni Tigrinya

Pepe rosa Italian

Pepe rosso piccante Italian

Pepe verde Italian

Pepo Korean

Pepo-mintu Korean

Peppa Japanese

Peppar Swedish

Pepparmynta Swedish

Pepparrot Swedish

Peppeort-mint Thai

Pepper English, Norwegian

Pepper, alligator English

Pepper, anise English

(Pepper, Ashanti) English

(Pepper, Balinese) English

Pepper, bell English

Pepper, Bengal English

Pepper, black English

Pepper, Brazil English

(Pepper, Burro) English

Pepper, Cayenne English

Pepper, Chinese English

(Pepper, Clusius) English

Pepper, cubeb English

(Pepper, cubeb (false)) English

Pepper, green English

Pepper, Guinea English

(Pepper, Guinea) English

Pepper, Jaborandi English

Pepper, Jamaica English

Pepper, Japanese English

Pepper, Jawanese English

Pepper, Kani English

Pepper, long English

Pepper, melegueta English

Pepper, moor English

Pepper, mountain English

Pepper, native English

(Pepper, Peruvian) English

Pepper, pink English

Pepper, pod English

Pepper, red English

Pepper, sacred English

Pepper, Senegal English

Pepper, Sichuan English

Pepper, sweet English

Pepper, tailed English

Pepper, Tasmanian English

Pepper, water English

Pepper, white English

Pepper grass English

Pepper leaves, Mexican English

Peppermint English

Peppermynte Norwegian

Pepper rosé English

Pepperrot Norwegian

Pepper tree, African English

Pepper tree, Californian English

(Pepper tree, Peruvian) English

Pepř Czech

Pepř, bílý Czech

Pepř, černý Czech

Pepř, čínský Czech

Pepř, hřebíčkový Czech

Pepř, Jamajský Czech

Pepř, mnišský Czech

Pepř, růžový Czech

Pepř, zelený Czech

Pepř cayenský Czech

Pepř cubéba Czech

Pepř cubébový Czech

Pepř dlouhý Czech

Pepre Sranan

Peprina Maltese

Pepř japonský Czech

Pepř malaguetský Czech

Pepros Coptic

Peprovník Slovak

Pepř sečuánský Czech

Perac Belarusian

Perac, bely Belarusian

Perac, čorny Belarusian

Perac, iavanski Belarusian

Perac, kajenski Belarusian

Perac, syčuański Belarusian

Perac, ziaĺiony Belarusian

Perechnyi list, Meksikanski Russian

Pereg Hebrew

Perejil Spanish

Pereminde Swahili

Pereniaru-korianda Japanese

Pereszlén Hungarian

Pereszlén Hungarian

Perets Russian

Perets’ Ukrainian

Perets, belyj Russian

Perets, chyornyj Russian

Perets, dikij Russian

Perets, dlinnyj Russian

Perets, kajenskij Russian

(Perets, koloskovyj) Russian

Perets, kumba Russian

Perets, mavritanskij Russian

Perets, Sychuanskij Russian

Perets, Tasmanijskij Russian

Perets’, vodyanyj Ukrainian

Perets, yamajskij Russian

Perets, yaponskij Russian

Perets, yavanskij Russian

Perets, zelyonyj Russian

Perets’ bila Ukrainian

Perets’ chornyj Ukrainian

Perets’ dovhyj Ukrainian

Perets dushistyj Russian

Perets gvozdichnyj Russian

Perets krasnyj Russian

Perets kubebe Russian

Perets rozovyj Russian

Perets vodyanoj Russian

Perets’ zelenyj Ukrainian

Perexil Galician

Perfumed cherry English

(Pergamonto) Greek

(Pergamută) Romanian

Pericarpium Aurantii pharm.

(Pericarpium Bergamottae) pharm.

Pericarpium Citri pharm.

Pericon English

Pericón Spanish

Perifollo Spanish

Perila Bulgarian, Portuguese

Perila křovitá Czech

Perilė Lithuanian

Perile Yiddish

Perilla English, German, Russian

Perilla frutescens bot.

Perisilh Breton

Perllys Welsh

Pero hom Thai

Perretxilleze Basque

Perrexil Basque

Perrexila Basque

Persa Italian

Persamelo Tigrinya

Persemolo Greek

Persicária Portuguese

Persicaria hydropiper bot.

Persicaria Picante Spanish

Persil French

Persil arabe French

Persilja Finnish, Swedish

Persille Danish, Norwegian

Peršin Croatian, Serbian

Persinis gumbakmynis Lithuanian

Perská hořčice rokovník Czech

Persli Welsh

Peršun Croatian, Serbian

(Peruaanse peperboom) Dutch

(Peruanischer Pfeffer) German

(Perugamotu) Korean

(Perui bors) Hungarian

Perujski poper Slovenian

Perumjeerakam Malayalam

Perungayam Tamil

Perunjiragam Tamil

Perunkayam Malayalam

Perunkayan Sinhala

(Peruvian pepper tree) English

Peslen Turkish

Pesual Garo

(Petak) Konyak

Peterseli Indonesian

Peterselie Dutch

Petersell Estonian

Petersil German

Peter sili Urdu

Pētersīļi, dārza Latvian

Petersilie German

Petersilie, chinesische German

Petersilie, französische German

Petersilie, indische German

Peteršilj Slovenian

Peterwurz German

Peterzili Amharic

Petits doigts French

Petits doigts French

Petražolė Lithuanian

Petreshke Yiddish

Petrezselyem Hungarian

Petrishke Yiddish

Petrishke-kervl Yiddish

Petroselinon Old Greek

Petroselinum Latin

Petroselinum crispum bot.

Petroselo Esperanto

Petrosilenum Latin

Petrosilia Hebrew

Petrozilia Hebrew

Petrushka Georgian, Russian, Turkmen

Petrushka horodnya Ukrainian

Petruşka Turkmen

Petržel Czech

Petrželka Czech

Petržel kadeřavá Czech

Petržel zahradní Czech

Petržlen Slovak

Petržlen záhradný Slovak

Pétursselja Icelandic

Peucedanum graveolens bot.

Peumus boldus bot.

Peure Provencal

Pewansi Konyak

Pfeffer, Anis- German

(Pfeffer, Aschanti-) German

Pfeffer, australischer German

(Pfeffer, balinesischer) German

Pfeffer, bengalischer German

Pfeffer, Berg- German

Pfeffer, Berg- German

Pfeffer, Blatt- (mexicanischer) German

Pfeffer, Blüten German

Pfeffer, brasilianischer German

(Pfeffer, Burro-) German

Pfeffer, Cayenne- German

Pfeffer, Chili- German

Pfeffer, chinesischer German

(Pfeffer, Clusius-) German

Pfeffer, grüner German

(Pfeffer, Guinea-) German

Pfeffer, Guinea- German

Pfeffer, Jamaica- German

Pfeffer, japanischer German

Pfeffer, jawanischer German

Pfeffer, Kani- German

Pfeffer, Kissi- German

Pfeffer, Kubeben- German

(Pfeffer, Kubeben- (falscher)) German

Pfeffer, langer German

Pfeffer, Melegueta- German

Pfeffer, Mohren- German

Pfeffer, Nelken- German

Pfeffer, nepalesischer German

(Pfeffer, peruanischer) German

Pfeffer, rosa German

Pfeffer, roter German

Pfeffer, Schwanz- German

Pfeffer, schwarzer German

Pfeffer, Senegal- German

Pfeffer, Sichuan- German

Pfeffer, Stiel- German

Pfeffer, tasmanischer German

Pfeffer, Wasser- German

Pfeffer, weißer German

Pfeffer, Zitronen- (indonesischer) German

Pfefferbaum, afrikanischer German

Pfefferblatt, mexicanisches German

Pfefferkraut German

Pfefferminze German

Pghpegh Armenian

Phachimi Thai

Phadigom Manipuri

Phadigom, Awa Manipuri

Phae Thai

Phak bua hua nyai Lao

Phakchi Thai

Phakchi duanha Thai

Phakchi farang Thai

Phakchi farang Thai

Phakchi lao Thai

Phakchi lao Thai

Phakchi long Thai

Phakchi met Thai

Phak hom Thai

Phak hom lap Lao

Phak hom thet Lao

(Phak itu) Thai

Phak kan kam Lao

Phak kat nam Thai

Phak kayang Thai

Phak khaotong Thai

Phak khrat haewan Thai

Phak krat Thai

Phak Nastoe-cham Thai

Phakpai Manipuri

Phak pet Thai

Phak phai Thai

Phak phai nam Thai

Phak pheo Lao

Phak phew Lao

Phak tumhu Thai

(Pha la) Thai

Phalazee Burmese

Phar Nepali

Pharongkor Tangkhul

Phasli Thai

Phatikom Tangkhul

Phat thu Vietnamese

Phidugun Mao

Phik Lao

Phik noi Lao

Phik thai Lao

Philphil Farsi

Philphil Farsi

Phipros Coptic

Phirphion Coptic

Phka cann Khmer

Phlasli Lao

Pho ba ril bu Tibetan

Pholkexor Assamese

Pho lo ling Tibetan

Phong karee Thai

Phortokhali Georgian

Phrik chifa Thai

Phrik daeng Thai

Phrik haeng phallek Thai

Phrik hang Thai

Phrik hang Thai

Phrik khee nu Thai

Phrik lueang Thai

Phrik om Thai

Phrik thai Thai

Phrik yueak Thai

Phudino Gujarati

Phuji Chakma

Piaj Apatani, Punjabi, Santali

Piaja Oriya

Pianj Bengali

Pianj koli Bengali

Pias Farsi, Mao

Piat Khasi

Piatrushka Belarusian

Piaz Farsi, Hindi, Nepali, Punjabi

Piazcheh Farsi

Pidin Lao

Piepor dlhý Slovak

Piepor kubébový Slovak

Pieprz Polish

(Pieprz aschanti) Polish

Pieprz długi Polish

Pieprz kubeba Polish

Pieprz malagetta Polish

Pieprz murzyński Polish

Pieprzowiec roczny Polish

Pieprz syczuański Polish

Pieprzyca siewna Polish

Pieprzyk Polish

Pieprz żółtodrzew Polish

Pietruszka zwyczajna Polish

Pigweed, sweet English

Pikk kollajuur Estonian

Pikk pipar Estonian

(Pikromigdalo) Greek

(Pikromygdalo) Greek

Pila Aramaic

Pila rai Hindi

Pilbal Korean

Pilchingga Korean

Pilipili Swahili

Pilipili hoho Swahili

Pilipili hoho Swahili

Pilpel Hebrew

Pilpel adom Hebrew

Pilpel angli Hebrew

Pilpel arok Hebrew

Pilpel harifa Hebrew

Pilpel lavan Hebrew

Pilpel matok Hebrew

Pilpel shahor Hebrew

Pilpel yarok Hebrew

Pilpil Farsi

Pilpili Georgian

Pilpilun bakut Hebrew

(Pilpilun damui-aley) Hebrew

Pimang Korean

Pimant brout Breton

Pimant dous Breton

Pimendipuu, harilik Estonian

Piment Croatian, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Serbian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Yiddish

Pimenta Greek, Lithuanian

Pimenta Portuguese

Pimenta-branca Portuguese

Pimenta-da-áfrica Portuguese

Pimenta-da-índia Portuguese

Pimenta-da-jamaica Portuguese

Pimenta de caiena Portuguese

(Pimenta-de-rabo) Portuguese

(Pimenta-de-são-tomé) Portuguese

Pimenta dioica bot.

Pimenta-do-congo Portuguese

Pimenta-do-reino Portuguese

Pimenta dvudomnaya Russian

Pimenta Guiné Portuguese

(Pimenta longa) Portuguese

Pimenta-negra Portuguese

Piment annuel French

Pimentão Portuguese

Pimentão doce Portuguese

Pimenta officinalis bot.

Pimenta-preta Portuguese

Pimenta-rosa Portuguese

Pimentas, kekinis Lithuanian

Pimentas, vaisiai Lithuanian

Pimenta síria Portuguese

Pimenta Szechuan Portuguese

Pimenta-verde Portuguese

Piment des abeilles French

Piment des Ruches French

Piment doux French

Piment doux d’Espagne French

Pimenteira Portuguese

Pimenteiro silvestre Portuguese

Piment enragé French

Piment fort French

Piment Jamaïque French

Piment noir de Guinée French

Pimento English, Esperanto, Greek, Hungarian, Italian

Pimento English

Piment-oiseau French

Pimentón Spanish

Pimentovník pravý Czech

Piment royal French

Piments Latvian

Pimienta acuática Spanish

Pimienta blanca Spanish

Pimienta de Cayena Spanish

Pimienta de Malagueta Spanish

Pimienta gorda Spanish

Pimienta negra Spanish

Pimienta picante Spanish

Pimienta Roja Spanish

Pimienta Rosa Spanish

Pimiento de Jamaica Spanish

Pimiento dulce Spanish

Pimiento morrón Spanish

Pimpali Marathi

Pimpinella anisum bot.

Pindosin Burmese

Pinggeo-rutu Korean

Pink pepper English

Pinngo-rutu Korean

Pintenoagă Romanian

Pinzainpinzin Burmese

Piobar Gaelic, Irish

Piobar dubh Gaelic

Piobar geal Gaelic

Piobar glas Gaelic

Piole Yiddish

(Piołun) Polish

Pipal Maithili

Pipali Oriya, Punjabi

Pipar Icelandic

Pipar, cayenne’i Estonian

Pipar, grænn Icelandic

Pipar, hvítur Icelandic

Pipar, must Estonian

Pipar, pikk Estonian

Pipar, roheline Estonian

Pipar, Sichuani Estonian

Pipar, svartur Icelandic

Pipar, valge Estonian

Pipari Latvian

Pipari Gujarati

Pipari, baltie Latvian

Pipari, čili Latvian

Pipari, jamaikas Latvian

Pipari, kajēnas Latvian

Pipari, melnie Latvian

Pipari, rozā Latvian

Pipari, smaržīgie Latvian

Pipari, zaļie Latvian

Piparjuuri Finnish

Piparmētras Latvian

Piparmint Hindi

Piparminta Icelandic

Piparminttu Finnish

Piparmünt Estonian

Piparrohi Estonian

Piparrót Icelandic

Piper Albanian, Basque, Bulgarian, Frisian, Latin, Macedonian, Romanian

Piper Macedonian

Piper, cherven Bulgarian

Piper, dulgiyat Bulgarian

Piper, Kitajski Bulgarian

Piper, Melegeta Bulgarian

Piper, Sechuanski Bulgarian

Piper alb Romanian

Piper american Romanian

Piper auritum bot.

Piperbeltz, jamaikako Basque

Piperbeltza Basque

Piper brazilian Romanian

Piper cheren Bulgarian

Piper chinezesc Romanian

(Piper clusii) bot.

Piper cubeba bot.

Piper de baltă Romanian

Piper de Cubebe Romanian

Piper de Guineea Romanian

Piper de Jamaica Romanian

Piper de Sichuan Romanian

Pipereni zurna Bulgarian

(Piper guineense) bot.

Piperi Greek

Piperia Greek

Piperi aspro Greek

Piperiche Bulgarian

Piperi Iamaïkis Greek

Piperi kagien Greek

Piperi mauro Greek

Piperi melenketa Greek

Piperita Spanish

Piperka Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian

Piper longum bot.

Pipermina Basque

Piper negru Romanian

Piper nigrum bot.

Piperoriza Greek

(Piper peruvian) Romanian

Piperrautsa Basque

(Piper retrofractum) bot.

Piper roşu chinezesc Romanian

Piper roz Romanian

Piperrozov Bulgarian

Piper sanctum bot.

Piperul broaştei Romanian

Piphli Oriya

Pipi Newari

Pipil Bengali

Pi-pi ling Tibetan

Pipirai Lithuanian

Pipirai, baltieji Lithuanian

Pipirai, japoniškas Lithuanian

Pipirai, juodieji Lithuanian

Pipirai, kajeno Lithuanian

Pipirai, kubebos Lithuanian

Pipirai, raudonieji Lithuanian

Pipirai, tasmanijos Lithuanian

Pipirai, žalieji Lithuanian

Pipiras, ausytasis Lithuanian

(Pipiras, indonezinis) Lithuanian

Pipirinė mėta Lithuanian

Pipirinė uosrūtė Lithuanian

Pipirkrienis, japoninis Lithuanian

Pipirmėtė Lithuanian

Pipirnė sėjamoji Lithuanian

Pipla Nepali, Newari

Pipoli Assamese

Pippali Sanskrit

Pippalli Malayalam

Pippallu Telugu

Pippli Dogri, Hindi

Pippuri Finnish

Pippuri, setsuanin Finnish

Pippuriruutapuu Finnish

Pipra-koldpuu Estonian

Pipro Esperanto

Pipro, blanka Esperanto

Pipro, ĉina Esperanto

Pipro, kajena Esperanto

Pipro, nigra Esperanto

Pipro, verda Esperanto

Pipromento Esperanto

Pipul Bengali, Urdu

Pirhe ghans Nepali

Piripíri Portuguese

Pirixel Galician

Piriyani ilai Tamil

Piros bors Hungarian

Pirosító, magyar Hungarian

Piros paprika Hungarian

Pirshushkha Georgian

Pirshushxa Georgian

Pirul Spanish

Pirunpaska Finnish

Pirunpihka Finnish

Pisi hui Thai

Piskavica Croatian, Serbian

Pískavica Slovak

Pískavice řecké seno Czech

Pitkäpippuri Finnish

Pitna Georgian

(Pito amondu) Korean

Pitoma nana Serbian

(Pito orenji) Korean

Pitrosilinon Aramaic

Piyaj Assamese, Chakhesang-Chokri

Piyan Turkish

Piyanj Assamese

Piyoz Tajik, Uzbek

Piyyaz Kazakh

Pjer’ts Mongolian

(Pla ko) Thai

Plamatka Czech

Pļavas ķimene Latvian

(Plokščiadyglė uosrūtė) Lithuanian

Plu khao Thai

Pluu-kao Thai

Poch kak lavhak Khmer

Pock kak Khmer

Podina Hindi, Oriya, Santali

Podolgovati poper Slovenian

Pod pepper English

Poduna Assamese

(Pogamos) Korean

(Po ho) Mandarin

Pohok Malay

Poikak Thai

Poipín Irish

Poivre à queue French

Poivre aromatique French

Poivre blanc French

Poivre d’eau French

Poivre de Bourbon French

Poivre de Cayenne French

Poivre de Guinée French

Poivre de Java French

Poivre de la Jamaique French

Poivre de Sénégal French

Poivre des moines French

(Poivre du Kissi) French

Poivre du Setchuan French

Poivre du Sichuan French

Poivre indigène French

Poivre long French

Poivre Mexicaine French

Poivre noir French

Poivre rosé French

Poivre rouge French

Poivrette French

Poivre vert French

Poivrier d’Amérique French

Pokok Jeraju Gunung Malay

Pokok kuku lang Malay

Pokok pala Malay

Pol Sinhala

Põld-lambalääts Estonian

Põld-mustköömen Estonian

Põld-võõrkapsas Estonian

Polgasa Sinhala

Poligono pepe d’acqua Italian

Polin Yiddish

Polto Korean

Polto ripu Korean

Polyeidos Old Greek

Polygonum hydropiper bot.

Polygonum odoratum bot.

(Polyn, biterer) Yiddish

Polyn’, kustarnikovaya Russian

Polyn Bozhe derevo Russian

Polyn’ estragonnaya Russian

(Polyn’ gor’kaya) Russian

(Polyn hirkyj) Ukrainian

Polyn lechebnaya Russian

Polyn obyknovennaya Russian

Polyn zvychajnyj Ukrainian

Pomadnoe derevo Russian

Pomagránait Irish

(Pomaranča, grenka) Slovenian

Pomaranča, sladka Slovenian

(Pomaranč sladký) Slovak

(Pomaranćza gorzka) Polish

Pomarańcza słodka Polish

Pomegranate English

Pomeranč Czech

(Pomeranets) Russian

(Pomeranssi) Finnish

(Pomerantsipuu) Estonian

(Pomeranze) German

Pomgranad Welsh

Pomoranča Serbian

Pomorandža Serbian

Ponchirade French

(Poncire commun) French

Pongchul Korean

Pongmo Konyak

Poondu Malayalam

Poper Slovenian

Poper, ameriški Slovenian

Poper, beli Slovenian

Poper, črni Slovenian

Poper, kajenski Slovenian

Poper, lažni Slovenian

Poper, malguetta Slovenian

Poper, perujski Slovenian

Poper, podolgovati Slovenian

Poper, zeleni Slovenian

Poper kubeba Slovenian

Popi Angami, Korean

Poppy English

Poprasta drese Slovenian

Poprova meta Slovenian

Porech Bulgarian

Porru tipula Basque

Pors Norwegian, Swedish

Pórsáfrány Hungarian

Porse Danish

Porss Estonian

Portağal Azeri

Po’rtahol Uzbek

Portakal Turkish

Porteghal Farsi

Portocal Romanian

Portocală Romanian

Portokal Bulgarian, Macedonian

Portokali Greek

Portokalli Albanian

Portoxali Georgian

Post Bengali, Punjabi, Urdu

Posta Hindi, Oriya, Santali

Postak Oriya

Postakkai Tamil

Post dana Hindi

Postukaya Telugu

Potaippul Tamil

Potočarka Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian

Potocharka Ukrainian

Potočnica lekárska Slovak

Potočnice Czech

Pouncirado Provencal

Pounk Coptic

Poy baharatı Turkish

Poy kak bua Thai

Požlt farbiarska Slovak

Prášková paprika Czech

Praso Greek

Pras sva Khmer

Pravá růže bulharská Czech

(Pravi pelin) Slovenian

Prezzemolo Italian

Prickelblume German

Prickelknöpfchen German

Prickly ash English

Prik chifa Thai

Prik daeng Thai

Prik haeng pallek Thai

Prik hang Thai

Prik hang Thai

Prik khi nu Lao

Prik ki nu Thai

Prik lueang Thai

Prik om Thai

Prik thai Thai

Prik yueak Thai

Prila Hebrew

Primmemou Coptic

Pring sratoab Khmer

Pro hom Thai

Promèntòn Papiamento

Promenton Papiamento

Pronks lutiklill Estonian

Pruno odoroso Italian

Prunus dulcis bot.

Prunus mahaleb bot.

Pselik Albanian

Pseudofructus Juniperi pharm.

Pstrolistka sercowata Polish

Ptharmike Coptic

Ptychotis ajowan bot.

Puar Malay

(Puar) Malay

Pudina Bengali, Dogri, Garo, Hindi, Indonesian, Kannada, Khasi, Maithili, Malay, Manipuri, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Tulu, Urdu

Pudina-sahai Urdu

Puerto Rican coriander English

Puerto Ricó-i koriander Hungarian

Pujo Finnish

Puju, harilik Estonian

Pukkaitha Malayalam

Pul biber Turkish

(Puledium) Latin

(Puleium) Latin

Puli Malayalam, Tamil, Tulu

Pulimaram Malayalam

Pullaek-kumin Korean

Pullaek pepeo Korean

Pulpa Tamarindorum pharm.

Pum hub Hmong

Pumpkin seeds English

Pumum granatum Latin

Punaise mâle French

Punapipar Estonian

Pune Estonian

Pune, harilik Estonian

(Puneh) Farsi

Punica granatum bot.

Punkepuli Tulu

Punnagchampa Hindi

Pupumētra Latvian

Pupur Welsh

Purasruoho Finnish

Purbi elaichi Urdu

Purløg Danish

Purqarku mjekësor Albanian

Purun Mizo

Purunsen Hmar, Mizo

Purunvar Hmar, Mizo

Purvmirtes Latvian

Pushpa-Chamar Hindi

Puthina Malayalam

Putinan Mizo

Pyaj Chakma, Newari, Rengma

Pyaz Kashmiri, Urdu

Pybyr Welsh

Pyim daw thein Burmese

Pyoj Maithili


Qaedyndj Ossetian

Qakrus Aramaic

Qalamfur Tajik

Qalampır Kazakh

Qalampir Uzbek

Qalampir Uzbek

Qalampir Yalpiz Uzbek

Qapri Aramaic

Qaqacho Georgian

Qaqachos tesli Georgian

Qarafs Uzbek

Qarfah Arabic

Qart Aramaic

Qasia Hebrew

Qassia Hebrew

Qataraq Aramaic

Qenamon Aramaic

Qenfer Tigrinya

Qepa Albanian

Qepë Albanian

Qepë e arushës Albanian

Qerfe Tigrinya

Qetsach Hebrew

Qetsah Hebrew

(Qhaus rau qiab) Hmong

Qimmel Hebrew

Qimnoni Albanian

Qimnoni Albanian

Qimron Albanian

Qinamon Hebrew

Qin cai Mandarin

Qing cai Chinese

Qin jiao Mandarin

Qirfah Arabic

Qirfah saighoni Arabic

Qırmızı bibər Azeri

Qışa Kazakh

Qish Aramaic

Qışı Kazakh

Qisum Arabic

(Qitre) Coptic

(Qitrin) Aramaic

Qi ye lan Mandarin

Qızıl burış Kazakh

Qızılgül Azeri

Qizilmiya Uzbek

Qızılmiyya Kazakh

Qlahlah Aramaic

Qnou Coptic

Qontxora Ossetian

Qoqus Hebrew

Qora gorchitsa Uzbek

Qoranit Hebrew

Qora xantal Uzbek

Qouj Coptic

Qouq Coptic

Qronfol Maltese

(Qua Thanh Yen) Vietnamese

Qua vani Vietnamese

Que Vietnamese

Que don Vietnamese

Que hoa Vietnamese

Que hoi Vietnamese

(Quendel) German

Quendel, römischer German

Que quang Vietnamese

Que qui Vietnamese

Que ranh Vietnamese

Que ranh Vietnamese

Que Srilanca Vietnamese

Que thanh Vietnamese

Que thanh hoa Vietnamese

Que tren Vietnamese

Qui nghe Vietnamese

Qurdeman Aramaic

Qurfa Arabic

Qurni Aramaic

Qurtam Aramaic, Hebrew

Qychy Ossetian


Raamathan Sanskrit

Rabaji Korean

Rabandin Korean

Rabanete Portuguese

Rabanete-japonês Portuguese

Rábano Portuguese

Rábano picante Spanish

Rábano rústico Spanish

Rabaumalad Estonian

Rabeji Korean

Rabell Catalan

Rabenda Japanese

Rabendeo Korean

Rabendo Korean

Rabo de Alacrán Spanish

Racao Spanish

Rădăcină dulce Romanian

Radix Apii graveolentis pharm.

Radix Armoraciae pharm.

Radix Levistici pharm.

Radix Liquiritiae pharm.

Radix Petroselini pharm.

Rafano Italian

Rai Gujarati, Hindi, Maithili, Punjabi, Urdu

Rai, pila Hindi

Rai, safed Hindi

Raidis fhiáin Irish

Raifort French

Raifort du Japon French

Raihan Arabic

Raihan al-limun Arabic

Raim Korean

Raimu Japanese

Rai sorse Bengali

Rai turi Santali

Raiz-forte Portuguese

(Raja Mirch) Hindi

Rajani Sanskrit

Rajská zrna Czech

Rajskiye zyorna Russian

Rajsko zrnje Slovenian

Raket Dutch

Raketkruid Dutch

Rakita Serbian

Raksivolez Breton

Raktabija Sanskrit

Rakuuna Finnish

Ramerino Italian

Ramkasturi Kannada

Rampa Sinhala

Rampe Hindi, Sinhala

Rampeh Sinhala

Ramsen German

Ramslauk Norwegian

Ramsløg Danish

Ramslök Norwegian, Swedish

Ramson English

(Ramtulasi) Nepali, Oriya

Ramusomuzu Japanese

Rand Arabic

Rand Arabic

Randa Maltese

Raosu Japanese

(Rarakhum) Lotha

Rasca Slovak

Rasca, egyptská čierna Slovak

Rasca lúčna Slovak

Rasca rímska Slovak

Rašeljka Croatian, Serbian

Rashad Arabic, Hebrew

Rasi Oriya

Rasin Garo

Rasin gipbok Garo

Rasin gitchok Garo

Rasmi Kannada

Rasun Santali

Rasuna Oriya

Rata asamodagam Sinhala

Rata dehi Sinhala

Rathu miris Sinhala

Rato Khursani Nepali

Rato latte Nepali

Raudene Latvian

Raudenes, parastās Latvian

Raudonėlis, paprastasis Lithuanian

Raudonieji pipirai Lithuanian

Raudonoji monarda Lithuanian

Rauke German

Rau mui tay Vietnamese

Rau muoi dai Vietnamese

Rau ngo Vietnamese

Rau om Vietnamese

Rau que Vietnamese

Rau ram Vietnamese

Raute German

Rau thom Vietnamese

Rau tia to Vietnamese

Ravé japones Catalan

Ravenda Japanese

Rave picant Catalan

Ravo Mao

Rayhon Uzbek

Rayo Newari

Rayxon Tajik

Razianeh Farsi

Razijan Macedonian

Raziyane Turkish

Raziyanei-rumi Turkish

Razmaryn Belarusian

Rdesno peprník Czech

Rdest ostrogorzki Polish

Recalicé Provencal

Recalissi Provencal

Rechina fena? Farsi

Řecké seno Slovak

Red pepper English

Reendhoo Dhivehi

Regaléssia Catalan

Regalis Breton

Regaliz Spanish

Regamo Italian

Reglisă Romanian

Réglisse French

Regolizia Italian

Rehan Hebrew

Reihan Farsi

Reisfeldpflanze German

Rekhani Georgian

Remon Japanese, Korean

Remonbabena Japanese

Remon bam Korean

Remon-bam Korean

Remonbamu Japanese

Remon-beobena Korean

Remon beobena Korean

Remon bobena Korean

Remon-gurasu Korean

Remongurasu Japanese

Remon-matoru Japanese

Remon meotul Korean

Remonso Japanese

Ren Macedonian, Serbian, Vietnamese

Rena Sinhala

Renouée odorante French

Renouée odorante French

Renouée poivre d’eau French

Reobiji Korean

Reobwiji Korean

Řeřicha zahradní Czech

Rešeljika Slovenian

Resurrection lily English

Réti kömény Hungarian

(Rewa) Thai

(Rewa-yai) Thai

Reyhan otu Turkish

Reyxan Azeri

Rezene Bulgarian, Turkish

Rėžiuko, vaistinio Lithuanian

Rhizoma Curcumae pharm.

Rhizoma Galangae pharm.

Rhizoma Zedoariae pharm.

Rhizoma Zingiberis pharm.

Rhizome de Zédoaire French

Rhoa Old Greek

Rhodon Old Greek

Rhois Latin

Rhoon Old Greek

Rhos Mair Welsh

Rhosmari Welsh

Rhosyn Welsh

Rhous Old Greek

Rhus aromatica bot.

Rhus coriaria bot.

Rhus glabra bot.

Rhyte Old Greek

Rice paddy herb English

Rideag Gaelic

Riɗi Hausa

Ridiche japoneză Romanian

Riegnu Maltese

Rieng Vietnamese

Rieng nep Vietnamese

Riešutinis kokosas Lithuanian

Riforz Breton

Rifouart Provencal

Riga Croatian, Serbian

Rigan Bulgarian, Romanian

Rigani Greek

Rigon i egër Albanian

Rigoni i zakonshëm Albanian

Rihaan Arabic

Rihamirus Dhivehi

Rihan Hebrew

Riħan Maltese

Rikeorisu Korean

Rikorisu Japanese, Korean

Rikula Croatian

Rimmon Aramaic, Hebrew

Rimon Hebrew

Rimskij tmin Russian

Římský kmín Czech

Římský kopr Czech

Rita Coptic

Robaji Korean

Robejji Japanese

Robiji Korean

Robwiji Korean

Rocet Welsh

Rock cherry English

Rocket English

Rocou Dutch, French

Rocouyer French

Rodi Greek

Rodia Greek

Rodie Romanian

Rödlök Swedish

Rød Peber Danish

Röd peber Danish

Rodselleri Danish

Roheline pipar Estonian

Rohtoneidonkukka Finnish

(Rohtopernaruoho) Finnish

Rohtopurasruoho Finnish

Rohtosalvia Finnish

Roiniţă Romanian

Roja Kannada, Tamil, Telugu

Rojapuvvu Telugu

Rojeu Korean

Rojinis imbierpipiri Lithuanian

Rojovník Czech

Roju Korean

Rojumari Korean

Rojumeri Korean

Roka Greek, Turkish

Roket Bulgarian, Hebrew

Roketa setá Czech

Roketez Breton

Roketto Japanese

Rokettu Korean

Roketu Korean

Rokieta siewna Polish

Rokyt, bahenní Czech

Rokyta Czech

Rokytník skvělý Czech

Romã Portuguese

Romaeri Lao

Romahan Kashmiri

Római kömény Hungarian

Roman Arabic

Romaní Catalan

(Romanian brown mustard) English

Romarin French

Romãzeira Portuguese

Romdeng Khmer

Romeinse komijn Dutch

Romeiro Galician

Romer Catalan

Romero Spanish

Romersk kummin Swedish

Romeu Galician

Romiet Khmer

Romiet Khmer

Römischer Kümmel German

Römischer Quendel German

Ron Chakma

Rong Kashmiri

Rong bol Garo

Roomankumina Finnish

Roomse kervel Dutch

Roos Dutch, Estonian

Root beer plant English

Roqet Hebrew

Roqueta Spanish

Roquette French

Rorel-bei Korean

Roreru Japanese

Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum bot.

Ros Swedish

Rós Icelandic, Irish

Ròs Gaelic

Rosa Italian, Latin, Malayalam, Sinhala, Spanish

Rosa Beeren German

Rosacchedi Malayalam

Rosa-chá Portuguese

Rosa damascena bot.

Rosa-pálida Portuguese

Rosa Pfeffer German

Rósapipar Icelandic

Rose Danish, English, German, Norwegian

Rose de Damas French

Roseepipar Estonian

Rosemary English

Rosépeppar Swedish

Rosé-Pfeffer German

Rose-pipar Estonian

Roser Catalan

(Roshia-kanzo) Japanese

Rosmaeri Lao, Thai

(Rosmaninho) Portuguese

Rosmareno Esperanto

Rosmariin Estonian

Rosmariin, harilik Estonian

Rosmariini Finnish

Rosmarin Danish, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish

Rósmarín Icelandic

Rosmarin encens French

Rosmarino Italian

Ros marinum Latin

Rosmarinus officinalis bot.

Rosmario Spanish

Rosmeri Sinhala

Ròs Mhuire Gaelic

Roso Japanese

Rosun Assamese, Bengali

Roter Pfeffer German

Roudi Greek

Rou dou kou Mandarin

Rou dou kou pi Mandarin

Rougui Mandarin

Rou gui Mandarin

Rou gui pi Mandarin

Roumanieou Provencal

Roumanin Provencal

Roumarin Breton

Routa Czech

Routa vonná Czech

Rowsu Sranan

Royivnyk Ukrainian

Royz Yiddish

Royz, kazanlikishe Yiddish

Roz Breton

Roza Bulgarian

Róża, bulgarska Polish

Róża, damasceńska Polish

Róża, turecka Polish

Roza damasskaya Russian

Róża otto Polish

Rozā pipari Latvian

Rožė, damaskinė Lithuanian

Rozemarijn Dutch

Roze peper Dutch

Rožės Lithuanian

Rozes Latvian

Rozmari Farsi, Greek

Rozmarin Azeri, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Romanian, Russian, Yiddish

Rožmarin Slovenian

Rozmarín Slovak

Rozmarinë Albanian

Rozmaring Hungarian

Rozmarini Georgian

Rozmarín lekársky Slovak

Rozmarīns Latvian

Rozmaryn Polish, Ukrainian

Rozmarýna Czech

Rozmarýna lékařská Czech

Rozmarýn lékařský Czech

Rozmaryn spravzhnij Ukrainian

Rozmeri Tigrinya

Roz-moc’h Breton

Rozo Esperanto

Roz piperi Greek

Rózsa Hungarian

Rózsaszín bors Hungarian

Rozumari Japanese

Rrapane Albanian

Rrikë Albanian

(Rtanjski čaj) Serbian

Ru Japanese, Korean, Thai


Rucë Albanian

Ruchaka Sanskrit

Ruchetta Italian

Rucola Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, Maltese, Romanian

Rucolakers Dutch

Rucolasallat Swedish

Rúcula Portuguese, Spanish

Ruda Catalan, Galician, Spanish

Rude Danish

Rudrajada Telugu

Rue English

Rue odorante French

Rugh Gaelic

Rūgščiavaisis Lithuanian

Rūgščiavaisis citrinmedis Lithuanian

Ruigh Gaelic

Ruj Croatian

Ruj, grozdasti Serbian

Rukiew wodna Polish

Rukkora Japanese

Rukola Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Serbian, Slovak

Rukola šalát Slovak

Ruku Hungarian

(Ruku-ruku) Indonesian, Malay

(Ruku-ruku hitam) Malay

(Ruku-ruku rimba) Indonesian

Rukvica, navadna Slovenian

(Rumänischer Braunsenf) German

Rumman Arabic, Aramaic, Turkish

Rummiena Maltese

Rumput tuboh Malay

(Runhmui-dum) Mizo

Ruoholaukka Finnish

Ruohosipuli Finnish

Ruokapaprika Finnish

Ruokaselleri Finnish

Ruokasipuli Finnish

Ruridisa Japanese

Rus Latin

Rusotähtianis Finnish

Ruta Croatian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Latin, Oriya, Serbian

Rută Romanian

Rūta, smaržīgā Latvian

Rūta, žalioji Lithuanian

Rută de grădină Romanian

Ruta dushistaya Russian

Ruta graveolens bot.

Ruta voňavá Slovak

Ruta zapashna Ukrainian

Ruta zwyczajna Polish

Rute Yiddish

Rutensenf German

Rúturunni Icelandic

Rutvica Croatian, Serbian

Ruud Estonian

Ruusu Finnish

Ruuta Finnish

Ruža Belarusian, Macedonian, Serbian

(Ruža, divlja) Croatian

Ruža damaskaja Belarusian

(Ruža šípová) Slovak

Růže Czech

Růže, pravá bulharská Czech

Ruže, ulje Croatian

Růže damascénská Czech

Ruzh Breton

Ružmarin Croatian, Serbian

Ruzmarin Macedonian, Serbian

Růžový pepř Czech

Rymski kmen Belarusian

Rynsun Khasi

(Ryomenshin) Japanese

Ryytineito Finnish

Ryytitilli Finnish

Rzeżucha ogrodowa Polish


(Saan faa jiu) Cantonese

Saan geung Cantonese

Saang geung Cantonese

Saan kwai Cantonese

Saan loh baahk Cantonese

Saan noih Cantonese

Saan yuk gwai Cantonese

Sabalin Burmese

Sabarang Chakma

Sabbasigi soppu Kannada

Sabja Marathi

Sabje Gujarati

Sabljasti triplat Slovenian

Sabori Korean

Šabrej kmínovitý Czech

Sabroso Spanish

Sa chanh Vietnamese

Sa Chuang Lao

(Sacred basil) English

Sacred pepper English

Sadab Arabic, Aramaic, Farsi, Urdu

Sadabu Kannada

Sada Marich Bengali

Sadapa Telugu

Sadapachettu Telugu

Sadapaha Sanskrit

Sadapaku Telugu

Sadaq Kazakh

Sada sorse Bengali

Sadikka Sinhala

(Sa diu) Vietnamese

Sadova ruta Ukrainian

Sadrèio Provencal

Sædögg Icelandic

Sa-em Lao

Sa-em thet Lao

Saenggang Korean

Saets Welsh

Safaid jeera Dogri, Hindi

Safaid mirch Punjabi

Safed mirch Urdu

Safed rai Hindi

Saffloer Dutch

Safflor Danish, English, Swedish

Safflower English

Saffraan Dutch

Saffran Icelandic, Swedish

Saffron English

Saffron, bastard English

Saffron, Indian English

Saffron, Mexican English

Saffrwm Welsh

Saflor Belarusian, Bulgarian, German, Norwegian, Russian

Saflori Finnish

Safrà Catalan

Šafran Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian

Safran Danish, Estonian, French, German, Norwegian, Provencal, Turkish

Šafrán Czech, Slovak

Šafran, divlji Serbian

Šafrán, indický Czech

Šafran, indijski Croatian

Safran, indischer German

Safran, mexicanischer German

Safran, yalancı Turkish

Safrāna krokuss Latvian

Šafranas Lithuanian

Safrānaugs Latvian

Safran bâtard French

Safran des Indes French

Safrani Greek

Safranı, hint Turkish

Šafranika Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian

Šafranjika Serbian

Safran kökü Turkish

Safrankrookus Estonian

Safrano Esperanto

Šafrán siaty Slovak

Safranum Latin

Sáfrány Hungarian

Sáfrányos szeklice Hungarian

Safron Amharic, Breton

Safuran Japanese

Saga Dzongkha

Sage English

Sa geung Cantonese

(Sagħtar) Maltese

Sag methi Hindi

Sahajir Maithili

Sahajira Oriya

Sahe bara Aramaic

Sahn heung chou Cantonese

Sahp yeuhk Cantonese

Sahrami Finnish

Sai Chuang Lao

Saidun Tamil

Sai-Eng-Chai Chinese

Saigon cinnamon English

Saigon fahéj Hungarian

Saigong-gyepi Korean

Saigoninis cinamonas Lithuanian

Saigonkaneli Finnish

Saigon-Zimt German

Sai heung chung Cantonese

Sai kahn Cantonese

Sáiste Irish

Sai yeuhng ngoh sam Cantonese

Sai yihp kahn Cantonese

Sai-Yong choi Chinese

Saje Chakma

Sajira Bengali

Sajiragam Malayalam

Sajivan Nepali

Sajmeggy Hungarian

(Sajolida) Catalan

Sajya Chakma

Sa khuong Vietnamese

Saksankirveli Finnish

Saksankumina Finnish

Sa lach son Vietnamese

Salad rocket English

Salai Tagalog

Salam Indonesian

Salamblad Dutch

Salam koja Indonesian

Salatkress Estonian

Salat-nam Thai

Salatrauke German

Salatsennep Norwegian

Šalavijas, vaistinis Lithuanian

Salbei German

Sälben Kazakh

Salbi Georgian

Salbia Basque

Saldiri Sinhala

Saldymedis Lithuanian

Saldymedis, paprastasis Lithuanian

Šałfej Belarusian

Salie Dutch

Salierai, valgomasis Lithuanian

Sa li pi* Lao

Salodki mindaĺ Belarusian

Šalotka Czech

(Šalotka) Czech, Slovak, Slovenian

(Ŝaloto) Esperanto

Şalot piyaz Kazakh

(Šalottisipuli) Finnish

(Salottisipuli) Finnish

(Šalottsibul) Estonian

Salsa Portuguese

Salsão Portuguese

Salsinha Portuguese

Salva-mansa Portuguese

Salvei Estonian

Šalvěj Czech

Šalvěj lékařská Czech

Salvia Finnish, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Swedish

Salvía Icelandic

Sàlvia Catalan

Šalvia Slovak

Sàlvia bona Catalan

Sàlvia d’Aragó Catalan

Šalvia lekárska Slovak

Salvia officinalis bot.

Salvie Danish, Norwegian, Romanian

Salvijas, ārstniecības Latvian

Salvio Esperanto

Salviya Bulgarian

Salvja Maltese

Samak Malay, Thai

Samanatsopa Ga-Dangme

Samat Thai

Sambram Bodo

Sambram Gufut Bodo

Şam gülü Turkish

Samin Burmese

Samit Armenian

Samit Armenian

Samong-saba Burmese

Samouco-do-brabante Portuguese

Sampalok Tagalog

Samphu Nepali

Sampsouchon Old Greek

Sampsukon Aramaic

Samran Lotha

Samsucum Latin

Samtblume German

Samtola Maithili

Samu Thai

Sanae Burmese

Sancho Russian

(Sancho) Korean

Sand ginger English

Sang keong Chinese

Sangtra Punjabi

Sangvil Hebrew

(San-gyu) Korean

(Sa nham nam vang) Vietnamese

(Sa nhan) Vietnamese

Sannadumparashtramu Telugu

Sannae Korean

San nai Mandarin

Sanouz Arabic

Sanque Tagalog

Sansho Japanese

Sansho-modoki Japanese

Sanšó Czech

Sanšó koření Czech

Santara Dogri, Gujarati, Hindi, Kashmiri, Maithili, Urdu

Santarasi Newari

San thuyen Vietnamese

Santoreggia Italian

Santurig Breton

(Santurig-goañv) Breton

Sanuj Catalan

Sa nwin Burmese

Saoj Breton

Saouvi Provencal

(Saphaa) Lao

Saphed Mirch Hindi

Sappira Tamil

Sapran Indonesian

Sapullaweo Korean

Sapuran Korean

Sar Icelandic, Norwegian

Sara anwiw Fante

Saramu-rifu Japanese

Saranae Lao, Thai

(Sarepta kapsasrohi) Estonian

Sareptamosterd Dutch

(Sarepta mustard) English

(Sareptansinappi) Finnish

(Sareptasenap) Swedish

(Sarepta-Senf) German

(Sareptas sinepes) Latvian

Sárga gyömbérgyökér Hungarian

Sárga mustár Hungarian

Sarı boya Turkish

Sarı kök Turkish

Sarıkök Azeri

Sarimsag Mongolian

Sarımsak Turkish

Sarımsak, yabanî Turkish

Sarımsaq Azeri, Kazakh

Sarimsok Tajik

Sarimsoq Uzbek

Saris Coptic

Sarja Kazakh

Sarkantyúka Hungarian

Sarkantyúvirág Hungarian

(Šarlotes sīpoli) Latvian

Sarmis Mongolian

Sarmısak Turkish

Sarnai Mongolian

(Sarpoil) Basque

Sarriette French

Sarso Maithili, Nepali

Sarson Urdu

Sarubia Japanese, Korean

Sarviapila Finnish

Sarv Kuhi Farsi

Sarvvasugandhi Malayalam

Sarxa Galician

Sarymsyk Turkmen

Sasafrás Spanish

Sasafras Arabic, Slovenian

Sasafras, balkšvasis Lithuanian

Sasafrasa Croatian

Sasafras lekarski Polish

Sasafraso Esperanto

Sasag Tigrinya

Sasang Santali

Sasapareosu Korean

Sasapureosu Korean

(Saseasenara) Nzema

Sasefras Yiddish

(Sasema) Fante

Sasive Kannada

Sassafras Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Russian, Slovak

Sassafrás Portuguese

Sassafras, valkjas Estonian

Sassafras albidum bot.

Sassafras officinalis bot.

Sassafrasové listy Slovak

Sassafrasso Italian

Sassafurasu Japanese

Sat Lao

Sata guppam Sinhala

Sataguppi Tamil

Satap Malayalam

Satapa Gujarati, Marathi

Satar Hebrew

Satar Farsi

(Satar) Hebrew

Satar barri Arabic

Satari Hindi

(Sateri, dağ) Turkish

Sater otu Turkish

Sathi Punjabi

Sathra Nepali

Satr Arabic

Satra Hebrew

Saturei German

Satureia Latin

Satureja hortensis bot.

Saturejka Czech

(Saturejka horská) Slovak

Saturejka záhradńa Slovak

Satureo Esperanto

Sauerdattel German

Sauge French

Saump Maithili

Saunf Dogri, Hindi

Saunf Dogri, Hindi

Saunf, moti Hindi

Saunf, patli Hindi

Saunf, tara Hindi

Saunf, vilayati Hindi

Saunph Punjabi

Šaurlapu lavanda Latvian

Sàuvi Provencal

Savala Malayalam

(Savanyú narancs) Hungarian

Savory English

Savyamu Telugu

(Sawa-orenji) Japanese

Sawi Malay

Saw leaf herb English

Sawr Welsh

Sawtooth coriander English

Sazab Turkish

Sazak Turkish

Sbar Arabic

Scallion English

(Scalogna) Italian

Scandix cerefolium bot.

Scandix odorata bot.

Schabziegerklee German

(Schalotte) German

(Schalottenlök) Swedish

Scharekruid Dutch

Schinduf Romanian

Schino brasiliano Italian

Schinopraso Greek

(Schinus molle) bot.

Schinus terebinthifolius bot.

Schlafmohn German

Schnittlauch German

Schoinos ho euodes Old Greek

Schraubenbaum, duftender German

Schraubenbaum-Blätter German

Schraubenbaum-Blüten German

Schraubenpalme German

Schraubenpalme German

Schroefpalm Dutch

Schroefpalm Dutch

Schwanzpfeffer German

Schwarzer Cardamom German

Schwarzer Kreuzkümmel German

Schwarzer Pfeffer German

Schwarzer Senf German

Schwarzkümmel German

Schwarznessel German

Scorţişoară Romanian

Scorţişoară Cassia Romanian

Scorţişoară chinezească Romanian

Scorţişoară indoneziană Romanian

Scorţişoară vietnameză Romanian

(Scotch Bonnet) English

Screwpine, fragrant English

Screw pine flower English

Screw pine leaf English

Screw tree flower English

Screw tree leaf English

(Se) Vietnamese

(Seallóidí) Irish

Seasaman Irish

Seath bhog Gaelic

Se ’bru Tibetan

Sebru Dzongkha

Sechuan Peber Danish

Sechuan peper Dutch

Sechuanski piper Bulgarian

Sečuan biber Serbian

Sečuánske korenie Slovak

Sečuánský pepř Czech

Sedano Italian

Sedano di montagna Italian

Sedano di Monte Italian

Sedaran Sinhala

Sedef Serbian

Sedefche Bulgarian

Sedef otu Turkish

Sedeno Tigrinya

(Sedratez) Breton

Seer Pashto

Seesam, harilik Estonian

Seesami Finnish

Segurelha-das-hortas Portuguese

(Segurelha-das-montanhas) Portuguese

Seibari Japanese

Seibori Korean

Seichü Angami

Seiji Korean

Seilearaidh Gaelic

Seiron-nikkei Japanese

Seiyo-hakka Japanese

Seiyo-suzu Japanese

Seiyo-toshyo Japanese

Seiyowasabi Japanese

Seiyo-yamahakka Japanese

Sej Sinhala

Sėjamoji petražolė Lithuanian

Sėjamoji pipirnė Lithuanian

Sekar pala Indonesian

Sekiryu Japanese

(Sek’it Almond) Amharic

Sek laahn yuhk gwai Cantonese

Sekvar Croatian

Selada air Indonesian

Selada ayer Malay

Selâm otu Turkish

Selaseh Malay

(Selaseh besar) Malay

(Selaseh mekah) Indonesian

Selasih Indonesian

Selasi jantan Malay

Selbieo Korean

Selder Uzbek

Sèlder Papiamento

Seĺderej Belarusian

Sel’derej Russian

Selderey Turkmen, Yiddish

Selderie Dutch

Selderij Dutch

Sèldu Papiamento

Seledri Indonesian

Selen Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian

Selera Ukrainian

Selera pakhucha Ukrainian

Seleri Hebrew, Urdu, Yiddish

Selērijas Latvian

Seler korzeniowy Polish

Seler zwyczajny Polish

Selft Dutch

Selim, grains of English

Selimskörner German

Selinë Albanian

Selino Greek

Selinoja Albanian

Selinon Old Greek

Selit Amharic

Seljufræ Icelandic

Selleori Korean

Selleori sidu Korean

Seller Estonian

Selleri Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish

Sellerie German

Sellerífræ Icelandic

Sellori Korean

Seloeri Thai

Selve Dutch

Semen Erucae pharm.

Semen Foenugraeci pharm.

Semen Myristicae pharm.

Semen Papaveris pharm.

Semen Sesami pharm.

Semen Sinapis pharm.

Semente-de-orégano Portuguese

Sementes de Mapoula Galician

Sementes-do-paraíso Portuguese

Semen Tonco pharm.

Semillas de Amapola Spanish

Semsem Coptic

(Sen) Vietnamese

Senafech tseda Tigrinya

Senafech tselim Tigrinya

Senafich, netch Amharic

Senafich, t’ikur Amharic

Senahun Malay

Senape biancha Italian

Senape nera Italian

Sendru Tibetan

Senegal pepper English

Senegalpfeffer German

Sénegré French

Senenka Czech

Sénevé noir French

Senf, schwarzer German

Senf, weißer German

(Sen gai) Vietnamese

(Sen hoi) Vietnamese

Senigré Provencal

(Sen la to) Vietnamese

Sennep Danish

Sennep, hvid Danish

Sennep, sort Danish

Sennepsalat Danish

Ŝenoprazo Esperanto

Senovka grécka Slovak

Sensam Fante

Sentebon French

Seodeonudu Korean

Seongnyu Korean

Seprőruta Hungarian

Ser Mizo

Ser Mizo

Sera Hindi, Sinhala

Serah Malay

Serai Indonesian, Malay

Serai dapur Malay

Sereh Dutch, Indonesian

(Sereptinis bastutis) Lithuanian

Serfilh Breton

Seriawan Indonesian

Seri lamin Tigrinya

Serori Japanese

(Serpillo) Italian

(Serpilo) Esperanto

(Serpol) Catalan

(Serpolet) French

(Serpoleto) Spanish

(Serpoul) Provencal

(Serpyllum) Latin

Serthlum Hmar, Mizo

Sesam German, Swedish

Sèsam Catalan

Sesam, wilder German

Sesame English

Sésame French

Sesame, wild English

Sésame sauvage French

Sesamfræ Icelandic

Sesami Greek

Sesamo Italian

Sésamo Galician, Portuguese, Spanish

Sesamon Old Greek

Sesamum indicum bot.

Sesamzaad Dutch

(Sesawi coklat) Indonesian

Sesawi hitam Indonesian

Sesawi putih Indonesian

Seseli carvi bot.

Seselis Old Greek

Sesham Aramaic

Şetan bökösu Turkish

(Šetraj, kraški) Slovenian

Šetraj, vrtni Slovenian

Setse Angami

Setsuanin pippuri Finnish

Seui fa Cantonese

Seui fuh yuhng Cantonese

(Seung mihn chi) Cantonese

(Sevillai narancs) Hungarian

(Sevilla orange) English

Seylan tarçını Turkish

Şeytan tersi Turkish

Sezab Turkish

Sezam Belarusian, Breton, Croatian, Czech, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Yiddish

Sezama Slovenian

Sezamas Lithuanian

Sēzama sēklas Latvian

Sezam indický Slovak

Sezam indyjski Polish

Sezamo Esperanto

Sezamové semínko Czech

Sezchuanpeppar Swedish

Sezi Japanese

Sezv-du Breton

Sezv-gwenn Breton

Sfarkë Albanian

(Sgalaid) Gaelic

Sga ser Tibetan

Sga skya Tibetan

Sga smug Tibetan

Sgeallan dubh Gaelic

Sgeallan geal Gaelic

Sgog pa Tibetan

Sgolag Gaelic

Shaahesprahm Pahlavi

Shabaliidag Pahlavi

Shabath Arabic

Shabit Pashto

Shado beni Spanish

Shafran Belarusian, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian

Shag Aramaic

Shagheyegh Farsi

Shahajirige Kannada

Shahasbram Armenian

Shahaspram Armenian

Shahi Aramaic

Shahi Farsi

Shahi jira Dogri, Hindi

Shah zira Urdu

Shaja mjekësore Albanian

Sha jen Chinese

Sha jiang Mandarin

Shaked Hebrew

Shakhalayim Tarbutyim Hebrew

Shaku Japanese

Shalfej Russian

Shalfey Yiddish

(Shaliot) Belarusian

(Shallot) English

(Shalot) Yiddish

(Shalot) Russian

(Shalottisipuli) Finnish

Shamaar Arabic

Shamar Arabic

Shamari Swahili

Shambala Russian

Shamir Hebrew

Shamraa Arabic

Shanbalid Urdu

Shanbalile Farsi

Shan hu jiao Mandarin

Shan jiang Mandarin

(Shan jiao) Mandarin

Shan kui Mandarin

Shan lo po Mandarin

Shan luo bo Mandarin

Shan nai Mandarin

Shants Mongolian

Shantsai Mongolian

Shan yu gui Mandarin

Shaprani Georgian

Shaqed Hebrew

(Shard) Aramaic

Sharilzh Mongolian

Shashkvliavi Georgian

Shatadalaa Sanskrit

Shatapattra Sanskrit

Shatapushpa Sinhala

Shatapushpamu Telugu

Shati Sanskrit

Shatpushpa Sanskrit

Shatpushpa Sanskrit

Shatta Arabic

Shauf Marathi

Shauk-nu Burmese

Shauktakera Burmese

Shauk-waing Burmese

Shavliya likars’ka Ukrainian

Shavo Lotha

Shebbelila Aramaic

Shebet Farsi

Shega Albanian

Shegd Aramaic

Shegda Aramaic

Shegë Albanian

Shegurti kayeh Tigrinya

Shegurti tseda Tigrinya

Sheingho Burmese

Shenempre Coptic

Sheng jiang Mandarin

Shen xiang cao Mandarin

Sherbela Albanian

Sherbelë mjekësore Albanian

Shërç Albanian

Sherolg’i shuvoq Uzbek

Sheshnou Coptic

Sheveed Farsi

Shevet rehani Hebrew

Shia jeera Hindi

Shiba Aramaic

Shibit Tajik

Shibitt Arabic

(Shih) Arabic

Shi liu Mandarin

Shi luo Mandarin

Shima Japanese

Shi na ma ngar Tibetan

Shinamon Japanese

Shinamonkasshia Japanese

Shina ngar Tibetan

Shinduram Malayalam

Shing Manipuri

Shing-kun Tibetan

Shing-tsa Tibetan

Shing-tsha Tibetan

Shinkurt, k’ey Amharic

Shinkurt, netch Amharic

Shirbakhti Georgian

Shireen buya Pashto

Shirin bayan Farsi

Shiro-garashi Japanese

Shiseri Japanese

Shiso Japanese

Shiso blad Dutch

Shiso-kusa Japanese

(Shitoron) Japanese

Shivit Uzbek

Shiwit Farsi

Shi yao Mandarin

Shjen Coptic

Shlaein Coptic

Shlequm Coptic

Shmukhtike gendzn-lopke Yiddish

Shnit-luk Russian

Shoap Marathi

Shoga Japanese

Shoith Maithili

Sholvie Yiddish

Shonsi Burmese

Shonti Telugu

Shooshma Armenian

Shooshmayi good Armenian

Shooshmir Armenian

Shorf feferl Yiddish

(Shorotto) Japanese

Shouj Coptic

Shoumar Arabic

Shouniz Coptic

Shounth Kashmiri

Shozuku Japanese

Shqeme Albanian

Shqemja Albanian

Shriisanjnan Sanskrit

Shringaran Sanskrit

Shringaveran Sanskrit

Shri-tulasi Kannada

Shroyfnboym Yiddish

Shroyfnboym Yiddish

Shtjemëz Albanian

Shtshipier Yiddish

(Shuang mian ci) Mandarin

Shug-pa Tibetan

Shugs-pa Tibetan

Shugurti zebii Tigrinya

Shui fu rong Mandarin

Shui jie cai Mandarin

Shui jin Mandarin

Shui liao Mandarin

Shui xun Mandarin

Shum Hebrew

Shumac English

Shumar Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew

Shum habar Hebrew

Shumshum Aramaic, Hebrew

Shumshuq Aramaic

Shunez Arabic

Shunthi Kannada, Sanskrit

Shunti Tulu

Shuntya Gujarati

Shush kireah Hebrew

Shushma Armenian

Shushmayi kut Armenian

Shushmir Armenian

Shu wei cao Mandarin

Shvartse gortshitse Yiddish

Shvartse mustarde Yiddish

Shvartser fefer Yiddish

Shvartser zeneft Yiddish

Shwet Aramaic

Shynrai Khasi

Siah avraham mazui Hebrew

Siah daneh Farsi

(Sialotsyn) Welsh

Siamese ginger English

Siam-Ingwer German

(Siauralapis bazilikas) Lithuanian

Sibin Bodo

Şibit Turkish

Sibit paklauit Tagalog

Sibul, harilik Estonian

Sibuyas Tagalog

Sichuani pipar Estonian

Sichuan pepper English

Sichuanpfeffer German

Sichuanpipar Icelandic

Sicilian sumac English

Sidalai Tamil

Sidrunaloisia Estonian

Sidrunhein, harilik Estonian

Sidrunipuu, harilik Estonian

(Sidrunipuu, näsaviljaline) Estonian

Sidrunmeliss Estonian

Sidrunpuju Estonian

Sierāboliņš Latvian

Sigappu milagai Tamil

Sığırdili Turkish

Siġra tal-virgi Maltese

Siġra tar-Rand Maltese

Sih loh Cantonese

Sikadez Breton

Si khai Lao

Silam Nepali

Silen zočin Macedonian

Sili Tagalog

Siling labuyo Tagalog

Siling pangsigang Tagalog

(Şillan) Turkish

Sillon-gyepi Korean

Silovoň Czech

Silovoň obecný Czech

Silphion Old Greek

Silpium Latin

Silum Latin

Sim Coptic

Simannirupuvvu Telugu

Sim-hwang Korean

Simkerlek Hmar

(Sim rayo) Nepali

Simsim Arabic, Coptic

Sinaasappel Dutch

(Sinaasappel, bergamot) Dutch

(Sinaasappel, bittere) Dutch

Sinamilagu Tamil

Sinamon Korean

Sinap, byal Bulgarian

Sinap cheren Bulgarian

Sinape Latin

Sinapi Old Greek

Sinapi agrio Greek

Sinapi aspro Greek

Sinapi i zi Albanian

Sinapi mauro Greek

Sinapis Latin

Sinapis alba bot.

Sinapis semen pharm.

Sinapo Esperanto

Sinapo, blanka Esperanto

Sinapo, nigra Esperanto

Sinaposporos Greek

Sinappikaali Finnish

Sindhuri Hindi

Sindreg Aramaic

Sindure Nepali

Sinegolovnik pakhuchi Russian

Sinegolovnik vonyuchij Russian

Sinep, valge Estonian

Sinepe, baltā Latvian

Sinepes, melnā Latvian

(Sinepes, sareptas) Latvian

Sinessappel Frisian

Sing git muih Cantonese

Singh Manipuri

Sinh khuong Vietnamese

Sinihärkylä Finnish

Sinine lambalaääts Estonian

Sinisarviapila Finnish

Sinnepsfræ Icelandic

Sinouj Arabic

Sinséar Irish

Sinsir Welsh

Sintjansbrood Dutch

Sinziminli Nzema

Siobaid Gaelic

Síobhas Irish

Šipak Croatian

Si pan dmar po Tibetan

Si pan sngon po Tibetan

Sipen marpo Tibetan

Sipen ngonpo Tibetan

Sīpoli, dārza Latvian

(Sīpoli, šarlotes) Latvian

Sipulinsiemen Finnish

Šipurak Croatian

Sir Farsi, Tajik, Urdu

Sir-kharas Farsi

Sirmik Turkish

Sirmo Turkish

Sirpiyoz Tajik

Sirso Garo

Sisi Nepali

Sisilli Korean

(Sisimbrium) Latin

Sisulli Korean

Sisunu Korean

(Sisymbrion) Old Greek

Sisymbrium nasturtium-aquaticum bot.

Sıtma otu Turkish

Sitroen Frisian

Sítróna Icelandic

Sitronmelde Norwegian

Sitronmelisse Norwegian

Sitroñs Breton

Sítrónugras Icelandic

Sítrónumelissa Icelandic

Sitrusheinät Finnish

Sitruuna Finnish

Sitruunamelissa Finnish

Sitruunaruoho Finnish

Sitruunasavikka Finnish

Si tuba sawah Indonesian

(Siu dau kau) Cantonese

Siu heung chou Cantonese

Siu wuih heung Cantonese

Siu wuih heung Cantonese

(Siva gorčica) Slovenian

Sivatulasi Malayalam

Siveydenpuu Finnish

Sivka Slovenian

Siyah hardal tohum Turkish

Siyah kimyon Turkish

Siyah susam Turkish

Siyambala Sinhala

Sjachet Arabic

(Sjalot) Dutch

(Sjalott-løk) Norwegian

Sjamar Arabic

Sjetvena grbica Croatian

(Skalotte løg) Danish

(Skalottlaukur) Icelandic

Skantziki Greek

Skessujurt Icelandic

Skhdor Armenian

(Skiinus, pehme) Estonian

Skjaldflétta Icelandic

Skoradon Aramaic

Skordo Greek

Škorica Slovak

Škorica cassia Slovak

Škorica cejlonská Slovak

Škorica čínská Slovak

Skořice cejlonská Czech

Skořice čínská Czech

Škoricovník čínsky Slovak

Skorodon Old Greek

Skorton Coptic

(Skrápsítróna) Icelandic

Skruepalme Danish

Skruepalme Danish

Skrupalme Norwegian

Skrupalme Norwegian

Skruvpalm Swedish

Skruvpalm Swedish

Škumpa koželužská Czech, Slovak

Skunkweed English

Skythike rhiza Old Greek

Slaapbol Dutch

Slaappapaver Dutch

Slacić Serbian

Slačica, bela Serbian

Slačica, crna Serbian

Sladić Serbian

Sladić, slatki Croatian

(Sladić, uralski) Croatian

Sladká paprika Czech

Sladka pomaranča Slovenian

Sladké drievko Slovak

(Sladkij limon) Russian

Sladkij mindal’ Russian

Sladkij ukrop Russian

Sladki komarček Slovenian

Sladki koren Slovenian

Sladki korijen Croatian

Sladký dřevo Czech

Sladký kopr Czech

Sladnik Bulgarian

Sladok koren Macedonian

Sladovka hladkoplodá Slovak

Sladuk koren Bulgarian

Slangekruid Dutch

Slan lus Gaelic

(Slatka naranča) Croatian

(Slatki badem) Croatian, Serbian

Slatki koren Serbian

Slatki sladić Croatian

Slatko drvce Serbian

Slek krey sabou Khmer

Slirk-krote sirk Khmer

Smar Aramaic

Smartweed English

Smaržīgā rūta Latvian

Smaržīgā vaniļa Latvian

Smaržīgie pipari Latvian

Smindukh Bulgarian

Smindukh grutski Bulgarian

Smindukh sin Bulgarian

Šmrca Serbian

Smreka Macedonian

Smrekna Serbian

Smrekovina Serbian

Smukhtiger gevirtsling Yiddish

Snep kor Khasi

Snidling Hungarian

Snijselderij Dutch

Šnitlink Czech

Šnytlík Czech

Sob Bodo

Sobachnyj perets’ Ukrainian

Sobe Basque

Sobotka Slovak

Sobuj Marich Bengali

Sodana Kazakh

Sodonudu Korean

Sodugu Korean

Soet kroei Thai

Sof Nepali, Newari

Şofran Romanian

Şofrănaş Romanian

Şofrănel Romanian

Şofran sălbatic Romanian

Sogan Turkmen

Soğan Azeri, Turkish

Soğanaq Azeri

Soğanı, frenk Turkish

Sohikirai Tamil

Soh jew Khasi

Soh Marit Khasi

Soh Mrit Khasi

Soh mynken Khasi

Soh ñiamtra Khasi

So-hoehyang Korean

Soh pieng Khasi

Soh tyntoi Khasi

Soilire Gaelic, Irish

Soit Maithili

Soje Chakma

Sojya Chakma

Sokh Armenian

Solinji Georgian

Solodka Russian

Solodka hola Ukrainian

Solodkyj korin’ Ukrainian

Sólselja Icelandic

Som Thai

Som Thai

Somagh Farsi

Somak Turkish

Sombu Tamil

Som hot Lao

Som kliang Thai

Sommacco Italian

Somph Assamese

Som phu Lao

Sompu Telugu

Som saa Thai

Som sian Lao

So na pad tshom Tibetan

Sona pentsom Tibetan

Sonf Urdu

Songino Mongolian

Songnyu Korean

Son nai Vietnamese

Son nai Vietnamese

Sonth Dogri, Hindi

Sonti Tamil

Soo kaerad Estonian

Soorohi Estonian

Sop, daun Malay

Soph Nepali

Soph Nepali

Soph Assamese

Sopu Telugu

Sorissa Oriya

(Soro wisa) Twi

Sorsa Bengali

Sort kardemomme Danish

Sortkommen Danish

Sort Kommen Danish

Sort peber Danish

Sort sennep Danish

Sothing Mizo

Souchet des Indes French

Souchet long French

Souchet odorant French

Soumaki Greek

(Sour orange) English

Sous Arabic

Southernwood English

Sou yihp Cantonese

Sovaĝa ajlo Esperanto

Sovârf Romanian

Sowa Hindi

Sox Armenian

Soya Nepali

Soyeob Korean

Soyeob Korean

Soyo Japanese

Soyop Korean

Soyop Korean

Soyop-pul Korean

Spaanse peper Dutch

Spad Aramaic

Spanac tămâios Romanian

Spánarkerfill Icelandic

Spandaan Pahlavi

Spanischer Kerbel German

Spanish chervil English

(Spanish garlic) English

Spanish juice English

Spanish tarragon English

Spansk kjørvel Norwegian

Spansk körvel Swedish

Spansk kørvel Danish

Spanyol turbolya Hungarian

Spargatök Hungarian

Specë Albanian

Speci Albanian

Spelinok Albanian

Sphakos Old Greek

Spidskommen Danish

Spijklavendel Dutch

Spilante Italian

Spilantes Finnish, Russian

Spilanthe des potagers French

Spilanthes oleracea bot.

Spin Garo

Spiny coriander English

(Spio-mintu) Korean

Spiskummin Swedish

Spisskummen Norwegian

Sporýš Czech

Sqelqil Coptic

Srđiš Serbian

Srdiš Croatian

Sremuš Serbian

Srijemuž Croatian

Sri Lanka cinnamon English

Sri-Lanka-Zimt German

(Sru) Ga-Dangme

Ssisaem Korean

Ssuk Korean

St. Lucie cherry English

Staartpeper Dutch

Stangenpfeffer German

Star anise English

Star phul Nepali

Stavikrv pieprový Slovak

Steelpeper Dutch

Steinklee, blauer German

Steinselja Icelandic

Steinweichsel German

Stelanizo Esperanto

Steranijs Dutch

Sternanis German

Stern-enes Yiddish

Sterrekers Dutch

Štiav pieprový Slovak

Stielpfeffer German

Stigmata Croci pharm.

Stikeme Coptic

Stikke med kniv Danish

Stinkasant German

Stinkende vinke Dutch

Stinking gum English

Stjärnanis Swedish

Stjerneanis Danish, Norwegian

Stjörnuanís Icelandic

Stoi Coptic

(Stoichas) Old Greek

Stor Galanga Danish

Stor galanga Danish

Stragon Breton

Struikselderij Dutch

Sua bathi Hindi

(Suan cheng) Mandarin

Suan dou Mandarin

Suan gan Mandarin

Sube-bedar Basque

Su biberi Turkish

Subiberi, yeşil Turkish

Succus Liquiritiae pharm.

(Suc sa mat) Vietnamese

Sudab Pahlavi

Sudah Urdu

Sudburg Hindi

Sudulunu Sinhala

Suduru Sinhala

Suen tau Cantonese

Sugandha Sanskrit

Sugandha vastuka Hindi

Suge-belar Basque

Sugeng Chinese

Sugmel Tibetan

Sug smel Tibetan

Süho Angami

Suhosi Angami

Suitoshiseri Japanese

Suk Korean

Sukaatti Finnish

Sukana morich Bengali

Sukano lanka Bengali

Sukila lanka Oriya

Sukmel Nepali

Sulasi Tagalog

Sulcină albastră Romanian

(Sulu) Ga-Dangme

Sumac Czech, English, French, Romanian

Sumac, Sicilian English

Sumach English, German, Italian, Slovak

Sumacum Latin

Sumagre Portuguese

Sumah Czech

Sumahh Estonian

Sumak Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, Hebrew, Polish, Serbian, Turkish, Yiddish

Sumakh Russian

Sumakki Finnish

Sumakku Japanese

Sumako Esperanto

Sumaq Azeri, Hebrew

Sumax Uzbek

Summaaq Arabic

Summaq Arabic, Aramaic

Sumpfmyrte German

Sumpiker vaks-hodes Yiddish

Sumsum Arabic, Hebrew, Yiddish

Sumugha Sumi

Sund Aramaic

Sungshi Ao

Sünjshe Ao

Sunporrothera Lotha

Sunt Punjabi

Sunth Gujarati, Marathi

Sunttala Nepali

Suomyrtti Finnish

Suo Shi Chinese

Sup Aramaic

(Supea-minto) Japanese

(Supieo-mintu) Korean

(Süpürgeotu) Turkish

Supu’wiri Sranan

Supuwiwiri Sranan

Suramarit Thai

Suraval Breton

Suravi Sanskrit

(Suru) Ga-Dangme

(Sürünən kəklikotu) Azeri

Sürvə Azeri

Sus Arabic

Susam Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Turkish

Susam, siyah Turkish

Susamen Coptic

Susan Romanian

Sushonaya shelukha muskatnogo orekha Russian

Süßdolde German

Süßdolde, wohlriechende German

Süßholz German

Süßmandel German

Susu Swahili

Sut Santali

Suta-anissidu Korean

Suta-anisu Japanese

Suta-anusu Korean

Su teresi Turkish

(Su teresi, İngiliz) Turkish

Sutho Nepali

Suur kalganirohi Estonian

Suur mungalill Estonian

Suvarchala Sanskrit

Suwitu orenji Korean

Suwndutala Sinhala

Su xie Mandarin

Su ye Mandarin

Şüyüd Azeri

Şüyüd göyərti Azeri

Suzam Serbian

Suzami Albanian

Svartkarve Norwegian

Svartkummin Swedish

Svartpeppar Swedish

Svartsenap Swedish

Svartsennep Norwegian

Svartur pipar Icelandic

(Švelnusis pirulis) Lithuanian

Šventkmynis, tikrasis Lithuanian

Světlice barvířská Czech

Sweet almond English

Sweet balm English

Sweet basil English

Sweet bay leaves English

Sweet chervil English

Sweet cicely English

Sweet cumin English

Sweet cumin English

Sweet gale English

Sweet laurel English

Sweet mace English

Sweet marjoram English

Sweet orange English

Sweet pepper English

Sweet pigweed English

Sweet scented myrrh English

Sweet trefoil English

Sweet verbena tree English

Swing laimas Lithuanian

Sxtor Armenian

Syapuran Korean

Sychuanskij perets Russian

Syčuański perac Belarusian

Sying Khasi

Synamon Welsh

Syun gam Cantonese

Syun tauh Cantonese

Syzygium aromaticum bot.

Szaflór Hungarian

Szafran Polish

Szafran indyjski Polish

(Szalotka) Polish

Szałwia lekarska Polish

Szasszafrász babérfa Hungarian

Szczypiorek Polish

Szechuan-Pfeffer German

Szechwan pepper English

Szecsuáni bors Hungarian

Szegfű Hungarian

Szegfűbors Hungarian

Szegfűbors, jamaikai Hungarian

Szegfűszeg Hungarian

Szeklice Hungarian

Szenyefű Hungarian

Szerecsendió Hungarian

Szerecsendió virág Hungarian

Szetchwan pepper English

Szezám, vad Hungarian

Szézámfű Hungarian

Szézámmag Hungarian

(Szigeti bors, Bali) Hungarian

Szömörce Hungarian

Szurokfű vadmajoránna Hungarian

Szűzbariska Hungarian

Szűzfa Hungarian


Tach-jenofl Breton

Tacho Lao

Tadamiri Gujarati

Tade Japanese

Tae-hoehyang Korean

Tae-hoehyang Korean

Taehoekoen Lao

Taemeorindu Korean

T’aena adam Amharic

Taerakon Thai

Taerkhun Ossetian

Taey Khmer

Tafarnuwa Hausa

Tafod-yr-ych Welsh

Tagète French

Tagetes lucida bot.

Tag-tse metog Dzongkha

Tag-tsi Dzongkha

Tähklavendel Estonian

Tahla Aramaic

Tahlin Aramaic

Tahlusin Aramaic

(Tahsi) Newari

Tähtaniis Estonian

Tähtaniisipuu, harilik Estonian

Tähtianis Finnish

Taifal Hindi

Tailed pepper English

Taim Korean

(Taimatubana) Japanese

Taimu Japanese

Ta khrai Thai

Takonoki Japanese

Takrai hom Thai

Takthaumion Coptic

Tal Gujarati

Tala Sinhala

Talai Tamil

Talampu Tamil

Talao Rongmei

Taleb el koubs Arabic

Tale hu Kannada

Talisha Telugu

Talishapattiri Tamil

Talouskaneli Finnish

Tal-virgi Maltese

Tamaal patra Gujarati

Tămâioară Romanian

Tămâiţă Romanian

Tamalapatra Sanskrit

Tamalen Sranan

Tamal patra Marathi

Tamanegi Japanese

Tamara-nikkei Japanese

Tamarhendi Aramaic

Tamar hindi Hebrew

Tamarin French, Greek, Romanian

Tamarind Croatian, Czech, Danish, English, Estonian, Russian, Swedish, Yiddish

Tamarinda Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian

Tamarindas Lithuanian

Tamarindas, indinis Lithuanian

Tamarinde Dutch, German

Tamarindez Breton

Tamarindi Finnish

Tamarindipuu Estonian

Tamaríndo Spanish

Tamarindo Esperanto

Tamarindu Korean

Tamarindus indica bot.

Tamarindusz gyümölcs Hungarian

Tamarynd Belarusian, Polish

Tamasuku roju Korean

Tambari Kashmiri

Tambhul Hindi

Tamerikku Japanese

Tam nai Vietnamese

Tamr al-hindi Arabic

Tamre hendi Farsi

Tandvärksplanta Swedish

Tangawizi Swahili

Tanglad Tagalog

Tano Basque

Tao jin niang Mandarin

Tápana French

Taparera Catalan

Tapen Coptic

Tapeno Provencal

Tapero Provencal

Taplóüröm Hungarian

Tapni Derev Armenian

Tap tim Thai

Tapuah zahav Hebrew

Tapuz Hebrew

(Tapuz marir) Hebrew

Tarabghbegh Armenian

Taragon Hebrew, Japanese, Korean

Tarak otu Turkish

Tarana Kannada

Tarankon Greek

Tara saumph Hindi

Tarayi Tulu

Tarcăn Romanian

Tarchon Old Greek

Tarçın ağacı Turkish

Tareh Farsi

Tarha-ajuruoho Finnish

Tarhana otu Turkish

Tarhın Turkish

Tarhon Romanian

Tarhun Turkish

Tarijenig Armenian

Tarika Nepali

Tarimal günzhid Mongolian

Tarjin Armenian

Tarkanj Croatian, Serbian

Tarkhon Coptic

Tarkhun Arabic, Farsi

Tarkhuna Georgian

Tárkony Hungarian

Tárkonyüröm Hungarian

Tarmeriek Dutch

(Taronger agre) Catalan

Taronger doç Catalan

Taros Bulgarian

Tarragon English

Tarragón Spanish

Tarragon, French English

Tarragon, German English

Tarragon, Mexican English

Tarragon, Spanish English

Tarragon, winter English

Tarragona Spanish

Tarxuna Georgian

Tasmán bors Hungarian

Tasmanian pepper English

Tasmanijos pipirai Lithuanian

Tasmanijskij perets Russian

Tasmanischer Pfeffer German

Tasmannia lanceolata bot.

Tasşöp Kazakh

Tasşöp Kazakh

Tatashe Hausa

Tat bat Vietnamese

(Tatlı badem) Turkish

Tatlı kök Turkish

Tatlı limon Turkish

Tat phat Vietnamese

Tattasai Hausa

Tattase Hausa

Tawj dub Hmong

Tawla Aramaic

Tay Thai

Tayim Sinhala

Tazeh alaf cheshmeh Farsi

Tazhai Tamil

Tazhampu Tamil

Tchor Lao

Tchow ze Tang Hmong

Tea, Mexican English

(Tea, Oswego) English

Te bord Catalan

Te de limón Spanish

Tedoi Chakma

Teekraut, mexicanisches German

Teel French

(Teeminttu) Finnish

Te fals Catalan

Tefne ağacı Turkish

Tefu mozitang Ao

Tegatchu Garo

Tehnel Turkish

Teim Welsh

Teiso-boku Japanese

Tejapatra Sanskrit

Tejbal Hindi

Tejipatto Japanese

Tejpada Chakma

Tejpat Newari

Tej pat Dogri, Hindi

Tejpata Bengali, Punjabi

Tejpatta Nepali

Tejpotro Oriya

Tekvica obyčajná Slovak

Ţelină Romanian

Ţelină-rădăcină Romanian

Ţelină-tulpină Romanian

Tellagadda Telugu

Teloxys ambrosioides bot.

Telu Tibetan

Tematchi Garo

Tematchu Garo

Temirhindi Turkish

Temoe koentji Dutch

Temu kunci Indonesian

(Temu lawak) Indonesian

(Temu putih) Malay

Temu putih Indonesian

(Temu rapet) Indonesian

(Temynta) Swedish

Tengai Tamil

Tengtere Mizo

Tengtuni Garo

Tengu Kannada, Tamil

Tenkaya Telugu

Tentul Bengali

Tentuli Oriya

Teomerik Korean

Teppal Konkani

(Tepus batu) Malay

Teragan Sinhala

Terava pullu Malayalam

Tere otu Turkish

Terhun Turkish

Terkish feferl Yiddish

Tero Apatani

Terre-mérite French

Tərxun Azeri

Tesalvie Norwegian

Tesna Tigrinya

Teteli Assamese

Tetor Nepali

Teufelsdreck German

Teuy Lao

Tevle pthayya Aramaic

Tevu Newari

Tewm Maltese

Tey Ban Lao

Tey hom Lao

Tez pat Urdu

Tez pateh Kashmiri

Tez patta Punjabi

Thaijau Bodo

Thakkolam Malayalam

Thakoovah Dhivehi

Thakthing Mizo

Thanbaya Burmese

Thanh hao la hep Vietnamese

Thanh yen Vietnamese

Thao qua Vietnamese

Thapen Coptic

Thap thim Thai

Thayet Burmese

Thé de France French

Thé de la Grèce French

(Thé d’Oswego) French

Thé du Mexique French

Thefat Bodo

Theihai Hmar, Mizo

Theithur Mizo

Thengu Malayalam

Thephtharo Thai

Thériaque des pauvres French

Thé rouge French

Thian-daeng Thai

Thian dam Thai

Thian-khao Thai

Thian-khaopluak Thai

Thian-khaopluak Thai

Thian klaep Thai

Thian sattabusa Thai

Thian takop Thai

Thian-tataktaen Thai

Thian yauwaphani Thai

Thien khaw Lao

Thifa Arabic

Thi la Vietnamese

Thi la ai cap Vietnamese

Thi la den Vietnamese

Thilam Malayalam

Thi la trung a Vietnamese

Thileyo Dhivehi

Thileyokoli Dhivehi

Thimari Greek

Thime Chakhesang-Chokri

Thime Chakhesang-Chokri

Thing hmarch Mizo

Thing-khlang Bodo

Thing-nge Dzongkha

Thippali Malayalam

Thise Chakhesang-Chokri

Thitchabo Burmese

Thit-ja-bo-gauk Burmese

Thom Dogri

Thor kinh gioi Vietnamese

Thoum Arabic

Thoum Muammar Arabic

Throubi Greek

Thrumbisht Albanian

Thulasi Malayalam

Thum Arabic

Thuoc cuu Vietnamese

Thym French

Thymari Greek

(Thymbra) Old Greek

Thym de berger French

Thyme English

(Thyme, continental wild) English

(Thyme, creeping) English

Thymian German

Thym ordinaire French

Thymum Latin

(Thymus serpyllum) bot.

Thymus vulgaris bot.

Ti-ahaban Fante

Tian cheng Mandarin

Tian guo gu li Chinese

Tian hui xiang Mandarin

Tian jiao Mandarin

Tian wan shou ju Mandarin

Tian xiang cao Mandarin

Tian xing ren Mandarin

Tia to Vietnamese

Tia to dat Vietnamese

Ti-ba Ga-Dangme

Tieu Vietnamese

Tieu den Vietnamese

(Tieu doi) Vietnamese

Tieu hoi Vietnamese

Tieu hoi huong Vietnamese

Tieu hoi huong Vietnamese

Tieu lot Vietnamese

Tieu that Vietnamese

Tieu trang Vietnamese

Tiew Kulab Khasi

Tigani Georgian

Tihm hahng yahn Cantonese

Tihm jiu Cantonese

Tihm maahn sauh guk Cantonese

Tihm wuih heung Cantonese

Tihn heung chou Cantonese

Tijm Dutch

Tikrasis citrinmedis Lithuanian

Tikrasis imbieras Lithuanian

Tikrasis kardamonas Lithuanian

Tikrasis šventkmynis Lithuanian

Tikrasis žvaigždanyžis Lithuanian

Tikroji citrinžolė Lithuanian

Tikroji levanda Lithuanian

Tikroji mirta Lithuanian

T’ikur azmud Amharic

T’ikur Senafich Amharic

Tikva Macedonian

Tikva, uljana Croatian

Tikve Serbian

Til Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Maithili, Marathi, Nepali, Newari, Punjabi, Santali, Urdu

Tila Kannada, Sanskrit

Tilchets Bulgarian

Tilfda Hindi

Tilhou Manipuri

Tili Coptic

Til kara Tibetan

Till Estonian

Till French

Tilli Finnish

Tillu Telugu

Tilmin Santali

Tím Irish

(Timbru) Dogri

(Timbur) Nepali

Timi Indonesian

Timián Hungarian

Timian Danish, Norwegian

Timiano Esperanto

Timiāns Latvian

Timijan Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovenian

Timin Hebrew

T’imiz Amharic

Timjami Finnish

Timjan Icelandic, Swedish

(Timmur) Nepali

Timo Italian, Portuguese

Timó Catalan

Timonet Catalan

Timu Maltese

Timum Latin

(Timur) Maithili, Nepali

Timus Albanian

Tim’yan Russian

Timyan Yiddish

Tin Breton

Tin al-Fil Arabic

Tinet Lao

Ting hsiang Mandarin

(Tin-gouez-bihan) Breton

Tinktura kartamo Esperanto

Tintiddii Sanskrit

Tintiri Sanskrit

Tiom Gaelic

Tippal Konkani

Tippali Tamil

Tippili Sinhala

Tipula Basque

(Tipulatx) Basque

Tipulinak Basque

Tir Korean

Tirphal Marathi

Tirunirrippachai Tamil

(Tiruttilai) Tamil

Tiruttizhai Tamil

Titi Ao

Titiri Dzongkha

Titri Punjabi

Tiviragandam Tamil

Tmin Russian

Tmin, indijskij Russian

Tmin, rimskij Russian

Tmini Georgian

Toei Thai

Toey-hom Thai

Toey tale Thai

Togarashi Japanese

Tog’zhambil Uzbek

Tohyeonggae Korean

Tohyonggae Korean

Toi Vietnamese

Toiding Manipuri

Toi gau Vietnamese

Toi hoang Vietnamese

Tokamiriyalu Telugu

Tolasi Tulu

Tomell Catalan

Tomerik Korean

(Tomilho) Portuguese

Tomilho-ordinário Portuguese

(Tomillo) Spanish

Tomiño Galician

Tömjénfű Hungarian

Tonco bean English

Tonco semen pharm.

Ton fin Thai

Tonga Korean

Tongapupė, kvapioji Lithuanian

Tongga bin Korean

To-nikkei Japanese

Tonka, fèves de French

Tonkabab Hungarian

Tonka bean English

Tonkabinzu Japanese

Tonkabohne German

Tonkabønne Danish

Tonkaboon Dutch

Tonkah Hebrew

Tonkaoa puu Estonian

Tonkapapu Finnish

Tonkapuu, lõhnav Estonian

Tonkas pupiņas Latvian

Tonke-benl Yiddish

Tonková fazula Slovak

Tonkowiec wonny Polish

Tonqa Hebrew

Tonquin bean English

Toormerik Armenian

Toothache plant English

Tori Nepali

Torkav kappar Estonian

Torma Hungarian

Torma, japán Hungarian

Torob Farsi

Törökmeggy Hungarian

Toronjil Spanish

Toronjiña Spanish

Toshikimi Japanese

Tosinyi Amharic

Totum Khmer

Touleň srdčitá Czech

Touralu Chakhesang-Chokri

Touram Angami

Toute-épice French

Tou yuk gwai Cantonese

Toz biber Turkish

Trachyspermum ammi bot.

Trädgårdskörvel Swedish

Trädgårdstimjan Swedish

Tragorigani Greek

Tragoum Provencal

Trai me Vietnamese

Tram Vietnamese

Trandafir Romanian

Trandafir bulgăresc Romanian

(Trandafir de dulceaţă) Romanian

Traubentee, mexicanischer German

Trava, limonska Slovenian

Trebuľka Slovak

Trebuľka voňavá Slovak

Trèfle bleu French

Trèfle musque French

Trendafil Macedonian

(Trëndafil qeni) Albanian

Trëndetina yzerlike Albanian

Trëndetinë Albanian

Triantafillo damaskinato Greek

Triantafyllo damaskinato Greek

Trifolium caeruleum bot.

Trigonella Greek

Trigonella, blue-white English

Trigonella caerulea bot.

Trigonella coerulea bot.

Trigonella foenum-graecum bot.

Trigonelle French

Trigonelle bleue French

Triplat, sabljasti Slovenian

Trlomet Serbian

Tropæolum Danish

Tropaeolum majus bot.

Tropeoli Albanian

Tropeolo Esperanto

Truc Vietnamese

Truc sa Vietnamese

True cardamom English

(Trug) Aramaic

(Trugga) Aramaic

Trumëza Albanian

(Trumza) Albanian

Trybula ogrodowa Polish

Tsafu Lotha

Tsagaan chinzhüü Mongolian

Tsagaan gich Mongolian

Tsagaan pjer’ts Mongolian

Tsagan gaa Mongolian

Tsalaf qotsani Hebrew

Tsal-lu Dzongkha

Tsaluma Tibetan

Tsamiya Hausa

Tsangu Mongolian

(Tsao kuo) Mandarin

(Tsatara vruda) Hebrew

Tsatthapu Burmese

(Tsedrat) Russian

Tsegereda Tigrinya

Tseiloni kaneelipuu Estonian

Tsejlonska kanela Bulgarian

Tsejlonskaya koritsa Russian

Tselina Bulgarian

Tselnik Yiddish

Tseretso Georgian

Tshaber Yiddish

Tsha lu ma Tibetan

Tshelu Dzongkha

Tshelu chup Dzongkha

Tsheptshik Yiddish

Tshernitshke Yiddish

Tshuaj kab raus Hmong

Tsibale Yiddish

Tsibele Yiddish

Tsi cai Mandarin

Tsigereda Amharic

Tsilantro Yiddish

Tsili Greek, Hebrew

Tšili Estonian

Tsimbopogon Bulgarian

Tsimering Yiddish

Tsimring Yiddish

Tsintsimin Fante

Tsintsimir Fante

Tsiporen Hebrew

Tsitrin Yiddish

Tsitrin-lippie Yiddish

(Tsitron) Russian

(Tsitron-Epl) Yiddish

Tsitsaka Georgian

Tsitverijuur Estonian

Tsitver-kurkume Yiddish

Tsong Tibetan

(Tsong gog) Tibetan

Tsong ngonpo Tibetan

Tsuponthi Lotha

Tsybulya ripchasta Ukrainian

Tsybulya vedmezha Ukrainian

Tsybulyna Ukrainian

Tsybulynka Ukrainian

Tsyvzy Ossetian

Tu Newari

Tube Seluwang Malay

Tübirtamır Kazakh

(Tudra refuit) Hebrew

Tugande Hausa

Tu hui xiang Mandarin

Tuilurluk Hmar

Tuinbonenkruid Dutch

Tuinkers Dutch

Tuinsalie Dutch

Tuj Gujarati

Tu jing jie Mandarin

Tułacz pstry Polish

Tułacz sercowaty Polish

(Tulasa) Marathi

(Tulasi) Kannada, Oriya, Sanskrit, Tamil

Tulasigidda Kannada

Tulasiya sasyajati Kannada

Tulkkae Korean

Tuloxi Assamese

Tulsi Newari

(Tulsi) Bengali, Dogri, Hindi, Maithili, Manipuri, Punjabi, Urdu

(Tulsi-chettu) Telugu

(Tulsi dare) Santali

(Tulsipambi) Manipuri

(Tulsi patta) Nepali

Tum Aramaic

Tuma Basque

Tumerik Korean

Tumus Aramaic

Tunda la Mahaleb Swahili

Tungja-namu Korean

Tunhuu Mongolian

Tuning Kok Manipuri

Tuoksuruuta Finnish

Tupsupäälaventeli Finnish

Turak otu tohumu Turkish

Turanj Sanskrit

Turbolya Hungarian

Turbolya, spanyol Hungarian

Turecka róża Polish

Turi Santali

Turijan Arabic

Turinja Arabic

Turkantin Breton

Türkische Kirsche German

Türkische Weichsel German

Turmeric English

Turmeric, white English

Turmerig Armenian

Túrmerik Icelandic

(Tursi dare) Santali

Tursin Maltese

Turunç Turkish

Turuncan Turkish

Turunka Macedonian

Tutturghan Ossetian

Tutturqan Ossetian

Tutuo Ao

Tüümian Estonian

Tu yu gui Mandarin

Tuyu male Newari

Tuzla otu Turkish

Tvacha Malayalam

Twak Sanskrit

Twaree Twi

(Txerpol) Basque

Tykev olejná Czech

Tymian Slovak

Tymián Czech

Tymianek pospolity Polish

Tymianek właściwy Polish

Tymián obecný Czech

Tymyan Ukrainian

Tyrso Khasi

Tyu ssu Mandarin


Uasabi Bulgarian

Uat kim Vietnamese

Ucüpumifishe Chakhesang-Chokri

Uda Igbo

Udgaarshodan Sanskrit

(Ueang din) Thai

Ufuta Swahili

Ugragandha Sanskrit

Ui Dutch

Uikyo Japanese

Uinnean Gaelic

Ui-thin-thang Mizo

Újhagyma Hungarian

Ujjvala Sanskrit

Ukon Japanese

Ukrip Ukrainian

Ukrop Russian, Uzbek, Yiddish

Ukrop, aptechnyj Russian

Ukrop, sladkij Russian

Ukwaju Swahili

Ul Santali

Ulaan chinzhüü Mongolian

Ulaan pjer’ts Mongolian

Uleirom Manipuri

Ulgum Korean

Ulgumun Korean

Uljana tikva Croatian

Ulje ruže Croatian

Ullastre Catalan

Ulli Kannada, Malayalam

Ulli Kannada

Ullir Albanian

Uluhal Sinhala

Uluva Malayalam

Umazeri Japanese

Umbrella tree English

(Umorok) Manipuri

Unakka-mulagu Malayalam

Ungbin Burmese

Unikko Finnish

Unimagun Estonian

Unio Latin

Unsuey Tagalog

Unujara kapsiko Esperanto

Uosabi Bulgarian

Uosrūtė, pipirinė Lithuanian

(Uosrūtė, plokščiadyglė) Lithuanian

Uotakuresu Japanese

Uotipisi Dagbani

Upakunchika Sanskrit

Uqdah safra Arabic

(Uralski sladić) Croatian

(Uraru-kanzo) Japanese

Urma, indijska Croatian, Serbian

(Üröm) Hungarian

Üröm, fekete Hungarian

Urt Coptic

Ürt-allikkerss Estonian

Ürt-hanemalts Estonian

Urtsi Georgian

Urucú Portuguese

Urucum Portuguese

Urugulla Korean

Uruian Romanian

Usan tarna Mongolian

Usfur Arabic

Ushana Sanskrit

Ushingsha Manipuri

Usturoi Romanian

Usu Tibetan

Usulcho Korean

Üsüü Mongolian

(Utruj) Arabic

Utskho suneli Georgian

Utsxo suneli Georgian

Uwatu Swahili

Uzun biber Turkish


Vaadaam Pahlavi

(Vaadrang) Pahlavi

Vad szezám Hungarian

Vætukarsi Icelandic

Vaiguputk, haisev Estonian

Vainilla Spanish

Vaisiai pimentas Lithuanian

Vaistinė balanda Lithuanian

Vaistinė gelsvė Lithuanian

Vaistinė melisa Lithuanian

Vaistinė ožragė Lithuanian

Vaistinis čiobrelis Lithuanian

Vaistinis isopas Lithuanian

Vaistinis kietis Lithuanian

Vaistinis rėžiukas Lithuanian

Vaistinis šalavijas Lithuanian

Vakataraha Telugu

Vakifu Dhivehi

(Vaks-hodes) Yiddish

Vaks-hodes, sumpiker Yiddish

Valanpuli Malayalam

Valdknobl Yiddish

Valge pipar Estonian

Valge sinep Estonian

Valgomasis krienas Lithuanian

Valgomasis salierai Lithuanian

Valgomasis svogūnas Lithuanian

Valkjas sassafras Estonian

Valkopippuri Finnish

Valkosipuli Finnish

Vallmo Swedish

Valmi Sinhala

Valmilagu Tamil

Valmúafræ Icelandic

Valmue Norwegian

Valmue-frø Danish

Valmulakam Malayalam

Valse kaneel Dutch

Vamu Telugu

Vanapippili Tamil

Vanglo German

Van hom Lao

Vaniglia Italian

Vanikkodi Tamil

Vanil Armenian, Basque, Farsi, Hindi, Yiddish

Vanil’ Mongolian, Russian, Ukrainian

Vanila Amharic, Hindi, Macedonian, Malayalam, Serbian, Sinhala, Tamil

Vaniļa, smaržīgā Latvian

Vanilė Lithuanian

Vanile Punjabi

Vanilha Breton

Vanili Georgian, Indonesian

Vanília Hungarian

Vanilia Greek

Vanilie Romanian

Vanilija Croatian, Slovenian

Vaniliya Bulgarian

Vanilj Swedish

Vanilja Finnish, Maltese

Vanilje Danish, Norwegian

Vanilka Czech, Slovak

Vanill, harilik Estonian

Vanilla English, Icelandic

Vanilla fragrans bot.

Vanilla planifolia bot.

Vanille Dutch, French, German

Vanillia Greek

Vanillikaun Estonian

Vanilo Esperanto

Vanilya Turkish

Vaniyl Kazakh

Van mahakan Lao

Vanns baraing Khmer

Vannsui Khmer

Vap ca Vietnamese

Vard Armenian

Vardi Georgian

(Väriminttu) Finnish

Värisaflori Finnish

Variyali Gujarati

Vart Armenian

Värvibiksa Estonian

Värvisafloor Estonian

Värvisafloori õied Estonian

Vasabi Hebrew, Russian, Serbian

Vasabio Esperanto

Vasabis Lithuanian

Vasana-pullu Malayalam

Vasa-vasi Sinhala

Vasilikos Greek

Vaspeppar Norwegian

Vaste kervel Dutch

Vasyl’ky likarski Ukrainian

Vasyl’ky spravzhni Ukrainian

Vaszabi Hungarian

Vaszfa, citrom illatú Hungarian

Vatada Sanskrit

Vatakeyiya Sinhala

Vatumai Tamil

Vavřín Czech

Vavřín obecný Czech

Vavrín pravý Slovak

Vavřín ušlechtilý Czech

Vay anh tuc Vietnamese

Vaynrute Yiddish

Vayse gortshitse Yiddish

Vayse mustarde Yiddish

Vayser fefer Yiddish

Vayser zeneft Yiddish

Vayu Telugu

Veikselinkirsikka Finnish

Vejksel Swedish

Velchi Marathi

Velchi, masalyachi Marathi

Veldoda Marathi

Veldode Marathi

Veldola Marathi

Vella Sanskrit

Vellai milagu Tamil

Vellai poondu Tamil

Vellai pundu Tamil

Vellakadugu Malayalam

Vella kurumulagu Malayalam

Vellulli Telugu

Veluth-ulli Malayalam

Veluttha kurumulagu Malayalam

Vendayam Tamil

Vengayam Tamil

Venja Serbian

Venkel Dutch, Estonian

Venthayam Malayalam

Verbena Bulgarian, Greek, Lithuanian

Verbena, lemon English

Verbena citriodora bot.

Verbena limonnaya Russian

Verbena tree, sweet English

Verbena triphylla bot.

Verbină Romanian

Verda pipro Esperanto

Vered Hebrew

Veripeippi Finnish

(Vērmeles) Latvian

Verveine citronelle French

Verveine des Indes French

Verveine odorante French

Vetani Tamil

Vetnamskaja kaĺiandra Belarusian

V’etnamskaya koritsa Russian

V’etnamskij koriandr Russian

Veymui Dhivehi

Viaszbogyó Hungarian

Vībotne Latvian

Vietnamese cinnamon English

Vietnamese coriander English

Vietnamese mint English

Vietnamesischer Koriander German

Vietnamesischer Zimt German

Vietnamesisk Kanel Danish

Vietnamesisk Koriander Danish

Vietnámi fahéj Hungarian

Vietnámi menta Hungarian

Vietnamskaja karyca Belarusian

Vietnamska kanela Bulgarian

Vihanneskrassi Finnish

Viherpippuri Finnish

Vijapura Sanskrit

Vilaiti mehandi Urdu

Vilayati jeera Hindi

Vilayatimehndi Hindi

Vilayati saunf Hindi

Vilayiti pudina Kannada

Vilder zafren Yiddish

Vild Mejram Swedish

Vinruta Swedish

Vinrute Norwegian

Vinska rutica Slovenian

Virágbors Hungarian

Virces Latvian

Virnanţ Romanian

Višeň turecká Czech

Vishnu-tulasi Kannada

Vishnya dushistaya Russian

Vishnya magalebka Russian

Vishnya makhalebka Russian

Vişin turcesc Romanian

Višňa turecká Slovak

Višnja, divlja Serbian

Viteks Bulgarian, Russian, Yiddish

Vitex agnus-castus bot.

Vitex jahňací Slovak

Vitex jehněčí Czech

Vit kummin Swedish

Vitlök Swedish

Vitpeppar Swedish

Vitsenap Swedish

Víz, pandánusz Hungarian

Vízibors Hungarian

Vízitorma Hungarian

Vjetnama cinamomo Esperanto

Vlašac Serbian

Vlasac Croatian

Vlaska Croatian

Vlašský kopr Czech

Vodeni biber Serbian

Vodeni papar Croatian

Voden piper Bulgarian

Vodna kreša Slovenian

Vodyanyj perets’ Ukrainian

Voinicică Romanian

(Voinicică) Romanian

Volujsko uho Croatian

Volujsko uvo Serbian

Vôňovec Slovak

Vorago Greek

Vöröshagyma Hungarian

Vorstirohi Estonian

Vortsel-selerie Yiddish

Voser-fefer Yiddish

Voskovac Serbian

Voskovník Czech

Voskovník obyčajný Slovak

Voskovnitsa Russian

Vranilova trava Serbian

Vranilovka Serbian

Vratič Slovenian

Vresak krški Serbian

(Vrijesak) Croatian

Vrijesak Serbian

Vrittapuspa Sanskrit

Vrsta divljeg pelina Serbian

Vrtna draguša Slovenian

Vrtna krebuljica Slovenian

Vrtna kreša Slovenian

Vrtnica, damaščanska Slovenian

(Vrtnica, stolistna) Slovenian

Vrtni hren Croatian

Vrtni janež Slovenian

Vrtni mak Slovenian

Vrtni šafran Croatian

Vrtni šetraj Slovenian

Vrzina, crna Croatian

Vulligadda Telugu

Vung Vietnamese

Vürts Estonian

Vürtsbasiilik Estonian

Vürtsköömen Estonian

Vyanilla Kannada

Vyshnya mahalebs’ka Ukrainian

Vyšnia, kvapioji Lithuanian

Vzhodna črnika Slovenian


(Waan haao nun) Thai

Waan hom Thai

(Waan nonlap) Thai

Waan teen din Thai

Wacholder German

Wahn heung Cantonese

Wahn nei la Cantonese

Wailchi Marathi

Wakegi Japanese

Wakhimot Thai

Walangan Indonesian

Waldknoblauch German

(Wamuddo) Japanese

(Wanchakmadluk) Thai

(Wang-chopi) Korean

Wanil Armenian, Basque, Farsi, Hebrew

Wanila Lao, Thai

Wanilia płaskolistna Polish

Wanilla Thai

Wan-phraathit Thai

Wansuey Tagalog

Wansui Malay

Wan-Swee Chinese

Waraq al-kari Arabic

Waraq basal Arabic

Waraq ghaar Arabic

Ward Maltese

Wardah Arabic

Ward alaham Arabic

Wariari Gujarati

Waridi Swahili

Wasabi Arabic, English, German, Japanese, Korean, Thai

Wasabia japonica bot.

Wasabia pungens bot.

Wasabidaikon Japanese

Wasserkresse German

Wasserpfeffer German

Water cress English

Waterkers Dutch

Waterpeper Dutch

Water pepper English

Wat gam Cantonese

Wat gam Cantonese

Wathung Thai

Wawashi Punjabi

Wawrzyn szlachetny Polish

(Wegrauke) German

Weichsel Dutch

Weichsel, türkische German

Weichselkers Dutch

Weinkraut German

Weinraute German

Weißer Kreuzkümmel German

Weißer Pfeffer German

Weißer Senf German

Welriekende ganzenvoet Dutch

Weolgyesu Korean

(Weomudu) Korean

Weota-kuresu Korean

Wered Hebrew

Weremkroyt Yiddish

Werem-soymen Yiddish

(Wermod Lwyd) Welsh

(Wermut) German

West-Indian bay leaves English

West Indian goosefoot English

Westindisches Lorbeerblatt German

White mustard seed English

White pepper English

White turmeric English

Wie Ga-Dangme

Wiesenkümmel German

Wijen Indonesian

Wijnruit Dutch

Wild cumin English

Wilde Knoflook Dutch

Wilde komijn Dutch

Wilde marjolein Dutch

Wilde pimpernel Dutch

Wilder Knoblauch German

Wilder Majoran German

Wilder Sesam German

(Wilder Thymian) German

(Wilde Rucola) German

(Wilde tijm) Dutch

Wild garlic English

Wild lime English

Wild marjoram English

(Wild mustard) English

Wild rocket English

Wild sesame English

Winterbergminze German

Winterestragon German

Winter tarragon English

Wintertijm Dutch

Wisa Fante

Wisa pa Opokuo Twi

Wiśnia wonna Polish

Witte mosterd Dutch

Witte peper Dutch

Wnionyn Welsh

Wohlriechender Gänsefuß German

Wohlriechende Süßdolde German

Wohng geung Cantonese

(Wohng ging) Cantonese

Wohng jeung Cantonese

Wok lok uvat Chinese

Wolgyesu Korean

(Womudu) Korean

Wooi heung Cantonese

Wormkruid Dutch

Wormseed English

(Wormwood) English

Wormzaad Dutch

Wormzaad, amerikaans Dutch

Wosabi Bulgarian

Woskownica europejska Polish

Wota-kuresu Korean

Wotoe-kres Thai

Woutknooploock Dutch

Wrad Aramaic

Wuh jiu Cantonese

Wuh jiu bohk hoh Cantonese

Wuh jiu mukh Cantonese

Wuh louh ba Cantonese

Wuh ma Cantonese

Wuh seui Cantonese

Wuih heung Cantonese

(Wurmkraut) German

Wurstkraut German

Wusa Fante


Xa Vietnamese

Xa lach son Vietnamese

Xang-hum Khmer

Xanthoxylum piperitum bot.

Xan troc Vietnamese

Xantroc Khmer

Xarbot Basque

Xardal Azeri

Xardal ağı Azeri

Xarpoil Basque

Xaş-xaş Azeri

Xaxvi Georgian

Xe Ewe

Xenebro Galician

Xenxibre Galician

Xeti Ewe

Xexo Georgian

Xhenxhefili Albanian

Xiang ba mao Mandarin

Xiang bao he Mandarin

Xiang cai Mandarin

Xiang cai Mandarin

Xiang cao Mandarin

Xiang cao lan Mandarin

Xiang feng cao Mandarin

Xiang feng hua Mandarin

Xiang feng ye Mandarin

Xiang hua cai Mandarin

Xiang jia lan Mandarin

Xiang lan Mandarin

Xiang lin tou Mandarin

Xiang mao shu Mandarin

Xiang su Mandarin

Xiang sui Mandarin

Xiang tao mu Mandarin

(Xiang yuan) Mandarin

Xiang zi lan Mandarin

(Xiao dou kou) Mandarin

Xiao hui xiang Mandarin

Xiao hui xiang Mandarin

Xiao xiang cao Mandarin

Xia yi cong Mandarin

Xi lan rou gui Mandarin

Ximbla Catalan

Xing ren Mandarin

(Xixari belarr) Basque

Xi xiang cong Mandarin

Xi yang cai Mandarin

Xi Yang Cai Chinese

Xi yang e can Mandarin

Xi ye qin Mandarin

Xnkeni Armenian

Xnkuni Armenian

Xoai Vietnamese

Xoriyah Assamese

Xoshxoshi Georgian

Xoxnata Georgian

Xsangsuru Lotha

Xtoma Georgian

Xumakk tal-Konz Maltese

Xumthira Assamese

Xumthira-tenga Assamese

Xun sun Mandarin

Xun yi cao Mandarin

(Xuyen tieu) Vietnamese

Xylopia aethiopica bot.

(Xylopia aromatica) bot.


(Yaban hargdalı) Turkish

(Yabanî gül) Turkish

Yabanî kerevizi Turkish

Yabanî sarımsak Turkish

Yabanı sarımsaq Azeri

Yaban kerevizi Turkish

Yaban turbu Turkish

Yachiyanagi Japanese

Yafan Lao

Ya faran Thai

Yafranj k’arya Amharic

Yağı gülü Turkish

Yaingang Manipuri, Tangkhul

Yaja-namu yeolmae Korean

Yaja-namu yolmae Korean

(Ya jiao) Mandarin

Yala Newari

Yalakki Kannada

Yalancı karabiber Turkish

Yalancı safran Turkish

Yalivets’ zvychajnyj Ukrainian

Yalovets Yiddish

Yalovets’ zvychajnyj Ukrainian

Yalpiz Uzbek

Yamajskij perets Russian

Yam heung Cantonese

Yanagi-tade Japanese

Yan chahn hou Cantonese

Yan douh johng wuih heung Cantonese

Yan fu mu Mandarin

(Yang ai) Mandarin

Yang cong Mandarin

Yanggajuk Korean

Yanggwibi Korean

(Yanggyeoja) Korean

(Yanggyoja) Korean

Yang hui xiang Mandarin

Yangmomil Korean

Yang-myeongaju Korean

Yang-myongaju Korean

Yangpa Korean

Yangssukkas Korean

Yang yuan sui Mandarin

Yang yuan sui Mandarin

(Yan-jiao) Chinese

Yan kok Chinese

Yan shi Mandarin

Yan Shi Chinese

Yanshuj Mongolian

Yansoon Arabic

Yansoon najmee Arabic

Yansun Arabic

Yansun najmi Arabic

Yan zhi shu Mandarin

Yaponskij khren Russian

Yaponskij perets Russian

Yashthimadhu Bengali

Yashtimadhugam Malayalam

Yashtimadhukkam Telugu

Yasthimadhu Kannada, Sanskrit

Ya tumhu Thai

Yauhtli Spanish

Yavaanika Sanskrit

Yavan Gujarati

Yavanappiriyam Tamil

Yavanapriyam Malayalam

Yavanskij perets Russian

Yavsaha Sanskrit

Yavşan otu Turkish

Ya yang Lao

Yea Twi

Ye ai Mandarin

Ye cong Chinese

(Yee ra) Thai

Yee ra Thai

Yee raa Thai

Yeghesbag Armenian

Ye gui Mandarin

(Yeh faa jiu) Cantonese

Yeh gwai Cantonese

Yeh ji Cantonese

Yeh ngaai Cantonese

Yeh ssu Mandarin

(Ye hua jiao) Mandarin

Yelakulu Telugu

(Yellow julienne) English

Yellu Tamil

Yenibahar Turkish

Yensey Dzongkha

Yeoggwi Korean

Yeoggwigwa Korean

Yerba Anís Spanish

Yerba de Santa Maria Spanish

Yerba santa Spanish

Yerli teresi Turkish

Yerma Tibetan

Yerqalampir Uzbek

Yerravulli Telugu

Yer-Tuvnik Yiddish

Yeşil biber Turkish

Yeşil subiberi Turkish

Yeuhng chung Cantonese

(Yeuhng ngaai) Cantonese

Yeuhng yuhn seui Cantonese

Yeung wuih heong Cantonese

Ye zi Mandarin

Yihk sou Cantonese

Yıldız anasonu Turkish

Yin chen hao Mandarin

Yin du zang hui xiang Mandarin

(Ying bat bohk) Cantonese

(Ying bu bo) Mandarin

Ying su Mandarin

Ying suhk hohk Cantonese

Ying su qiao Mandarin

Yin ju syuh Cantonese

Yin xiang Mandarin

Yira Thai

(Yira) Thai

Yira Thai

Yi su Mandarin

Yogwi Korean

Yomogi Japanese

Yong la Dzongkha

Yostimodhu Assamese

(Yovşan) Azeri

Ysop Danish, German

Ysopus Latin

Yuan sui Mandarin

Yuan xi Mandarin

Yuan xie gang gui Mandarin

Yuan xie ying tao Mandarin

Yuan ye dang gui Mandarin

Yubi Manipuri, Tangkhul

Yu chin Chinese

Yue gui Mandarin

Yue gui ye Mandarin

Yueh kuei Mandarin

(Yue ji hua) Mandarin

Yue nan xiang cai Mandarin

Yuen sai Chinese

Yu gui Mandarin

Yu gui zi Mandarin

Yu heung choi Cantonese

Yuhk dauh kau Cantonese

Yuhk gwai Cantonese

Yuhk gwai Cantonese

Yuhn sai Cantonese

Yuhn sai Cantonese

Yuhn seui Cantonese

Yuhn yihp dong gwai Cantonese

Yuht gwai Cantonese

(Yuht gwai faa) Cantonese

Yuht naahm heung choi Cantonese

Yu jin Mandarin

Yu jin Mandarin

Yu jin xiang gen Mandarin

Yuk gwai Cantonese

Yuk gwai ji Cantonese

Yukkye Korean

Yuktugu Korean

Yung pa Tibetan

Yun xiang Mandarin

Yu sing chou Cantonese

Yu xiang cai Mandarin

Yu xing cao Mandarin

Yuzu Japanese

Yzerlik Albanian

Yzop Czech

Yzop lekársky Slovak

Yzop lékařský Czech


Za’afaran Farsi

Za’afran Hebrew

(Za’atar) Hebrew

Za’atar Hebrew

Zabalin Burmese

Zabur Aramaic

Zacate de limón Spanish

Začimbna mleta paprika Slovenian

Zad’ Mongolian

Za’faran Pashto

Zafaran Farsi, Hindi, Kashmiri, Urdu

Zafarani Swahili

Zafaron Uzbek

Zaffarano Italian

Zaffarano Indiano Italian

Zaffaron Pashto

Zafferano Italian

Zafora Greek

Zafraan Arabic, Hindi

Zafran Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu

Żafran Maltese

Žafran Slovenian

Žafran, barvilni Slovenian

Žafranika Slovenian

Zafran kadhab Urdu

Zafren Yiddish

Zafren, vilder Yiddish

Zafron Yiddish

Zağferan Turkish

Żagħfran Maltese

Zağıparan Kazakh

Žagrenis Lithuanian

(Zahr) Arabic

Zait Aramaic

Zaithooni Dhivehi

Zaitun Aramaic, Hausa

Zäjaba Kazakh

Žajbelj Slovenian

Zakuro Japanese

Žalfija Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian

Žalieji pipirai Lithuanian

Zaļie pipari Latvian

Žalioji rūta Lithuanian

Zamatos turbolya Hungarian

Zamorska kumina Slovenian

Zangbil Hebrew

Zang hong hua Mandarin

Zangvil Aramaic, Hebrew

Zanjabeel Arabic

Zanjabil Arabic, Farsi

Zanthoxylum acanthopodium bot.

Zanthoxylum alatum bot.

Zanthoxylum armatum bot.

Zanthoxylum limonella bot.

Zanthoxylum nitidum bot.

Zanthoxylum piperitum bot.

Zanthoxylum rhetsa bot.

Zanzafil Kazakh

Zapaliczka cuchnąca Polish

Zaphrana Georgian

Zapırangül Kazakh

Zapran Aramaic

Zaprana Georgian

Zarbuz Aramaic

Zarbuz Aramaic

Zarchoba Pashto

Zardak Pahlavi

Zardaqa Aramaic

Zard-choobag Pahlavi

Zard chova Tajik

Zard chub Urdu

Zardchubeh Farsi

Zatar Farsi

Zatar Hebrew

(Zatar) Hebrew

Zatara Hebrew

(Zatara vruda) Hebrew

Zater Turkish

Zatr Arabic

Zautra Aramaic

Zayit Hebrew

Zayton Arabic

Zaytoon Arabic

Zaytun Uzbek

Zäytün ağaşı Kazakh

Zäytwn Kazakh

Zázvor Czech, Slovak

Zázvor, žlutý Czech

Zázvor kořen Czech

Żebbuġ Maltese

Zédoaire French

Zedoár Czech, Slovak

Zedoaria Italian

Zedoária Portuguese

Zedoariae rhizoma pharm.

Zedoária-gyökér Hungarian

Zedoárie Czech

Zedoarij Russian

Zedoárové koření Czech

Zedoarwortel Dutch

Zedoary English

(Zedrate) German

Zeera Pashto

Zə’fəran Azeri

Zeitun Farsi

Zeituni Swahili

Zejlonskaja karyca Belarusian

Zelena Slovenian

Zelené korenie Slovak

Zeleni limun-sporiš Croatian

Zeleni papar Croatian

Zeleni poper Slovenian

Zelen piper Macedonian

Zelený pepř Czech

Zeler Slovak

Zeler, americký Slovak

Zelerové semená Slovak

Zeler voňavý Slovak

Zeller Hungarian

Zelyonyj perets Russian

Zelzlane Arabic

Zembil çiçeği Turkish

Zencebil Turkish

Zencefil Turkish

Zəncəfil Azeri

Zeneft, shvartser Yiddish

Zeneft, vayser Yiddish

Zenian Farsi

Zenzero Italian

Zerdali Turkish

Zerdečaf Serbian

Zerdeçal Turkish

Zerdeçöp Turkish

Zerdecube Turkish

Zere Kazakh

Zergefű Hungarian

Žerucha siata Slovak

Zetis Georgian

Zetiskhili Georgian

Zetisxili Georgian

Zetun Urdu

Zevengetijdeklaver Dutch

Zevenjaargetijden Klaver Dutch

Zeyfblum Yiddish

Zeýtin Turkmen

Zeytin Turkish

Zeytoon Armenian

Zeytun Armenian, Azeri, Tajik

(Zhar) Arabic

Zhe er gen Mandarin

Zhen jie shu Mandarin

Zherekhe Yiddish

Zhi ma Mandarin

(Zhi qiao) Mandarin

Zhobi Mao

Zhou zi su Mandarin

(Zhumbrica) Albanian

(Zhumbricë) Albanian

Zhürzh Mongolian

Ziaĺiony perac Belarusian

Ziape Basque

Ziegerklee German

Ziegerkraut German

Ziele angielskie Polish

Zigerchrut German

Zi gui Mandarin

Zi ma Mandarin

(Zimbro) Portuguese

Zi Moa Mandarin

Zimt, ceylonesischer German

Zimt, chinesischer German

Zimt, echter German

Zimt, indonesischer German

Zimt, Padang- German

Zimt, Saigon- German

Zimt, srilankanischer German

Zimt, vietnamesischer German

Zimtblüte German

Zingiber Latin

Zingiber officinale bot.

Zingibro Esperanto

Zinjibil Amharic

Zinzhibil Amharic

Zinziber Latin

Zira Pashto, Russian, Urdu, Uzbek

Zirai kirmoni Tajik

Zira kar-po Tibetan

Zi ran Mandarin

Zira nagpo Tibetan

Zirə Azeri

Zireh Farsi, Kashmiri, Urdu

Zireh, kashmiri Kashmiri

Zireh e irani Farsi

Zireh kuhi Farsi

Zireh sabz Farsi

Zise mandl Yiddish

Zis feferl Yiddish

Zi su Mandarin

Zi su cao Mandarin

Ziswortsl Yiddish

Zitoon Arabic

(Zitronatszitrone) German

Zitrone German

Zitronenblatt, indisches German

Zitronenblatt, indonesisches German

Zitronengras German

Zitronenmelisse German

(Zitronenmonarde) German

Zitronenmyrte German

Zitronenpfeffer, indonesischer German

Zitronenverbene German

Zitstrin Yiddish

Zittverrot Swedish

Zitwer German

Ziya Burmese

Ziya Burmese

Ziyre Kazakh

Zlaf kotsani Hebrew

(Zlata melisa) Croatian

Žlutý kořen Czech

Žlutý zázvor Czech

Zoete amandel Dutch

Zoethout Dutch

Zogala Hausa

Zöldbors Hungarian

Zöldcitrom Hungarian

Zöld citromfajta Hungarian

Zöldhagyma Hungarian

Zöld kardámom Hungarian

Zöld mustármag Hungarian

Zöldtorma Hungarian

Zorya Russian

Zoufa Farsi

Žouty imbir Belarusian

Zsálya Hungarian

Zsidószalonna Hungarian

Zufa Urdu

Zufa otu Turkish

Zumake Basque

Zumaque Spanish

Zunda, kvapioji Lithuanian

Zurbed Aramaic

Žuti ingver Serbian

Žutnjak Serbian

Zuurkruid Dutch

Žvaigždanyžiai Lithuanian

Zvezdasti anis Serbian

Zvezdasti janež Slovenian

Zvezdchatyj anis Russian

Zviedrijas kadiķis Latvian

Zvjezdasti anis Croatian

Zwarte kardemom Dutch

Zwarte komijn Dutch

Zwarte mosterd Dutch

Zwarte peper Dutch

Zwiebel German

Zwiebelsame German

Zyniperum Latin

Zynziber Latin

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